May 27, 2015

Survivor Worlds Apart: Mike Holloway is the Sole Survivor

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Week 13 - Finale and Reunion

The final five get a big surprise, and it's not just them all turning on each other. Their loved ones come to visit and compete in a luxury challenge of running through nets, balancing tiles on a machete, then placing the tiles in the correct pattern. For once Will is killing it in challenges, because seeing his wife is more motivating than anything else that's happened so far. But he stinks at balancing, which allows Mike to sneak in and win yet again. His reward is a day at camp with his mom, so she's gets the 4-1-1 on the tribe treating Mike like crap for weeks. His other advantage is the ability to practice the next Immunity Challenge before all the others. That Immunity Challenge is to navigate blindfolded through a maze to retrieve four necklaces (North, South, East, West) and being able to understand the course is a major advantage. Mike easily slaughters his competitors the next day, the group so desperate to take down Mike that they even try to help each other rather than security their own safety.

Safe again, Mike holds a crucial role as the swing vote to decide who goes home. He suggests a final three deal with Carolyn and Sierra, aiming to eliminate Rodney. "He doesn't help around camp," Carolyn says like that even matters at day 37 of the game. Also, of course you bring Will because he's useless. But Mike is still hustlin', approaching Rodney and Will to take out one of the girls. Rodney insists the girl are fake, becoming Mike's BFF just to advance their game. Sierra is the only person who can upset Mike in challenges, which makes her an obstacle to Mike making it to the end. So at Tribal Council, Sierra defends herself saying she's a good competitor and deserves to be here because she tries hard. Will points out that if Mike loses the next immunity he'll definitely be voted out. With winning forefront on his mind, Mike chooses his side and eliminates Sierra from the game.

The last Immunity Challenge is a real doozy that serves some Legends of the Hidden Temple realness. The survivors race up a huge flight of stairs, retrieve a key, slide down a baller water slide, then maneuver through obstacles to get puzzle pieces which they'll eventually assemble. The challenge is beyond exhausting and it's shocking someone didn't require medical attention with the heat and dehydration. Good news is at least we can relive Will's ability to belly flop like no other. To no one's surprise, Mike finishes the challenge first and wins immunity again, securing his spot in the final three... but who will he take with him?

Well there's obviously two votes coming Carolyn's way from Rodney and Will. Despite turning his back on the prior deal he made, Mike truly wants to bring Carolyn to the final three. He wants to force a tie, which would send Carolyn and Rodney to a fire-making tie-breaker challenge. Carolyn tries to practice fire-making on the side while the other two lay around. At Tribal Council, Mike plays it off like maybe it's not smart to keep Carolyn but it's a ruse. The vote is split 2-2, sending us to a tie-breaker challenge and the first we've seen since Survivor: Cook Islands. In case you're wondering, we're all shouting at the TV in excitement. The firemaking begins rather lackluster as both competitors wear away at their flint quickly, requiring replacements. While Rodney gets the first initial large flame, he isn't able to sustain the height. Carolyn is slow and steady, building a fire that creeps up closer towards the rope. Carolyn's fire ignites the rope drops the flag first, securing her seat in the final three. Rodney is eliminated, though maybe he would've made his fire better if it was igniting birthday cake candles.

It's finally day 39 and the final three of Mike, Carolyn, and Will share their celebratory breakfast together. Fallen comrades probably happens, but offscreen since this finale is rushed on time. Final Tribal Council time! There are no opening speeches because, again, cut for time. It goes right into questions from the jury. First up is Joe who is that guy who says, "You've gotta earn my vote. No BS!" as if he'll change his mind from the speeches. Carolyn has to defend being a player in the game and not just being viewed as a mom, AKA the same thing that happens any time a middle aged woman makes the finals. Carolyn explains her power move included eliminating her ally Tyler, as well as eliminating Dan when her alliance turned on her. Rodney gives Will a shot to defend himself, who talks about making friends and sharing his snacks. Mike admits he sucked and maybe not as genuine as he thought he was. He also apologizes to Dan for what happened at the auction, and Dan sees this as a truly honest experience and forgives him. Jenn defends Mike and tells everyone to stop being so bitter and just vote for the guy who killed it all game. Bless you Jenn. But it's Shirin who steals the entire final Tribal with her speech which thanks Mike, calls him a howler monkey, Carolyn a stingray, and Will a dead fish that got dragged to the end, and a Sue Hawk quote. Oh and she's a millionaire already. DROP THE MIC, SHIRIN.

