April 24, 2016

Survivor Kaoh Rong: Super Idol, Super Blindside

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Week 10

Hope your leg muscles are toned for this week's Reward Challenge to hold up clay pots with your legs on a balance beam. There are three different prizes on the line, but in a fun twist each person selects one item to play for and is only competing against who else chose the same prize. Julia easily beats Joe to win a letter from home, which she later reads and gets weepy. Michele outlasts Scot and Jason to win a bacon cheeseburger, fries, beer, and cookies AKA Mel's weekend dinner plans. The toughest fight is between Tai, Cydney, and Aubry to win an advantage in the game. Tai's endurance wins him his secret advantage: an extra vote at a future Tribal Council. Let's hope it's not as cursed as the last two times it was won.

Tai's advantage is a good secret to have, since his Hidden Immunity Idol is hardly a secret after the last Tribal Council. Julia suggests to Michele and Aubry voting for Tai this week to either eliminate the thread, or at the very least flush the idol. Tai is back to possessing just one idol after handing Jason's half back after Tribal Council. Hoping to bring peace back and make amends, Tai suggests the end of the camp sabotage, which Scot tries to use with Aubry as a bargaining chip to control the game. Hard pass. Aubry appeals to Tai's emotional side and an alliance begins to form. However Tai totally misunderstands this strategy talk and tells the guys Aubry wants to align with their trio. Scot has different plans: vote out Aubry. Aw sad Tai doesn't feel heard with the bros.

A brutal endurance challenge for Immunity has the castaways spreading their arms to their maximum wingspan, then using their fingertips to hold us discs connected to pots. Trying to explain this challenge in writing is almost as hard as this probably was physically. The survivors all drop one by one, until after an hour it's just Jason and Aubry in a literal spitting contest. Aubry's fingers eventually give out, making Jason safe at the next vote. Aubry's kickass performance in the challenge is the ammunition to guys need to support blindsiding her from the game. With an immunity necklace to wear, a Super Idol to play after the votes are read, and Julia's double agent status, the guys are feeling invincible. But no one is invincible on Survivor. Aubry and Cydney agree that Jason/Scot must be split up, but they need one more vote to have the majority: Tai. With a friendship already formed, Aubry tells Tai how the women want to vote for him but she would rather vote out Scot. Tai's heart wants to align with Aubry, but brain says stick with the ahole guys who you could beat at the end. Aubry promises Tai that if he wants to make the big move, she has three votes to back him up. What's a Tai to do?

Tribal Council time! The arrogance is running high again with the men confident they are safe since they have the force of the Super Idol behind them. It's basically Jason and Scot repeating over and over that their Idol trio will decide the entire vote. Tai lays low this time, which is a good thing since maybe he'll blab too much. Aubry talks about the challenge and how being dubbed Brain, Brawn, or Beauty is just scratching the surface of their personalities. Jason and Scot give her props for being a competitor, before returning to their theme of "We control it all." But all control is lost when the votes stack up to eliminate Scot. Scot turns to Tai to get the other half of the Hidden Immunity Idol, to make those Super Idol powers activate. Eyes are wide. Eyebrows raised. Awkward silence. But Tai shakes his head, "No." Wow, indeed. And that, my friends, is proof that you can't control it all.

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