March 27, 2016

Survivor Kaoh Rong: The Cross-Out Seen Around the World

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Week 6

It's time for the annual shooting hoops reward challenge which every season sparks discussion that it's rigged in former of an NBA player. Before the shooting, the teams need to release a bag of buoys from underwater, then push them all to shore before it becomes a freethrow competition. For what it's worth, Scot doesn't have this reward in the bag as Nick really gives him a run for his money. Ultimately though the NBA skills apparenly pay off and Gondol wins the Survivor picnic. Bread, meats, cheese, and tuna salad... because there is nothing quite as tasty as a hot tuna salad sitting under the 100 degree sun.

Gondol rejoices over their hot tuna salad, hot mayo, and sandwiches while bonding with new arrival Julia, who joined Gondol as a replacement for Anna. Peter is quick to chat up Julia and throw his former Brans tribemates under the bus. Peter might've stuck with the Brains for the first vote but he's ready to get back at them for voting out Liz. Wondering where Peter stands, Joe uses his former FBI skills to confront and get a read on Peter. The read: Peter's a total liar and has to go.

Over on Chan Loh, Nick actually gets screentime again to the shock of all viewers. Nick strokes Debbie's ego by allowing her to be in charge, and she's not complaining because she finds Nick extremely attractive. But that's because they are both models - cue Debbie's on-screen tag to change to "Part-Time Model." Debbie Wanner - a Jackie of all Trades. Debbie also has a good conversation with Michele, the tribe's weakest link, but Nick warns Michele that everyone will be nice to your face to get ahead. Michele doesn't appreciate Nick's tone when speaking to her and makes her independent woman declaration that makes the internet swoon.

This week's Immunity Challenge is to traverse and obstacle course, then stack varying size boxes reeeeal high without falling. A very bizarre strategy to stack from the middle backfires on Gondol as they almost complete their tower, which gives Chan Loh the in to finish their tower normally and win. Gondol is heading back to Tribal Council and there's a lot of possible targets. Peter is the one who made up the awful block stacking strategy, but more importantly he's a schemer everyone wants gone. Aubry is torn because the Brains need the numbers, but also Peter sucks. Despite earlier plans to mutiny, Peter changes his mind and makes amends with Joe to stick three strong and vote out Julia. Julia, Scot, and Tai really want Peter gone but need a Brain to flip, so they tell Aubry how Peter wanted to vote her out. Aubry's now torn, Scot and Tai figure they have to vote out Julia to avoid a tie, Joe refuses to change his mind, and Peter is probably just eating mango in a hammock like an arrogant king.

Tribal Council time! Julia gets the first question of the night because it's her first Tribal Council - celebration! The hot topic of discussion is whether they are maintaining old alliances (AKA Brains) or forging new ones. Peter's schemy nature is discussed and the trust issues everyone has with him. Things suddenly start getting twisty. Tai and Scot start whispering and decide to change back to the "original plan" which is to vote out Peter. Aubry turns back to Scot, he tells her Peter. Peter is like, "I can't read lips." And then one last declaration of "original plan" out loud to Julia. Aubry and Joe are whispering unsure of where the vote is going and confused. "Time to vote!" Probst says, capitalizing on the clear confusion. Aubry is the most torn about her vote, standing in the little voting booth with her parchment for a long time in terms of TV time. Probst tallies the votes and reads them out, officially split between Peter and Julia. The final vote: "Pete" with Julia's name crossed out with a single line. Aubry switched last minute! If only they had a Tribal Council eraseable pen.

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