Everyone casts their votes and Probst grabs the urn to magically time travel to present day and the reunion. The votes are read: one for Carolyn, one for Will, and the rest for Mike. Mike Holloway is the winner of Survivor: Worlds Apart! A true underdog story since he'd been a target for weeks on end. But I mean, we've all seen this end coming for a long time, especially since Probst said we'd love the winner and most people on this season were abysmal.

If you were hoping to hear from everyone on the stage, tough luck. Mike talks about the auction was his worst gameplay move and Jesus helped him. Rodney wears a dapper suit and finally gets a birthday cake. Probst confronts Dan accusations that the show edited him to be horrible by playing raw footage of the "your mother's a whore incident," then continues to drag him through the mud about his season-long crappiness. This Dan conversation goes on for entirely too long. It's then onto Will and Shirin. Will insists he apologized, Shirin says he didn't apologize until the public backlash, doesn't accept the on-stage apology Will gives to her and her family, and Will's wife is shouting from the audience like it's an episode of Springer. The finale wraps with the reveal of the cast of Survivor: Second Chance as Jeff Probst goes up to each candidate in the audience to shout, "You WILL getting a second shot!" or crushing dreams on television. A cast photo is taken and the 20 are whisked away to Cambodia for what I'm imagining will be the Hunger Games Quarter Quell IRL.

And now what you're all here for: the pre-show winner prediction champions. I had my worst performance yet with So Kim and still nursing my wounds. However five people had the brains to pick Mike to win and to them I award their [picture of a] trophy!

May 25, 2015

The Bachelorette: A Punch to the Head for Love

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Week 2

The first date card of the season is a big ol' group date to go boxing. It's not just a bunch of guys punching each other, it's a bunch of them trying to show how cool they are in front of Kaitlyn and famous boxer Laila. All the guys find time to take a little Kaitlyn break except Kupah, who is super into his workout. After some initial training, the guys enter into head-to-head matches in front of a crowd of rowdy women. The guys do not hold back, punching each other real good and taking head shots. Through a few elimination rounds, the final event is Ben vs. Jared, who gets hit in the head so bad medical steps in. Fight over, onto the night portion of the date! The night portion of the date is cocktails and talking. Kaitlyn's alone time with Daniel is interrupted by a note. "Come downstairs right now, I need to see you" the note reads, so she ups and peaces out. It's Jared and he's alive! While he needs to rest, he needed to stop and make a pit stop to plant a kiss on Kaitlyn. The date rose goes to knockout Ben Z, who shared with sad backstory with her earlier in the night, and they kiss.

Clint gets the first one-on-one date of the season, probably because he drew the most beautiful piece of art ever of Chris Harrison riding a dinosaur. They drive in an old Mercedes to a quiet villa for an underwater photoshoot. You know, like what happens on all your first dates. Listen, Kaitlyn says they're all the rage and when the Bachelorette declares something, we accept it. The photoshoot is cool and Clint gets the unique opportunity to be Kaitlyn's first ever underwater kiss. Fast forward to the night where they're dry and in regular clothes and drinking wine on a rooftop, talking about how they are each others types. Clint receives the date rose and they kiss.

The final date of the week is another group date looking for a man to "standup for me." The funniest part of the whole date is stick-in-the-mud Tony attempting to do comedy, which will be difficult with all his stammering and him constantly saying "Britt" instead of Kaitlyn. To teach the guys stand-up is amazingly hilarious comedian Amy Schumer, a huge Bachelor fan. "This is a great turn of events," Amy tells Kaitlyn when the prospect of life on a farm could've been. TRUTH, GIRL. The men try to impress Amy and Kaitlyn with their horrible jokes straight out of a kid's joke book. Amy brings in Nicki Glaser, Rachel Feinstein, and Bridget Everett in to help the guys write a coherent routine. The training session alone sends Amy straight to gulping down her white wine because they're so bad. With their tutelage over, the men each taking the stage at The Improv and make asses of themselves in front of an audience. Ian charms with his Juan Pablo dig, Joshua clearly makes a cunnilingus hint, and Cupcake Chris takes the honest route that he's not funny in the slightest which is actually natural and hilarious. Tony gives his Oscar speech basically, which makes the crowd incredibly uncomfortable. They don't select a winner but I'd say Chris for sure because it was natural. But truly they are all losers on that stage, but kudos for taking a chance! At the after party, JJ gets the date rose which is surprising only because Amy Schumer accurately assessed him as the dud. I totally thought Tony had it after comparing Kaitlyn to a combination lock that takes a bit of work but there's lots of gold inside.

