July 10, 2016

Big Brother 18: The Power of Friendship

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Week 2

The week picks up where the live eviction ended, with the balancing and berry carrying HOH competition. What we learn in flashback form is the Jozea vote was not a total blindside, since Frank informed Victor 5 minutes before the live show. All the teams are neck-in-neck during the competition, except for Big Sister who decide to take the tortoise pace to win. Tiffany intentionally falls to let her teammate Corey finish the last set of 10 berries, but his eagerness to finish by using the fast route backfire and he falls eliminating them from the competition. James decides to take one for his 8 Pack alliance and intentionally falls so that Team Unicorn will have an even harder time catching up to the frontrunners. Category 4 sends Paulie out to grab the last HOH berry, which gives him the power and title and his entire team safety for the week.

Paulie's HOH plan to slowly begin the tactics to eliminate "Jozea's minions". Jozea's blindside shakes the trust in their group, as Paulie believes Natalie flipped and Bronte has to talk sense into him that Zakiyah and Da'vonne were lying the whole time. There's a lot of groveling for safety. Victor worries that he's a target now and tries to deflect by pointing out the majority of the house is female now. Victor is right as he is Paulie's target and Paulie would like to nominate Paul at the beginning as part of a plan to backdoor Victor. If Paul doesn't agree to the plan he's doomed so he complies with the request. Paulie nominates Paul and Bronte for eviction to begin the long con of treating Victor like a king then kicking him right in the gut with a backdoor nomination.

Victor senses he might not be totally safe at this point and sets his sights on winning the BB Roadkill competition and getting picked to play for the veto. While someone like Victor is stressing, the other side of the house is straight chilling. James is spitting game at all the ladies with his Mr. Congeniality ways, while Corey talks about his enduring Christmas spirit (a real like Buddy the Elf, that Corey is). But the game is back on for this week's BB Roadkill competition which takes place inside the RV this time. The game is to mark $18 worth of souvenirs as "returns" in the fastest time. The souvs are great things like a Zingbot action figure and a Jodi air freshener, an homage to the first boot from Big Brother 13 who, like Glenn, went home night one. Turns out basic math stumps the majority of them, but not Victor who ends up winning the BB Roadkill. Paul tells Victor not to tell anyone about his win, but oops! Victor told Paulie and Frank immediately to try and establish trust. Victor chooses to semi-anonymously nominate Tiffany for eviction but it's really not that big a deal since 8 Pack is running this house.

Roadkill nominee and Culture Club haired Tiffany goes full Ruosso after being put on the block: paranoid and seeking constant reassurance from her allies. Most of her allies are on her side, but Frank and Tiffany don't see eye to eye so he's cool with the idea of losing her. One big step forward in the backdoor Victor plan is that he doesn't get chosen to play for the veto (sweet snub, Paul!), which means he can't completely up-heave the nominations. Despite being told to throw the veto to assure Victor gets backdoored, Tiffany most definitely tries to win the "Toezarks" Power of Veto competition to retrieve letters in goop and spell the highest scoring word. HOH Paulie outspells Tiffany's "twinkling" with "sustainability" - one doozy of a word for a Big Brother houseguest.

Tiffany's attempt to win the veto doesn't go unnoticed, especially by Da'vonne who saw Tiffany specifically counting Da's letters to make sure she outscored her. The 8 Pack and the Fatal 5 are both worried about Tiffany and her paranoia and consider the idea of cutting her way sooner than expected. So much for that whole "we're the five best women, let's go to the end!" Paul has to keep up the ruse that Victor is safe, which pains Paul as Victor is so gullible thinks he's safe and Tiffany will go home. Dude, there was CLEARLY a majority last week that you are outside of - why would you think Tiffany would be evicted over Bronte, Paul, or even you? Not only does Victor have Jon Snow's hair, but he plays right into the obvious hand. To thank him for being a trusted partner in the shady dealing, or I guess as a sign of "the power of friendship" (Paul is so corny), Paulie uses the veto to remove Paul from the block and names Victor as his replacement nominee.

Victor begins to campaign to try and keep his team strong, urging everyone to vote out Tiffany instead. Getting rid of Victor should be a foregone conclusion, but word gets back to Frank (via Bridgette) that Tiffany is targeting him and might even be corralling an all-girls alliance. Worried about Tiffany outing him, Frank tells Paulie about the 8 Pack, the alliance Paulie isn't part of so ultimate game FOMO. Paulie sees through Frank's gaming and suggest a five person alliance of himself, Zakiyah, Nicole, Corey, and Da'Vonne. Da'vonne can't believe Frank's subtle betrayals or the fact that her crumbling alliance also wants to drag her to be the fifth wheel in an alliance based on showmances.

At the live vote, Victor uses some stupid voice in his eviction speech before his inevitable backdooring occurs. Talking to Julie Chen, Victor could tell all week that the tables may have turned on him and he wasn't totally safe. Julie also asks Victor is maybe he shouldn't have been so honest since that clearly was part of his downfall. He gets the good news about the Battle Back to which he gives a fist pump. Uneventful interview typical of a boring Thursday episode where the highlight is really just finding out who the new HOH will be. Speaking of HOH, the "Kiss My Ace" competition has the players on each team bouncing a tennis ball off a giant racket, hoping to get them into the highest number slots. The player who bounces the lowest number each round gets eliminated, which leads to a major power shift when the three non-8 Pack members are the final competitors remaining. Bridgette wins HOH which protects her entire team for a second week in a row which means all the anti-Frank talk is useless for another 7 days.

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