April 10, 2016

Survivor Kaoh Rong: In the Nick of Time

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Week 8

The Brains lament the loss of Neal, which is even more salt in the wound when the reward challenge is for ice cream. RIP ice cream pants. After the team Aubry selected loses the stepping pole reward challenge, she feels like Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day (worse than the day two panic?) after losing her tightest ally and clearly on the outside of the majority alliance. But at least she gets the amazing Probst mid-challenge soundbite of "Aubry takes a dump!" Back to the majority alliance thing. The Brawns and Beauty agree to split the votes going forward in case there is an idol to eradicate the Brains. Also, the Brawn men get their humanizing backstories briefly fleshed out with Jason having a daughter with autism and Scot takes care of his family who struggle with money.

The Brawn/Beauty alliance appear to be a tight seven on the surface, but it's far from true. Scot, Jason, and Nick worry an all girl alliance could be forming. When the girls (and Tai) return from fishing, Nick pulls Julia aside to question her if there was any game talk. Cydney sees this all play out from her view on the hammock and calls out the men. Hoping to avoid an even bigger fallout, Jason pulls Cydney aside to talk her down. Cydney isn't looking for anyone to tell her who she can socialize with on the island. Is this the crack in the alliance Aubry and Debbie need to stick around?

The Immunity Challenge has the survivors awkwardly balancing and holding themselves up in a crucifixion looking position as long as they can. Probst is able to success tempt Jason, Scot, Michele, and Joe off the poles - or they at least had the will to hold on long enough to get the food (sorry Julia). If you show me pizza and brownies, I'd so just about anything too. Debbie and Aubry hold on for dear life, but fall as well. With his arrogance out in nearly full force, Nick steps down on his own since the Brains already lost. This leaves the challenge as a battle of sheer will between bodybuilder Cydney and mind-over-body Tai. Tai surprises all and wins immunity, showing his sheer will power and perseverance.

The evening's voting plan remains in tact to have the four Beauties vote for Debbie and three Brawn for Aubry. Nick tips off Aubry, who he assumes is pretty desperate, about the vote split and encourages her to vote for Debbie to solidify her spot. Nick is self-admittedly arrogant and belives he has Aubry is his pocket now. Not so fast dude. Cydney in her fabulous rattan lid hat pulls Aubry and Debbie aside and suggests the girls team up to blindside Nick while still keeping the females in the majority. Getting Michele and Julia on her side is slightly trickier since the Beauty girls are sorta closer to Nick. So where will the vote go?

Tribal Council time! Michele and Nick arrive for the first time and light their torches on day 22, immediately questioned by Probst about this monumental occasion. Aubry lists out who is aligned together, which is everyone except her, Debbie, and Joe, which only confirms Nick says the Brains are going to get picked off. Jason talks about staying seven strong and then battling it out from there. And then Tai royally puts his foot in his mouth. Tai starts babbling about the super idol... but most people in the game had no idea about the power. Looks of shock, confusion, and mild terror begin appearing around the campfire. Aubry and Debbie awesomely exploit the moment to point out that if you're not in the know about that idol, you're on the bottom of the alliance. Tai tries to play off his horrendous blunder but it's too late. Two votes for Aubry, one for Debbie, and one random one for Jason don't really matter when the other votes pour out to blindside Nick. 

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