JJ decides to be that douche at the cocktail party that has a rose already but still steals alone time from the other guys. The guys all hate him but JJ's like, "Sorry, not sorry." Ian uses his alone time to tell his backstory of being a former college athlete, but almost never ran again after being run over by a car. They kiss too because Kaitlyn's a kissing machine and why not? She's the lead and they're all there for love. Meanwhile, Kupah isn't super into being here and doesn't want to be the minority on the show picked to fill a quota. If there's no connection, he wants to be let go. Kaitlyn explains to him that he was too into the zone at boxing, so the reason they haven't bonded because he didn't try. It's a very honest conversation as Kupah wonders why he was kept around even after the first rose ceremony. Kaitlyn feels the doubt from Kupah is what has held him back, and this conversation turns her off from any kind of connection she did feel. Kupah talked his way out of a rose, but tries to backtrack once he realizes Kaitlyn actually knew he existed and might've had vibes for him. But when he leaves and recaps this conversation to the guys, he takes a dig at Kaitlyn again and she can hear it all. She quickly interrupts, takes Kupah aside, and says she'll have to let him go. "I don't want to go home. I think you're hot." Oh Kupah, keep trying. Keeeeep trying. It doesn't work and Kaitlyn cuts him. When he starts to get pissed at production, Kaitlyn interferes again and... TO BE CONTINUED!

Now as an end piece to this recap on a season dedicated to Kaitlyn, there are still some of you (like 10 probably) that wanted Britt to be this season's lead. Well she's not, but her on-camera story for love isn't over. As you'll remember, Brady left the mansion last week and went to Britt's hotel. He's there at a perfect time as Britt has finished her latest crying phone call home to say she didn't get picked. Brady and Britt have hung out every day since he came to her hotel room. They eat ice cream, kiss all over town, and Britt officially accepts being "his girl." 

May 19, 2015

The Bachelorette: Kaitlyn is the New Bachelorette

Week 1 - Part 2

Part two of the premiere picks back up with the guys speculating who the majority have picked. Chris has already counted the votes in the rose coffins with the security guard, so he walks outside to find Britt. The votes have been tallied and Britt's not the Bachelorette (the fans rejoice). The show does one thing right in this dumb idea and that's letting Britt know the results in private instead of making it a show in front of the men. Britt is put into a limo, where she is pretty surprised she didn't get picked but also super let down because now she's met a few great guys and leaving them behind for Kaitlyn. It ends with a signature Britt ugly cry, but with far less glitter eyeshadow and mascara dripping down her cheeks.

Chris Harrison does a monotone psych-out on Kaitlyn, who is brought to tears with excitement while still being sympathetic to Britt. Kaitlyn is a true treasure, people. Kaitlyn gets a minute to privately celebrate, call her mom, and ponder which guys to immediately dump. Then Chris Harrison introduces the official Bachelorette to the group to cheers and a few golf claps (the guys who voted for Britt). Then begins the second round of one-on-one time with Kaitlyn. Ian is the most excited and gets her first, and Joshua gifts her with the rose her welded. The guys who voted for Britt were thrown for a loop, not sure what to do or how to proceed. Tony the weirdo healer mopes, while "Love Man" Jared confesses his vote and Kaitlyn appreciates his honesty. Kaitlyn now has to not only pick who she likes, but figure out which guys weren't initially interested in her. Single dad JJ admits he wasn't originally picking Kaitlyn, but his honesty and their discussion makes her really attracted to him. Cupcake Chris is the guy who goes in for the kiss first and she's impressed. But Ryan Gosling lookalike Shawn B. gets the first impression rose and a big kiss. Turns out that everyone isn't bummed Kaitlyn won out.

