July 24, 2016

Big Brother 18: Tiffany's the Target - Take 2

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Week 4

Frank enters the house after the HOH competition pissed that the vote didn't go his way, but also praising the BB gods that the team twist makes him safe this week. It's all a passive aggressive until Frank, Tiffany, and eventually Da'vonne all go at it after Frank out's that Da'vonne exposed Tiffany's plans for a girls alliance. Da'vonne and Frank make fake amends but both have each other on their radars. Despite the group saving Tiffany, she isn't embraced by the house and only becomes more isolated, defensive, and emotional. Like blotchy ugly cries. A volatile Tiffany begins to go off, outing Frank's enemy #1 status directly to him, outing the allies that betrayed him, and confronting Da'vonne about everyone cutting her out and keeping her to spite Frank. Da'vonne pleads with Tiffany to not explode emotionally and instead use the knowledge to improve her guy. Guys, I don't know if I can handle this Tiffany drama for the whole summer.

While Paulie didn't want to win HOH, he has the power again and this time the shot against Tiffany won't miss. Paulie nominates Natalie and Tiffany for eviction, citing that Tiffany plays like her sister which is rich coming from the only BB sibling in the house. There's one more nominee seat to fill and in a perfect display of BB justice, Tiffany wins the BB Roadkill competition to hang the most BB air fresheners while doing some Entrapment maneuvers under poles. Tiffany's ready to take a shot against her former allies and since Paulie is safe, she aims for someone he's close to: Corey. Cue a relieved Da'vonne who was worried she would be nominated, but for now Tiffany and Da' are good but this house changes every twenty minutes.

Nicole ugly cries that Corey is nominated because she feels it's the equivalent of targeting her, plus he's her best friend/showmance. Despite Paulie straight up calling out Tiffany for being the Roadkill winner, Corey ignorantly believes it was Frank. Frank tries to get back in good graces with Da'vonne and the house notices their socializing, wondering if maybe Da' is a good alternate target. Paulie, Corey, Tiffany, Natalie, Da'vonne, and Paul compete in this week's adorably sweet veto competition. The backyard looks like a wonderful candyfest and the houseguests compete in a head-to-head battle to transfer giant ice cream scoops to match a screen. This extremely delicious veto competition is won by Corey who wanted to throw it to Paul the Muffin Man but "YA BOY" went too slow and Paulie clearly throws it to Corey in the final round. Corey's win means that Roadkill winner Tiffany will get to choose the replacement nominee and Da'vonne worries the only target bigger than Tiffany is her. In yet another bitter outrage, Tiffany outs all of Da'vonne's alliances including the Fatal 5 and the group with the showmances. Sensing the lack of trust in Da' and knowing the house might rally to her cause, Tiffany does nominate Da'vonne for eviction who responds with a flip of her hair.

Da'vonne laughs off her threat status while Tiffany continues to focus on Da's hair flip barely touching her. There's a movement growing, led by Frank and Tiffany, to turn the house against Da and get her out instead. Paulie insists that as HOH he will continue to target Tiffany and if a tie occurs, he'll still boot her though he's surprised to hear Da'vonne has told a lot of his plans and secrets to Tiffany. Da'vonne makes it even worse by telling James, who is in a showmance or whatever we're calling it, that she wants to target couples. But hey, what fun is showing the house strategize and flip over and over when you could show Cody and Vanessa talk about their siblings??

The houseguests give their "brief" final pleas before the live voting begins and the whole house chooses to evict Tiffany. Julie Chen asks Tiffany about making the unholy alliance with Frank, which Tiffany pins on Da'vonne starting trouble between them. While the legacy of Vanessa was a lot of hold over her, Tiffany felt she still played her own game. But of course we know her chance to keep playing isn't totally over as the Battle Back is happening and she could return to the game. Ugh, please no. I thought Tiffany had a lot of potential, but her volatility was a liability to everyone's game.

With the Battle Back looming, the show gives each of the first four evicted to tell how they've changed and who they'll target in the house. BUT FIRST, the team twist must end which Julie Chen reveals to the house. Also dead is the Roadkill competition, which means back to the classic two nominees but more twists are coming. Like we expected anything else.

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