March 7, 2016

The Bachelor: Ben's Women Tell All in the Most Uncomfortable Ways

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Week 10 - The Women Tell All

It's time for my least favorite episode to recap: The Women Tell All! After a segment crashing Bachelor fan parties, Chris Harrison introduces all the women on stage... and a chicken. Thank god I wasn't there to release horrified screams at the sight of that bird. Like it flaps out of that chicken girl's arms. It's terrifying. But OK right away everyone stills dislikes Olivia and Jubilee. Leah is still considered a liar, even after explaining that her anti-Lauren B lie/comment was due to an earlier conversation where Lauren B called girls "losers" for getting upset. Basically it's the beginning of everyone trying to make a big enough impression to be cast on Bachelor in Paradise.

Before Jubilee even makes it to the hot seat, she's the target of some bitterness. Some of the girls claim that Jubilee called herself "the only real black girl" and would be the further a black girl made it on this show. At first Jubilee fully denies, then admits sometimes she does call herself a "real" black girl, and apologizes to Jami and Amber for offending them. When she finally gets to the hot seat, Jubilee explains she's not unlovable but hard to love. Jubilee also explains she got caught up on the non-reality of the situation, like Ben dating a large harem of women. It was insecurities galore for her, so Chris Harrison plays good therapist to make sure Jubilee knows her worth. But life is good for Jubilee: she was promoted to Sergeant. Sergeant Jubilee!

Then the show unleashes the real shitstorm: Olivia. Olivia felt like Ben really understood her and was smitten, but it all went downhill quick. Olivia re-apologizes for calling Amanda "Teen Mom", but felt other girls talked behind her back and didn't apologize. The twins and Amanda pipe in that Olivia had a lot of rude comments and bullied people (which I think might be the wrong term - sounds like she was just making dickish comments). One twin is still pissed at her cleavage being scorned, apparently. Olivia explains she would always grab Ben first to show she was there for him, but she was also more of a loner. Her desire to "talk smart things" is turned against her when the women insist they're intelligent both mentally and socially. Olivia was bullied as a child, so hearing that she was mocked behind her back a ton really hurt her - also us being dicks on social media. Olivia's got lots of tears and apologizes - it's all uncomfortable. Gonna need a dose of bloopers soon.

Lace talks about how much the show has made her change, like not using the word "crazy" and control her faces. It must be hard to not use the term "crazy" when an audience member reveals his tattoo of Lace's face on his ribs. And also Lace accepts Chris Harrison's offer (a second extension) to attend Bachelor in Paradise. Get that cocktail shaker ready, Jorge! Later, Caila gets to re-live her breakup with Ben for the first time, admitting she still sorta loves Ben. She was heartbroken that Ben told her he never loved her back, but hopes to find a man who looks at her the way Ben looks at Lauren B and/or JoJo. Oh hey Caila, how about 25 guys?? Wink wink, but they'll save that announcement.

After allowing the women to tear into each other, they bring out Ben Higgins himself to allow to women to either rip him apart or I guess try to get some additional closure. Ben talks about compartmentalizing each relationship which is why he can drop two "I love yous" so easily. He then reiterates all the same stuff about valuing his relationship Caila, and she's find and ready to "open her heart." As the Bachelorette- winkkkkk. Leah asks about why Ben blabbed about their convo and I honestly blocked it all out except her and Lauren B are cool now. Ben has to explain to Jubilee that he tried to give her a second chance but he knew the effort wouldn't be worth it; she's annoyed she got most of the blame. Ben and Olivia both acknowledge there wasn't something right between them, hence it's failure. Amanda appreciated Ben was sad when he dumped her and thinks he'll be a good husband/dad. Ben is happy and in love, of course, and would "marry that woman tomorrow if I could." Forced TV marriage on After the Final Rose, please! And finally... BLOOPERS! The crowd goes wild for the only interesting part of this two hours.

Next week: Ben says "I love you" way too many times to two different women and will completely crush one woman.

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