The rose ceremony begins with Kaitlyn so baffled that a rose ceremony is happening because I guess she doesn't understand how this show works despite being on and it making final three. Animosity grows as men who voted for Britt begin to get roses, which Kaitlyn-lovers remain on the sidelines. Most shocking is healer Tony, who was so mopey about losing Britt, accepting a rose. Not everyone is covering up who they were originally rooting for. Singer/songwriter Brady interrupts the rose ceremony to ask for time alone with Kaitlyn, where the honestly tells her that his heart is with Britt. He leaves the house and requests Chris Harrison take him to Britt, trying to win her heart the old fashioned way: off-camera.. The rose ceremony continues on, with the last rose going to "Love Man" Jared. Roseless and eliminated is Magic Josh the stripper, hot tub car Shawn E, some dude Bradley, and David. The remaining men toast to the voyage ahead. Think of all the potential helicopter rides!

Oh and about Brady and Britt. He surprises her at her hotel room and... to be continued.

Two wrap up my premiere recap, I feel like I need to give you more of my opinion since you're reading my blog and might wonder what I'm thinking. I find this whole situation just cringe-worthy and such an awkward experience to watch, kind of removing the fun and excitement of the first night of the show. You know I love a 2-on-1 date, which you could compare this situation to, except by that point the lead has gotten to know the women beyond first impressions. Here, it's a bunch of guys basically talking about which girl is hotter. The fact that some guys were baffled that they could change their vote based simply on having a conversation just showed everything wrong with this world. Wow, a girl could be more attractive besides face value - what a gamechanger! And while I don't want Britt to be the lead, I also don't want to see two women have to be pitted against each other and letting the men choose their fate. The fun of the spin-off was the power being in the woman's hands (but let's not get started on the whole end proposal nonsense). Either way, it's all gross. It's not what I wanted or fans, but it's what the show claims is interesting. I don't approve, but it'll be over in a few paragraphs. Hopefully the woman voted off finds love in a better way - or at least gets a guaranteed spot on Bachelor in Paradise. Off my soapbox, back onto the snark box. See you next week.

May 18, 2015

The Bachelorette: Team Kaitlyn, Team Britt, Team Cupcake Car?

Week 1 - Part 1

Let's kick off this season of women empowerment with two women having to battle each other for a chance to stick around for love! Chris Harrison explains all the men they auditioned were torn between the two, as if production actually cares who they're most attracted too. Remember when Bentley was cast for Ashley's season but was there for Emily? Exactly. I'm all for the 2-on-1 dates mid-season, but to do this night one seems unfair. And so two women get into two separate limos, one dressed in white, one in black because SYMBOLISM, and arrive at the mansion with the slicked up driveway.

Now if you're wondering what idiots signed up for this, let's meet them. Jonathan is the hot single dad from Detroit. Joe has a bizarrely proportioned head. Josh has tiny eyes, studying for the bar exam, and moonlights as a stripper - I shall officially call him Magic Josh. Brady is an aspiring singer/songwriter that has the visual appeal of someone who should definitely be writing the songs behind the scenes. Joshua looks like Chris Lambert from Ali's season, and he lives out in farmland like good ol' Chris Soules but he's a welder that can make iron roses. Ian was a former runner who nearly died in a car crash, but he can run again. Tony is a healer who kisses his bonzai trees (not a euphemism). Ben Z has the sad backstory of a deceased mom. And Jared is just no. A few of the guys are there for Britt, but most have common sense and are there for Kaitlyn.

After awkward interlude with Chris Harrison, the girls stand 15 feet apart from each other to let the competition begin. The first limo crew is pre-dominantly Team Britt, leading to many uncomfortable moments as one woman watches over another woman getting fawned over. Nothing strokes the self esteem more than hearing a guy tell the girl next to you, "I came here specifically for you." But fear not Kaitlyn fans AKA everyone else, more guys start to show up there for the funny girl. But who cares about this stuff, let's discuss the completely moronic entrances. Who knew a hockey puck was what it would take to break the ice, as JJ wants to "puck" Kaitlyn. Other guys dance, dress in dumb tennis outfits, and Magic Josh strips. Shawn E wins the night as he arrives in a hot tub car, yes a convertible that is a hot tub, but drunk Ryan (more below) ruins the moment. Chris the dentist makes a "sweet" entrance in his cupcake car. Ugh, I'm hungry now.

