June 19, 2016

Big Brother 18 Pre-Show Winner Prediction

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Hello summer and hello houeseguests! It's time for another season of Big Brother and expecting the unexpected (while also us viewers totally being able to expect all the twists). Already in the house we have two siblings of former players (Cody from BB16'S brother, Vanessa from BB17's sister) and remarkably small cast. Well already we can expect four more houseguests in this first week and no one will be surprised if they are returnees.

As I do every season, and fail oh so miserably, I watch all the videos on CBS.com and read the contestant bios and try to predict the winner. Will this season go any better? Expect the unexpected?

Melissa predicts...

Michelle will win Big Brother 18.

I've got good vibes on the ladies this season! I really liked the females while I felt many of the men were easier targets to go after or super bland (Corey is a generic hottie picked for showmances - right?). Ultimately I chose Michelle, a cute Big Brother superfan who seems like she could be a good, under-the-radar ally who makes it to the end. She looks like Nicole from BB16 and compares her gameplay to Ian, the superfan who defied the odds to win. Tiffany is Vanessa Ruosso's sister and while she plans to play differently than Vanessa, but that attachment alone will make her an early target. But if she can get around that initial target, she might be someone who I'll regret not picking. Zakiyah is gorgeous and another who caught my eye, and I was surprised by how much I liked Natalie. I'm rooting for her girl's alliance to finally come together because this batch of men are real snoozers. Except Paul. Paul is awesome and the only guy I think could take the win or that I'll likely even root for. Even with the rumors of the returnee's identities, and while I like several of them, I don't think any will actually stand a chance at winning.

Who do you think will win Big Brother 18? Use the handy form below to submit your pre-show winner prediction. Winners will receive [a picture of a] trophy at the end of the season! And in case you want to pick a returnee, you can select that option now AND I'll re-open the pick after the returnees are announced to allow you one day to chance your pick - but only to a returnee.

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