May 13, 2016

Survivor Kaoh Rong: Where's the Beef?

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Week 13

Probst rounds up the top five ("Top five, baby!") for this week's Reward Challenge, which is to run into the woods to get sandbags to toss into different slots. The twist is once you're out of bags you have to wait for everyone else to be out of bags. As the young'ns quickly grab bags and get oh so close, they get knocked out early. This allows 71 year old Joe the ability to take his time and underhand pitch the perfect tosses. He brings Aubry and Cydney along on a Survivor spa day, where he gorges on beef, satay, and presumably all the fixins.

This leaves Tai and Michele along back at camp to bond, which is a large feat to accomplish since the two don't mix at all. Tai feels betrayed by his tightest ally, Aubry, after she didn't join him in his attempt to blindside Michele. Nothing a little "Tai" massage can't fix, right? Tai and Michele dabble at the idea of being allies, but once Aubry is back she is able to emotionally reconnect with Tai. Best friends again! Speaking of friends, Cydney and Michele are keeping their tightness on the DL and wondering what kind of move they might need to make to get them to the end, which may involve betraying Aubry (who is also having similar thoughts about Cydney). It's Survivor Ally Gift of the Magi! Sorta.

But it's only appropriate that episode 13 is the unlucky episode. After his beef feast, Joe is feeling pretty crummy - which is expected when a starving person eats too much. One would expect a real severe trip to poo corner, but instead Joe is dealing with the inability to pee. All the food, compounded with Joe's age, affects his prostate in a horrible way. After a first consult with Dr. Joe, Joe the castaway's condition only gets worse. As the prostate problems could affect the kidneys when there's no urine passed, Joe is forced to quit the game. A third medevac of the season. It's a teary goodbye so close to the end.

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