March 6, 2016

Survivor Kaoh Rong: Brain Games

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Week 3

Idol fever takes over in Kaoh Rong this week. After an ill-attempt to scale a 20 foot tree, Tai fashions a tool to retrieve the key from the tree, which unlocks a buried box holding his beloved new jewelry BFF. What Tai also discovers is the idol has a twist: if paired with another Hidden Immunity Idol, the idol becomes a Super Idol which can be played after the votes are read. And this is important to know because a second idol is found over on Brawn beach. Alecia discovers the clue and shares this great news with Cydney, but they're caught mid-search. Since Cydney isn't really allies at all with Alecia, she tells Scot and Jason, which then begins all-out Idol warfare on the Totang beach. Seriously, I thought Alecia was going to get body-slammed by Jason to get the clue. Jason and Scot retrieve the idol, but it seems pretty clear that Jason has no intention of sharing that sucker with Scot. And poor Alecia's game is scrapped again.

Alecia's fate remains pretty sealed on the Brawn tribe, but she still tries to play by pointing out to Cydney that Scot is a millionaire since he played in the NBA and should go. Cydney is just smooth sailing as she's trusted by Alecia and tight with the guys. The outsider of the Beauty tribe is not Tai as many would assume, but Nick who the women don't like. His smile covers up his lack of caring and Anna definitely notices, especially after Tai has an emotional reaction to killing the chicken (dude even had me almost crying and I don't even like birds!). Anna approaches Caleb to have him join the trio of women and he's totally down the join, and while he's obviously the bottom of the alliance Caleb is OK with anything that removes his target. Liz and Peter on the Brains tribe believe they are running this ish and want loyal people to follow them throughout the game, deciding that Neal is likely to try to usurp their throne. The thing is, Liz and Peter aren't as slick as they think and their actions are being noticed by none other than Debbie, the woman they assume will blindly follow their lead. Debbie wants to pull in Aubry and Neal to take out Liz, while Liz's plan is to pull in Debbie and Joe to take out Neal. The Brain battle is on!

This week's Immunity Challenge has the survivors transporting big wet bags of rice through tiny holes, ripping apart the bags to find balls, and ending with the Swiss Cheese ball lift that originated in Survivor: Worlds Apart (and infamous was a challenge Caleb tried to throw when he was on Big Brother - it's all full circle!). And great use of food resources instead of say... eating it? Alecia's inevitable fate is spared but just a few seconds, with Brawn finally not coming last and getting a night off from Tribal Council. The Brains lose which means all the setup from earlier can come to an exciting conclusion. Liz is happy to go to Tribal Council, which is something you should never admit unless you want an awful edit. She tells Debbie the plan to split the votes between Neal and Aubry in case their is an Idol, with Debbie nodding with such little interest and enthusiasm that it should be telling. Debbie quickly relays this scheming to Neal, who is ready to "punish" them, and Aubry, who also subtly suggests to Debbie that Peter is controlling, and both agree he might be good to get rid of sooner.

Tribal Council time! Peter is first to point out that the age difference did intentionally split the tribe, but since then as settled into three different "voting units" (ugh, please let us never use any sort of variation of "voting blocks" again). While everyone is analytical, Aubry points out the importance of being able to read into the silences to understand past what's spoken. Of course Peter says he's great at social interactions, sending the rest of the tribe into hushed giggles. Joe talks about the importance of getting past first impressions since anyone can slap on a smile but be hiding something. Peter is confident his plan is in place, to which Neal responds "Which plan is he talking about?" Peter's answer: "Well, it's not your plan." Then calls Neal a potential snake in ice cream pants. Whoa, shots fired! The begins Peter's many verbal blunders of the evening, just spilling way too much info and arrogance, to the point it makes Aubry audibly go, "Wowww." Liz says the person going home tonight will not be completely shocked, the purses her lips again. The tribe votes and the results come back as a 2-2-2 split between Aubry, Liz, and Peter. Their own plan being used against them - diabolical! Aubry, Liz, and Peter have to sit out the re-vote, meaning Debbie, Joe, and Neal control the votes and their side speaks: Liz is the first Brain voted out of the game. Surprise!

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