The guys are all a little weirded out by the process of having to date two women while also competing with 25 guys. Kaitlyn ducks out halfway to say hi to the guys inside, which Britt doesn't like because it's not "fair." Neither is this head-to-head concept, but I'm not a producer. Kaitlyn kicks off the night with one of her trademark jokes, then Britt makes a speech. Then the fight for time with the women begins. As the men get to know Britt and Kaitlyn, some opinions change. Though one man's heart lies with one man: Chris Harrison, who he drew riding a triceratops. It's all fun until Chris Harrison comes out: the men will have to cast a vote via rose in a box to choose which woman stays and becomes The Bachelorette. The voting boxes look like little coffins with a rose hole perfectly cut into the top for the drop in. I need one of these boxes next to a portrait of me (with Chris Harrison?) riding a triceratops.

The voting and campaigning begin. "Right now they're in the hot seat and we're good," some douchey guy explains. No you're in there world, guy. This is The Bachelorette. But it's true both women are worried and hoping to get that majority vote so they can continue this journey. Shawn E confronts drunk Ryan for ruining his hot tub carpool entrance, but he's blackout to the point of not recalling being that guy. Ryan finally gets his alone time with Britt, so the guys try to save her from the slurring. Points to the guy who tries the "Hey, the bartender has a drink for you" line. Almost worked! But when he gets handsy and touches Kaitlyn's butt, all bets are off. Kaitlyn is offended and the guys don't appreciate that dirtbag behavior either. Ryan continues the franchise drunk cliche but stripping down to his underwear and getting into the pool, followed by knocking lamps over and throwing his precious rose vote against the wall. We reach an impressive point in Bachelor franchise history as a bouncer/bodyguard retrieves Ryan because Chris Harrison wants to talk to him. That's because you NEVER betray Chris Harrison's roses. Chris tells him it's clear he's not there for the girls, so Ryan gives one last smirk to the camera, and goes away.

The night continues on in a much smooth fashion now that drunko is gone. The roses are dropped into their coffins, seemingly split between the women. Minds are changing as each gets to know the women based off more than their initial appearance - who'd a thunk it? There's some debate between the guys about who should be picked, with guys hoping that their choice is the one picked. The rose coffins are ominously and we'll have to wait until tomorrow to know who will be our next Bachelorette.

May 17, 2015

Survivor Worlds Apart: Extra Votes, Immunity Idols, and All the Fixins

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Week 12

The Reward Challenge of the week has two teams of three racing through an obstacle course to eventually release a word puzzle. The winners get a ride in a helicopter, ending with a surf and turf dinner. Living the DREAM. Nay, the HREAM. Rodney bitches about needing a reward, so Probst asks if it's entitlement that he deserves the reward. Cue the reminder that Rodney deserved to be handed a reward for his birthday. What seems like a breeze to us viewers is a total brain stumper of a puzzle with everyone baffled of what it could spell, taking over an hour to complete the challenge. The puzzle is ALWAYS about the fixins, so Probst drops a bunch of heavy-handed hints until Carolyn realizes it's "A reward with all the fixins." Once she's won the reward, Carolyn has another Sophie's Choice moment of deciding whether to keep her reward or sacrifice it for birthday crybaby Rodney. She keeps it because, HELLO, helicopter. While inhaling steak, Mike pitches to Will a final three deal with him and Carolyn. All three collars! And beating Will is a shoo in for anyone. Will expresses as much interest as you'd expect which is zero because he's essentially just existing in this game.

"Surf and turf is my favorite meal," Rodney laments while complaining about Mama C taking yet another reward from him. Dude, win one and then you can eat. Desperate for food, Dan finds some sort of fruit in the jungle and it's unfortunately not poisonous and instead makes Rodney overly happy. Dan, Sierra, and Rodney vow to get Mike out, then Carolyn. When Mike returns from the reward, he tries to sway Sierra to his side, citing the horrendous prospect of a Dan, Will, Rodney final three. Mike speaks the words of the people but his chances of survival are low if he doesn't win immunity. But it's good thing so many people can't throw a grappling hook and complete a table maze. Only Sierra is close enough to defeating Mike, but he comes through in a clutch moment again and saves himself. Sorry suckers!

