February 19, 2016

Survivor Kaoh Rong: Take Cap Off Pen, THEN Vote

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Week 1

Sound the conch shell, Survivor is back! With his bright orange baseball cap on, Jeff Probst begins to narrate among the pure chaos of a classic Survivor marooning. The three tribes (Brains, Brawn, and Beauty) have just a few minutes to gather their survival needs and GTFO the boat. Baskets are thrown everywhere, chickens flying away (rescued by beauty tribe Caleb from drowning), and it's general helter skelter. But that's the best part of a premiere! Everyone jumps ship, literally, and gets on their little rafts covered in supplies and makes their way to their new homes.

The Brawns AKA Totang get right to work building their shelter and making alliances. Former NBA player Scot gravitates towards bounty hunter Jason and Jennifer. Cydney and Darnell bond a bit (right before everyone catches him pooping in the ocean - #aquadump). Alecia is on the outside of the tribe since she's hardly brawn compared to the rest. However nothing on this episode compares to the bug crawling and living in Jen's ear, leaving her in excruciating, bleeding ear pain. Totang watches as the bug eventually crawls out of her head and all is well, but like maybe lend a helping hand next time?

Chanloh AKA the Brains has a noticeable age gap and potential alliance of four younger people vs. two older. One said older is Debbie, a true gem of casting, who has held a bazillion jobs, can allegedly make fire without flint, and is the kooky control freak of the tribe. Debbie balances out her nuttiness when she comforts a dehydrated and emotionally distraught Aubry. The Gondol tribe of beauties has a true star and ultimate fan favorite right off the bat: gardener Tai who is protecting trees from Caleb's "murderlizing" and putting the chickens on a leash for freedom. The girls think he'd make a strong addition to gain control of the tribe until Tai is caught literally ripping trees out of the ground to find an immunity idol. Umm, Tai.. the idols are IN the tree holes, you don't need to upend the entire forest. But he's a gardener so at least he can fix it after.

The tribes meet up for the first Immunity Challenge of the season, diving deep into the ocean to retrieve paddles to row them to shore, pushing said boat onto the shore, and completing a crab-shaped puzzle (there was a choice of a dexterity challenge that no tribe picked). While she might've had a crap day of tears, Aubry pulls out a stellar performance for the Brains tribe by retrieving all four paddles and completing the puzzle with Liz - the win immunity and a sweet firemaking kit. Darnell loses the goggles in the ocean, setting the Brawns far back in the challenge that they can't catch up to the Beauty. It's the ultimate Cayagan reversal where this time the Brawns are a disadvantage. Darnell senses he's in trouble after losing the goggles and since no one is talking to him, but he's assured "Blondie" is going. Except Scot tells Alecia she's OK and not to worry, stop scheming - to which she immediately plays coy about finding an idol.

Tribal Council time! Jeff asks Jason about first impressions and very openly discusses the two people in the tribe who stand out: "Blondie" and Darnell. Darnell admits the goggle loss was a key part of losing the challenge, and he volunteered to be the diver so he's in even bigger trouble. Alecia declares she's a "mental giant" which she totally proves when she tries to cast a vote with the pen on. I mean, seriously?!?! Alecia is like "I will try my best!" but is reminded she failed at the puzzle and did nothing else to help win the challenge, either. Darnell is teary eyed about letting down the tribe and hating to lose again in life. The Brawns cast their votes and it's a surprise for everyone tuning in: a 3-3 tie between Darnell and Alecia. An episode one tie?! The tribe revotes and sadly it's Darnell going home first and not the girl who couldn't use a pen properly.

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