April 18, 2016

Survivor Kaoh Rong: Debbie Downer

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Week 9

Scot, Jason, and Tai's reaction to the women's blindside is to act like brats and sabotage camp. They hide the machete and ax, then pour water over the fire. Those dumb Super Idol necklaces are acting like the One Ring, turning its possessors into demons. Even Tai joins in on the mean shenanigans, putting out the fire a second time while everyone sleeps (and he totally gets away with it). Anger definitely results from the sabotage, but the women plus Joe still have a saw and find other ways to feed themselves. Nice try, aholes!

Karma doesn't care about Reward Challenges though, as Scot, Jason, Tai, and Julia win Chinese takeout after unraveling ropes and tossing beanbags like a carnival game. The best salt in the wound: even Mark the Chicken gets to eat the reward. Julia uses her time on the reward to bond herself to the dark side which could help her advance in the game. Debbie is adamant that Julia can be trusted and Scot or Jason have to go. Aubry and Cydney can see that Julia is playing both sides and plan to target her in this week's vote, which Aubry believes could potentially flush all the idols. So of course with a cool plan like this in the works, the targets wins immunity. Julia's slow and steady approach to the dominoes-esque challenge secures her safety and forces a switch in plans again.

Debbie is still pissed that the men's sabotage is trying to ruin their way of living, so she tells the alliance to split the votes between Tai and Scot. This would all be fine and dandy if the plan wasn't told in front of Julia, who quickly relays it back to the men. The men hope that Julia will switch sides and vote with them so instead of 3-3-3, they'll have a majority of four to boot Cydney. Aubry and Cydney have a deep strategic talk about Debbie's gameplay being too emotional and lacking logic, deciding maybe it's time to get rid of Debbie instead. Cydney is able to pull in Michele, but Joe refuses to vote for Debbie. Julia becomes the swing vote and gets that power position of choosing who is eliminated.

Tribal Council time! Debbie talks about their "literal lives" being on the line when they don't have a machete to hunt or start fire with. Aubry compares Scot putting out the fire to fajitas at a Mexican restaurant, which has to be one of the best Survivor analogies ever. Debbie defends Julia joining up with the men for the reward, while Michele points out that since Julia is immune it's a good time to show where her loyalties lie. Tai dances around the Idol talk because he royally screwed it up last time, but Scot and Jason finish it up for him. Scot outs Tai's idol, which Tai reveals to the group. Jason then stands up and reveals his Idol. Jason explains after the votes are cast, the guys will play a round of Rochambeau and winners gets to keep the Idol. Everyone begins to whisper their plans to get back on track. The votes are cast, Scot and Jason give their Idol to Tai, and Debbie is blindsided out of the game.

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