With Mike safe, everyone has to play the game and not just take out the easy target. The target shifts over to Carolyn AKA Mama C AKA the only other person really playing this game. To Dan's face they agree to vote Carolyn, but behind his back they're all willing to vote off Dan because he has an advantage. Knowing that everyone actually wants Dan gone makes Mike interested in messing it all up, though of course Dan can't stand Mike and listens to nothing. As Sierra and Carolyn talk, Mike shimmies in to point out that the men are voting for one of them and their sleeping in the shelter is proof that they super comfortable with their position. Carolyn doesn't want to play her idol, but there's also only one more shot to use to it.

Tribal Council time! Mike knows he's the common enemy, but he's still in it so ha ha. Rodney's brain can't put together words any more because he's hungry. This lack of coherence eventually, I think, is something about trusting each other. Carolyn admits being nervous that she could receive votes, if not go home tonight. Dan isn't sure when it's time to make a big move, which Rodney points out that the advantage can be used to strong arm the others into keeping him safe. When Jeff says he's going to go tally the votes, Dan stops him to play his extra vote advantage. Sensing that something could happen (hey Dan, maybe be less suspicious about adding in an extra vote), Carolyn plays her idol to be safe. The Carolyn votes come pouring out, but they're null and void. Out come two votes for Dan and BUH BYE.

May 12, 2015

Reality Rundown: Stop Everything You're Doing, It's Rodney's Birthday

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Week 11

Screw the game everyone, it's Rodney's birthday! The true celebration should happen at the Reward, where two teams of three round around the maypole apparently to get keys, build a ladder, unlock balls, and launch the balls into targets. In a schoolyard pick, useless-in-challenges Will isn't picked at all so he can't go on this reward. Mike is totally stubborn in the final fall launch, but it somehow pays off. Mike, Carolyn, and Sierra win the reward of delivering a truck of bicycles and other fun stuff to the locals, but you know Rodney is like, "That ain't a birthday cake." Along with paying it forward, the three get to grub on some delicious barbecue. Rodney makes a plea to maybe get someone to give him the prize citing, but his own case of "a once in a lifetime experience" is the reason why the others want to keep the reward for themselves. That's right, your birthday means jack in the grand scheme of the game. Time for Rodney to pout at camp.

Pout is an understatement, as Rodney throws a pissed off tantrum on the beach about being betrayed and doing dishes on his birthday. Rodney apologizes to the guys, but then rips into Mama C to the guys. When Dan says you're in the bad, you know you're doing something wrong. The new plan is Rodney is going to pretend he wants to quit, then Mike won't play the idol and they'll blindside him. So all night Rodney bitches and moans, but Mike's well aware of what Rodney is attempting to do. Speaking of Mike, Carolyn is warming up to the idea and maybe working with Mike seeing as both of them hold idols. Knowing that Mike will be playing his idol in the next vote, there's consideration that Carolyn might have to use her idol on Tyler, her ally but also biggest threat in the game.

Carolyn definitely doesn't need the idol for herself this week when she wins immunity again. She is really the challenge beast of season 31. Carolyn suggests the guys vote Mike, girls vote Tyler in front of Dan. Dan is concerned that Will voted for him as well (and early revelation that was supposedly water under the bridge), but also holding back his full secret of having the double vote. Meanwhile, Will wants to vote for Dan to which Tyler agrees since Dan has the advantage. Guess writing Dan's name down last Tribal wasn't just because Dan's name was the other mentioned, huh Tyler? Tyler hopes that in this vote they can get rid of the idol and the advantage in the game. Mike holds onto hope that Carolyn will work with him and maybe his days won't be as numbered.

Tribal Council time! Mike is beaming since one of the six will be going home when he plays his idol. He's enjoying having a little bit of power, ready to see someone like Tyler or Dan picked off. Dan talks about how tough it was to see his name written down, especially since it indicated he was the least valued of his alliance. Dan also talks about how everyone has asked about the advantage and that it makes him a target. Sierra claims what'll happen tonight will be shocking. After the votes are cast, Mike plays the idol on himself to nullify all the votes cast against him. Four votes for Mike don't count, but the other votes for Tyler do and he's out of the game. Most surprising: Tyler's ally Carolyn AKA Mama C turned on him, joining Mike to eliminate one of the game's biggest threats.

