July 30, 2016

Big Brother 18: A Frankly Obvious Week

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Week 5

Weeks of teasing finally ends and the Battle Back competition for a second chance at Big Brother 18 begins. In order to get a spot back in the house, the first five evicted houseguests have to win head-to-head competitions using recycled sets, the sloppy seconds from the real houseguests that aren't losers.  Or maybe these were filmed first in some cases? IDK. Glenn and Jozea participate in the first competition to cross logs and retrieve 20 berries (sound familiar?), sadly Jozea's arrogance doesn't take him down and he wins the first Battle Back. It's onto round 2, where Jozea and Victor bounce tennis balls to knock down giant rackets of their opponents face. Victor is victorious, moving onto round 3 against Bronte, which is to look at a bunch of bad Photoshopped photos (sound familiar?) across several monitors and answer questions about those photos. Victor wins again and advances to the last Battle Back against newly evicted Tiffany to put together a giant puzzle while also scaling a wall. Victor keeps the winning streak alive and earns his spot to re-enter the Big Brother house. Julie Chen tells the houseguests about the big twist and they're shocked, which is kinda insane since people always return to this game. The doorbell rings and it's Victor and the house is excited... but that's nothing compared to the fact that there's a secret room in the house with another twist.

The house cheers and shouts about Victor's return, which I guess is a better option for most of them since Victor is so basic. Victor's the easy target for the houseguests, but Frank quickly trying to snake Victor to his side only reaffirms the house's goal to get out Frank. Therefore the HOH competition is even more crucial towards retaining the power. The rave-theme HOH competition is re-using the Battle Back set but this time is all about endurance of holding one hand over their head while stepping over a light cable; drop you hand and get confetti all over you and be a loser. I'm still trying to figure out why the whole backyard has ball pits when they're basically on little podiums the whole time. I digress. There's a lot of shuffling of feet and tripping over wires. Frank tries to make a deal with Da'vonne but she refuses to trust Bridgette, though she learns in the process that Nicole ratted out Da's game plans to Frank. Nicole poorly denies. It's agreed to throw the competition to James, who says he won't put them up, and is rewarded with a kiss from Natalie.

After the competition, Nicole tries to save face with Da'vonne while still trying to control her horrible lying face. Nicole realizes that trusting Frank is a terrible idea for the 50th time. The house begins to discuss who to nominate and Paul makes the point that Bridgette is a tough competitor (she lasted over 6 hours and had a dud ankle!) and they still want Frank gone. James wants to honor the deal to protect Bridgette but nominating Frank and Victor instead, but the house would prefer the pair go together so they can't save each other. Eventhough Bridgette and Frank aren't targeting him at all, James decides to follow the wishes of the house and nominate the twosome.

Bridgette is hurt that James lied to her face, while Frank is annoyed that she is nominated beside him and got betrayed. They hope that maybe they can win the veto and get Da'vonne targeted instead. But first they'll have to please Otev the "dopest DJ" frog, reusing this rave set they spent so much money on. Like every other time we've encountered Otev, the houseguests have to retrieve answers to a musically-delivered question and not arrive last. Frank hopes for redemption the last time he faced Otev he failed and got eliminated (better luck your third time, Frank). Michelle wins the veto and defeats her personal house enemy Bridgette, which means Michelle can leave nominations the same.

Frank tries to get Michelle the superfan to flip and make good TV, and the offer is tempting as she's love to see Bridgette go and partner with Frank. But also Michelle knows the whole house would turn against her. Paul is infuriated that Frank is campaigning to save himself and get someone else nominated and pops off on him. A lame house meeting ends with Frank fully aware that he's the target and going home, not Da'vonne. Bridgette decides to finally confront Michelle for treating her like crap all summer, which Michelle eventually attributes to Bridgette being a threat and stealing her BFF. They get nowhere, the veto goes nowhere, and nominations stay the same.

Frank and Bridgette mourn the fact that their friendship is being broken up, while Michelle ugly cries about losing Frank who she actually likes. But hey, maybe Frank could be saved by the latest twist. The living room TV tells the houseguests there are clues all around the house, so everyone starts looking in every trunk and hole in the house. Paul is the first one to fully #CrackTheCode first and YA BOY inputs the correct secret code (Paris) into the upstairs pay phone to learn there's a secret room. After enough distraction, Paul is able to get back into the phone booth to open the secret tunnel and crawl to the secret room. The room is decorated as "Paris" AKA a garden and there are 12 Big Brother Airline tickets available and one lucky ticket the Round Trip Ticket that, upon eviction, lets them re-enter the game immediately (until August 18). Paul claims he won the chance at a trip, but is so bad at lying that everyone figures out they can all keep trying to enter the room. Eventually, everyone gets into the room and grabs their Big Brother Airlines ticket including Frank and Bridgette. And THAT'S why you should keep a secret better.

Before the live vote, the "returners" (please stop, Chenbot) get segments about their former tightest allies and it's as useless as you imagine. Frank is evicted unanimously and gets to see Julie's "pretty" dress in person (it looks like a tailored potato sack). He takes his exit like a champ, especially since he's known for like 4 or 5 days he was done for. As for his Big Brother Airlines flight: it's a one-way ticket home. Frank believes bringing up Da'vonne as a target too early was definitely a contributing factor to his demise. Also: his big mouth.

The episode ends with the "Perfect Shot" HOH competition to roll their ball as far as they can. The catch is they can practice as much as they want with a yellow ball, but they have only one attempt with the red ball. The goal is to make the perfect shot into the 21 slots, or else get the highest score. But since they got as much time as they want to practice, this could be a long night of live feeds. We end this week with yet ANOTHER twist, this one where viewers can vote for houseguests to receive Care Packages that'll give them an advantage in the game. So much more summer to get through.

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