February 8, 2016

The Bachelor: Going HAM in the Bahamas

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Week 6

Last week's episode left us with the cliffhanger of Ben pre-empting the Rose Ceremonyto talk to Olivia one more time. Ben tells Olivia how all the women think she's a different person behind his back, so she does some damage control to cover her butt for being competitive over her Ben love. Olivia wants to have smart conversations and the other women just like to do hair and paint nails. Don't forget enjoy the open bar! Olivia and Ben return, her rose wasn't re-possessed, and the Rose Ceremony begins. A brunette named Jennifer that's had barely any screentime gets eliminated, which is in no way surprising. She's so low key she doesn't even get a goodbye confessional or limo cry. But this is quickly old news because Ben announces they're heading to the Bahamas - wooooo!

Chris Harrison harshes everyone's Bahama buzz to let the ladies know a 2-on-1 Thunderdome date is coming. But Caila doesn't have to worry, as she gets the only 1-on-1 date this week. The girls are pissed that Caila gets a second 1-on-1 date before others get one (AKA Leah who spends the afternoon sobbing in the bathroom, confused, humiliated, and dreading that he'll dump her on a 2-on-1 without knowing her). Meanwhile, Ben and Caila head on a ol' boat to go deep sea fishing and get to know each other without the company of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. On the night portion of the date, Ben hopes he can see more to Caila than her overly happy exterior. Caila admit she's feels put on the spot to be super emotional with her and she's like ehh give it time, which then leads to her revealing she feels like she is falling in love and fears she'll hurt Ben and break his heart. Caila knows what she's feeling is love since Ben understands her and the conversation is what Ben needed, or he was as confused as viewers were - not really sure. Caila gets the date rose and they make out over their uneaten dinner.

The group date card arrives and Leah isn't getting dumped on the 2-on-1. Nope that honor is saved for either Olivia or Emily, but more on that later. Ben claims the group date is just chilling on a boat but c'mon, a group date is never just taking shots and shooting the shizz. The girls are worried about swimming with sharks but alas, it is the best, most random group date ever: swimming PIGS!!! Guys, my heart grew three sizes and now I have vacation goals which is to swim with the pigs. But not feed them and that is because the pigs go, for lack of a better term, HAM and are nucking futs for food. Also, please tell me those were all beef hot dogs because... cannibalism. Once the pig stuff settles down, Ben gets alone time with the girls and realizes he can't please anyone there. This is mostly because he clearly favors Lauren B and the other girls are threatened by this (Becca eventually confesses this to Ben). Leah is still pissed that Ben chose to not give her a solo date to get to know him - eventually spreading a lie during the night portion that Lauren B is a different person behind his back. Ben tells Lauren B this and she's shocked, spending the remainder of the night sobbing to the other girls while Leah denies any involvement. The uncomfortable night ends with Amanda getting the date rose while Lauren B still has cry eyes.

Lauren B's cry eyes mostly dry up back at the hotel and the girls all agree they know Leah is the one who spread the lie. Leah is still not content with her status after the group date so she gets gussied up and pulls the ol' Bachelor franchise classic: go to the Bachelor's hotel room. Leah wants Ben to get to know her, then tells Ben that she doesn't think Lauren B is genuine. Leah insists she isn't trying to sabotage anybody, but the only person she is sabotaging herself. This conversation only confirms to Ben that something doesn't feel right between them and he's now realizing there's nothing there to hold onto. He dumps Leah right there in his fancy hotel room. Leah realizes all her actions were a big mistake but it's too late. Leah and her rolling suitcase leave for good.

And then finally it's the 2-on-1 Thunderdome date. Two girls enter, only one comes home with a rose! Last episode, Emily is the one who unleashed the anti-Olivia movement to Ben. Now the rivalry comes to a heated climax (and not the Fantasy Suite kind). Well done to producers on this inspired pairing. The choppy water and miserable weather only cements the perfect terribleness of the situation. A boat drops them off on a private little island where a lonely rose sits upon a piece of driftwood. After a few seconds of awkward silence with champagne, Ben starts his alone time with each girl. Olivia tells Ben she's in love with him, while Emily tells Ben she hopes this date is a strong beginning for them. Ben grabs the lonely rose off the driftwood and asks Olivia to come aside, so Emily is immediately dejected. Olivia's confident smile begins to drop though when Ben says he's not reciprocating the level of feelings that she has for him and ends things with Olivia. The fans rejoice. The women in the house rejoice. Ben rejoins Emily and gives her the rose as Olivia watches from the rocky sidelines being drenched by sea spray. Ugh, girl should've brought a raincoat.

Ben decides to put on his fancy suit and walk on the cliffs to get wet, ponder things, and give off a great Rafiki from The Lion King pose sans lion cub. Ben already has his mind made up and cancels the cocktail party, much to the chagrin of the girls who wanted that extra time to schmooze with Ben. JoJo is particular gets really worked up about not being able to talk to Ben and open up more after their mediocre group date time - then gets a rose. It's a battle of the Laurens for the last rose, but it's no surprise that Lauren B gets the last rose and not Lauren H. 

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