May 3, 2015

Survivor Worlds Apart: Farewell Queen Shirin

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Week 10

In the Reward Challenge, two teams of four have to transport themselves across three sections of sand using four barrels, two planks, and some rope. You can't touch the ground or you have to start over. It's Survivor Hot Lava! Blue team's strategy is laying the barrels on their side, while the red team places their barrels straight up. When it gets down to do-or-die, the blue team even tries barrel rolling which is pretty impressive. I mean, it is Sierra's job afterall. The red team of Tyler, Carolyn, Will, and Dan win the reward. This means a day on a catamaran shoving burgers down their throats and talking shit about Mike.

The reward challenge losers have gotta eat, so they sacrifice another chicken but this time Jenn isn't around to get pissed about it. Rodney mopes about not having "Rodney Time" and always losing opportunities for rewards. Sierra pleads with Rodney to get rid of Tyler sooner rather than later since he's a threat that could win the game. Sierra wants to take Shirin to the end because no one would vote for her (um, have you noticed her three allies on the jury?). Rodney of course doesn't heed this advice, only wanting to eliminate Mike and Shirin before dismantling his six.

For Immunity this week, the survivors have to hold a handle which is attached to 25% of their original starting body weight strung up high on a line. When the survivor drops, they're doused with a big bucket of water. Wet buff contest! Would be a lot cooler if it was Gatorade. There's actually two immunity necklaces this week: one for the longest lasting man and woman. Sierra is the first to drop and get water dumped on her which helps wash away her sweat. Soon Tyler and Will drop as others begin to struggle to keep the weight up. Shirin can't hold on, which secures Carolyn individual immunity. Rodney and Mike battle it out for the men's necklace, with Dan weirdly muttering encouragement to Rodney. But Rodney can't do it and Mike wins immunity.

"Can you imagine if they both won?" Carolyn asks Rodney. The vote is clear and it's Shirin on the chopping block over Mike. Shirin pleads her case to Dan, pointing out she's sucky at challenges and would lose at the end, so be strategic. But we know Dan won't listen given his earlier fake sympathy to Shirin's face, then calling her a drama queen behind her back. Shirin also makes an offer to go to the end with Sierra because she has no one and again, easy to beat. Meanwhile, Tyler wonders what Dan's advantage is so he snatches Dan's bag and reveals the contents by tree mail. He now knows Dan's double vote secret, sharing this information with top ally Carolyn. Tyler worries Sierra and Dan could see how tight the four are and use the double vote advantage to take out Tyler. Dan suspects immune Mike will use an idol on Shirin, which would eliminate Dan out of the game. Mike wants to trust Dan again and be allies, but the guy is so irritating that he can't change his mind. But Mike knows Dan is small pickens compared to someone like Tyler. Oh and by small pickens he must mean "easiest person to beat ever."

Tribal Coucil time! Shirin talks about how trust isn't just hard in the game for her, but in life given a distant relationship with his mother. Dan says "not to take away from anything that happened" but he's adopted so his life is hard too. And Probst is like, "Uhh not the same." Shirin reiterates that while people said they felt bad for what happened to Shirin, no one seemed to tell Will it was wrong. Shirin continues to tell it like it is, pointing out that she's not a threat and that keeping Tyler is a bad move. He'll snake his way to a cool mill easily. Others caution about making big moves too early that could burn you. Mike pleads with his former Blue Collars to vote for Tyler. Tyler defends himself, insisting to be patient and wait until the six and play. Even Probst is against this, explaining if you're on the bottom of course you'd make a move. It's pointed out that the alliance wasn't always six but seven, and Mike is the one who blew that. Given the two "desperate" people left, Mike pulls out his Hidden Immunity Idol and shows Shirin. Mike calls everyone out to make a move against their allies.Shirin will vote for Tyler, Mike will for someone else randomly... so who will the six turn on? It's such a baller move and puts it all out there. But then Mike doesn't play the idol at all - PSYCH OUT. It didn't work... Shirin is voted out. Bad news: we lose Shirin. Good news: two votes were cast for Dan, showing the group is already ready to sacrifice one of their own.