February 1, 2016

The Bachelor: The Girls Hate Olivia - Mexico Edition

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Week 5

The gang departs the bright and shiny hellhole that is Vegas for a trip to Mexico City, because based on his description Ben is super into Mexican politics. The girls are excited for the bidet in the hotel.

Ben decides to wake up the girls at 4:20AM to get a sneak peek at them without makeup, which seems to only backfire on Lauren H. Amanda apparently slept in makeup and is ready to go at the crack of dawn, but she's a single mom so early mornings are probably nothing. Ben and Amanda take a romantic hot air balloon ride where Ben pretends he knows a lot of fun facts about the pyramids. After their day together, Ben and Amanda get real over a private dinner. She's in her early 20s and already a divorced mother of two, which she acknowledges is a lot for a guy to handle. Amanda tells all about her failed marriage and how she felt like a failure, which is a lot of honesty to share on TV and to a guy who is still dating a dozen girls. Ben thinks the other dude was a chump because Amanda is a total catch, then gives her the date rose.

Keeping up with the theme of Ben's suppressed obsession with school, the group date girls take a Spanish lesson to understand the language better. Ben takes turns with each girl practicing ways to say I love you, which Jubilee throws major shade at since the repetitiveness means it doesn't matter. The Spanish lesson is group date foreplay for the good stuff: a cooking competition. Everyone gets paired up and needs to buy ingredients and read a recipe all in Spanish. Surprise, surprise: Olivia jumps on Ben immediately and gets to be his partner - yet another kick in the gut to Jubilee. Surely everyone wants her to fall on the grill or slice off a finger as Ben and Olivia basically have a mini one-on-one. Let the record show all these women are fighting over a Ben who can't even toast bread properly. Jubilee might be miserable most of the day, but her and Lauren B's recipe wins the cooking competition.

As if the cooking competition wasn't long enough, there's still a night portion of this date. IT NEVER ENDS. Surprise, surprise: Olivia interrupts Ben's introduction to grab him first. Ben goes out of his way to have a more special alone time with Lauren B, who he is clearly in love with already and ready to pick her right? Everyone is feeling the heat of Ben preferring one (or a couple) woman more than the others, none moreso than Jubilee who is so uncomfortable that it's painful to watch. Once Jubilee finally gets her alone time she's in a super pissy mood, brushing off an attempt at hand-holding right away. She feels overshadowed by the other girls and their one-on-one was ages ago, but Ben feels like she pulls away whenever he makes an effort. Ben admits that he doesn't think anything more will happen in their relationship and ends things with Jubilee, sending her home immediately. Jubilee gets into an ugly taxi because I guess Uber isn't around there and then cries in her interview that she's unlovable. But America loves you Jubilee and I do too! Ben comes back to tell the girls what happened with Jubilee, so JoJo decides this is the ideal moment to interrupt and take him aside. While she means well to make him feel better, girl get some time tact. To end the night on an even worse note, Ben gives the group date rose to Olivia. Worst date ever.

Lauren H is ecstatic for her one-on-one date, proof that Ben wasn't terrified of the sight of her at 4:20 in the morning with her retainer in. Ben explains that Mexico City is one of the fashion capitols of the world, which is news to me but he is the guy that's been reading guidebooks for a week. Trying on silky ponchos and checking out the design studio isn't enough - Ben and Lauren H get invited to walk in the fashion show which they passably do with their amateur walks. Keeping up the act of being models, Ben and Lauren H don't eat a single bite of food on the night portion of the date. Ben is really feeling out whether he sees a romantic future with Lauren H, which is clearly no since she's had little to no time with him compared to the other girls. Lauren H admires Ben's honesty with Jubilee which I hoped was a wonderful piece of foreshadowing. Lauren opens up to Ben about her ex cheating on her and has been afraid to really date again. Ben is able to see a new side of Lauren that apparently doesn't include dumping her on this date, instead giving her the date rose and kissing while a random stranger plays the harp on the street.

And now the drama. Despite allegedly having the best connection ever with Ben, Olivia is super dense about his connections with other women. On her shitlist this week is Amanda, who she believes isn't the right fit for Ben since she already has two kids. The girls are getting totally fed up with her behavior, and that hatred is only sealed with Olivia makes a really poor Teen Mom joke about Amanda to her face at the cocktail party. This is the breaking point for Emily who does the #1 Bachelor mistake ever: talks shit on the girl the Bachelor likes. Ben wonders if maybe the Olivia he's seeing is different than the one girls see (and hate). Olivia cuts in to Emily's time to give Ben a ring and manipulate her way back into Ben's good graces. Ben is not quite a natural interrogator, trying his hardest to ask questions about house life and he's not getting the answers. Ben changes the suspect to question and asks sweet Amanda, who says she has felt targeted by Olivia before. Soon more girls are telling Ben their anti-Olivia sentiments and Ben's head is full of questions. The rose ceremony is about to begin but Ben asks for time alone with Olivia and it's... TO BE CONTINUED! Will Olivia lose her rose? Will the villain triumph like they usually do? Until next week.

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