August 9, 2016

Bachelor In Paradise 3: Evan Almighty

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Week 2 - Night 2

The women have the power this week which means new dudes will be rolling up to Paradise. Christian arrives in Paradise and decides to take Sarah on a date because she's cute and Amanda is claimed. I say claimed because Josh is the equivalent of a dog peeing on a hydrant to declare his turf. Sarah and Christian head out on a ropes course, which allows for great bonding and kissing moments. When they return, Canadian Daniel is fairly jealous because he thought Sarah would be his Rose Ceremony meal ticket after he chose her last week. He decides to show Sarah he's serious about his feelings and steals her away for some champagne heart-to-heart time.

Some forgettable dude named Brandon from Desiree's season arrives and while Carly hopes she's a prospect, he picks Haley the twin instead. Because they're grown adults fully committed to finding love, the twins decide to do a twin swap on the date to see if Brandon can tell the difference. Surprise: he can't.

After their disastrous kissing date, Carly breaks things off with Evan and places him in the Friendzone. He's heartbroken, which is one level worse than having your t-shirt ripped. The house hopes maybe Evan will get a pity rose from Carly so he'll have a second chance at love. A true glutton for heartbreak, Evan decides to interrupt Amanda and Josh's makeout fest and make a pass at her. With a homemade date card in hand, Evan makes his move... poorly. First it requires Amanda and Josh coming up for air from this nonstop horny teen makeout sessions, which I guess in a way is Evan doing a good deed to prevent suffocation. And then.. to be continued?! Aw man.

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