July 17, 2016

Big Brother 18: Broken Ankles, Shattered Alliances

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Week 3

Bridgette is so excited to be HOH and so is the Spy Girls alliance. But the 8 Pack is bummed that they've lost the chance to get Frank out of the game since the entire Category 4 is safe too. Despite Bridgette's idea of nominating brewing snoozemance, I mean showmance, Corey and Nicole, Frank has other plans. He's all good with Bridgette's suggestion of Tiffany, his personal adversary, but suggests Paul as a pawn yet again to protect the 8 Pack sans Tiffany. Another week of Frank running shizz - snooze! He's acting like the king of the BB house, claiming he's funny when in fact he's more asshole than class clown. The whole house is tired of his "humor" and rude comments. Da'vonne gets upset with his chauvinistic comments and put downs, but it all takes a big turn for the worse when Frank slaps Da on the butt. Frank apologizes to Da'vonne after explaining butt pinching is a family thing and she accepts his apology... but the target is still very much there for next week.

After all the drama, the nominations happen just the way the ol' butt slapper wants them: Bridgette nominates Paul and Tiffany for eviction. Bronte informs Bridgette that the whole house thinks Frank made her picks but don't worry, next week it'll all fall back on Frank and not her. And Frank has only more secrets to hide when he wins the BB Roadkill competition again, which had the houseguests matching a sequence of car horn toots. The house totally figures out he won the power after a classicly terrible Frank joke to try to shake off attention, and he confides in the 8 Pack but not Bridgette. Frank's Roadkill nomination is Bronte, Bridgette's BFF and tightest ally besides him. Smooth move Frank. But hey, at least Spy Girl Natalie is in the clear to keep flirting with James.

Bronte is upset she is the Roadkill nominee and her ally Bridgette is livid that someone undermined her HOH. LOL it's your tightest ally who screwed you over! Feeling isolated and like she's holding in a huge secret, Bronte confides to her fellow Spy Girls her secret: she's an aspiring mathematician, not an uneducated child care provider. This is apparently earth shattering news that Bronte is actually smart, leading to squeals of delight and an "us three to the end!" shout. Good luck with that. Frank comes up to the HOH room and pretends he didn't just totally screw over the Spy Girls, assuring them he'd play in the veto to save Bronte. Worried for the safety of his flirtmance, James tells Natalie that they can't trust Frank because he won the Roadkill competition. Natalie wishes Bridgette would see that Frank is manipulating everyone, but that's how Bridgette feels about James so I guess it's all even and who cares, this alliance sucks.

The Outback Steakhouse sponsored Power of Veto competition is for the houseguests to mix ingredients based on a sequence displayed. Get it wrong and you get glitter and paint bombed. "Sassy" is one of my favorite ingredients as well, Big Brother. Bridgette wins the veto, breaks her ankle in a lame celebratory back-to-back jump, and wins an Outback Steakhouse dinner along with her team and another of her choosing (Have Nots Big Sister which is Da'vonne, birthday girl Zakiyah, and Paul if you forgot the stupid team names). Bridgette would like to use the veto to save Bronte, but it's possible that if used then Natalie would be chosen as the replacement nominee by the "anonymous" Roadkill winner. Bridgette trusts Frank even more after he admits that he won the Roadkill competition this week and that very week (when he nominated Bridgette herself). Knowing that this week's target is Tiffany and they have the numbers to protect Bronte, Bridgette does not use the veto and keeps nominations the same.

The veto is unused so Frank is lazily confident that his target Tiffany will be going home. Da'vonne wonders if voting out Tiffany is a bad move since she wouldn't target the Fatal 5 and she's hellbent on getting Frank out. Most of the group know she's not a threat to their group, but Paulie keeps stressing that she's Vanessa 2.0 and will be furious knowing she was the actual target. Then there's the looming question of once Tiffany is gone, who is Frank's target? Well that's easy to know because Frank is thinking ahead and would like to get out Da'vonne, and proposes a side alliance between himself, Bridgette, Nicole, and Corey. But when Frank shares the plan with Michelle, outing Nicole in the process, he has no idea the big mistake he made because Michelle is extremely close to Da'vonne. This wrong move is all it takes to finally set in motion the plan to keep Tiffany and evict Bronte to throw off Frank and Bridgette.

Before the vote, the nominees give their speech which is Paul using his "Friendship!" catchphrase and Bronte just babbling about thank yous and good times. But it's Tiffany who brings the heat, calling out the "dictator" and his "little Cabbage Patch Kid" and vows that no one else besides them are her targets. The votes are cast and in a 5-4 vote, Bronte is totally blindsided out of the game with many shocked faces. It's the blindside we thought we were getting week one come true! Except Bronte admits she found out 20 minutes before taping. Bronte explains to Julie Chen that since the group was thinking ahead about next week's target changing to Frank, she knows being close to Bridgette and possibly being a flip vote got her evicted. Bronte is happy she didn't snap on the way out when she learns about the Battle Back and bids the Chenbot adieu.

Earlier in the day the memory wall changed to show a bunch of horribly Photoshopped pictures of evicted houseguests Glenn, Jozea, and Victor going wild in Europe. To win HOH, the houseguests have to answer true/false questions about the Euro Trippin' photos. When half the group gets the first question wrong, it's clear that something spectacularly bad might happen. And sure enough, it does. Paulie wins HOH and his entire team is safe, meaning this whole plan to get out Frank is moot. Again.

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