March 20, 2016

Survivor Kaoh Rong: Bye Bye Beauty

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Week 5

After Peter makes some in-roads with the Brains tribe and Neal uncerimoniously finds the Hidden Immunity Idol, it's time for a shake-up. Drop your buffs, it's time for a shuffle! Since there's an uneven number of survivors left, the unlucky receiver of the red buff (Julia) has to spend three days fending for herself on To Tang beach which is basically her dehydrated, starving, and sleeping nonstop. But she'll have a real home in a few days, joining whichever tribe loses. The rest of the groups are now officially Chan Loh and Gondol and the game is about ready to begin.

Chan Loh is split exactly evenly in pairs from each of the original three tribes: Debbie/Neal, Michele/Nick, and Cydney/Jason. Given their overall low body count, the Brawn pair are in demand by both sides as a potential way to grab the majority. Debbie shows off her sweet tree pull up moves before schmoozing Cydney, who seems to like Debbie. Jason is a harder read, but loves the butt-kissing coming his way. Gondol was once the beauty powerhouse, but now the majority is the Brains (Aubry, Joe, Peter). Despite their simmering dislike of Peter, the Brains decide to stick together and get rid of a Beauty if they lose so that Beauty can't regain a majority vote when Julia re-joins the game. Anna is quick to throw Tai under the bus about him having an idol, but it's hard to dislike lovable Tai foraging for food and being a hard worker. Even Scot is smitten, an unlikely new friendship founded on the teamwork of grabbing mangos.

At the Immunity Challenge, Scot is a powerhouse of dragging puzzle pieces out of the ocean, but it's no match for the puzzle prowess of Neal and Debbie who kill the 69ing fish puzzle. Gondol loses the challenge and is now tasked with voting someone off, likely Tai or Anna. Tai's name is thrown out first, but ultimately the Brains decide Anna is the bigger strategic threat. Then Peter runs his mouth about the plan in front of the Beauties, which inspires Tai: maybe they should blindside Peter. Tai confides in Anna and Scot that he has the Idol and they could get rid of Peter instead. Scot's super interested in this reveal because he knows the owners of two idols which means he could potentially get the Super Idol powers to activate. After getting some key info from Aubry about the night's vote, Scot encourages Tai to rethink his decision to use the idol.

Tribal Council time! Aubry explains that she's sticking with the Brains because it's the "devils you know" but also helps keep numbers. Anna and Tai both are very open that they are in trouble, especially since Scot is an asset in challenges. Anna tries to save herself, but it's nothing compared to the long ramblings of Tai defending why he should stick around. Joe is convinced there are no idols this season so we all LOL, but Tai keeps up the ruse and says there's no idol. Keeping up his trend of being the worst, Peter uses his Tribal Council time to be overconfident and braggy. But for one more night his ego can rest easy: Tai does not play the idol and Anna is eliminated from the game.

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