August 8, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise 3: Nick Vs Josh - Take 2

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Week 2 - Part 1

Leah from Ben's season (who lied about St. Lauren B) arrives in Paradise with a plan to invite Chad on her date card, but unfortunately he's been booted and continuing to get drunk in a white van. She decides to pick two-time runner-up Nick Viall for her date, and they drink margaritas and kiss on the beach with her new lips. But twist alert! A date card arrives for Nick and he chooses single mom Amanda for his date, NOT a second go-round with Leah and she's crushed. The connectino between Nick and Amanda is much deeper, ending in making out by a campfire on the beach.

Lace is worried that because she was a part of Hurricane Chad her prospects are ruined.The positive is there's a rekindled attraction between Lace and Grant and they cover the camera to fool around, but c'mon, you can never truly hide the cameras in Paradise. Not all the new couplings have the necessary spark it takes to last in Paradise. Carly is attracted to, of all people, Evan and goes in for the kiss... and it's horrendous. So while Evan is smitten, Carly is wondering what the hell to do besides ride this out for a rose. Sarah is one of the girls struggling to find a connection and thinks she might have one with Vinny, but he's smooching both Sarah and Amanda. Leah remains confident that she can snag Nick, but declines he advances, forcing her to explore other options. That options include Canadian Daniel, who is the swing vote, and has lots of ladies hoping to get his rose to stick around.

At the Rose Ceremony, the more obvious roses are given out first: Grant to Lace, Nick to Amanda, and Evan to Carly, Jared chooses to give his rose to Emily, who is more attracted to than his date companion Jubilee. Emily's rose means her twin Haley gets to stick around for TV fodder. Vinny makes his choice between Sarah and Izzy, giving his rose to Izzy. But Sarah isn't out yet, but Daniel gives his rose to her. That means Jubilee and Leah are eliminated and therefore slightly humiliated. 

It's a new day in Paradise which means time for some new arrivals and MAN, did they bring in a doozy. Down the steps walks Josh Murray, the dingus that Andi Dorfman picked over Nick Viall. With a date card in hand, Josh does the Round Robin interviews of all the women but already knows he's going to ask Amanda on a date. Nick and Josh chasing the same girl AGAIN! Eskimo Brothers x2! Amanda and Josh sip champagne and makeout on a boat after listening to Josh deny that he's the horrendous fiance that Andi's book accused him of being. Nick is worried about Josh's intentions and since Nick knows what Andi wrote about him was true, he thinks the Josh stuff is probably true as well.

Evan is so excited to get a date card and sweep Carly off her feet and she awkwardly accepts. Their date is not the sunset horseback riding of Evan's dreams, but an ambush by Chris Harrison to eat habenero peppers and then kiss in front of a crowd. The "Longest Hottest Kiss" is as miserable to watch as you'd expect, ending with a long drawl of spittle stuck between them and a World Record held as mimes dance in celebration. All of this sounds like fiction but I promise you, this actually happened on this goofy show.

Josh and Amanda return from their date all smiley and kissy, so a twin steals her away for girl time. This allows for a Josh vs. Nick showdown again, as Nick wants Josh to know he's interested in dating Amanda too. And then Josh and Amanda continue to grossly makeout and moan in front of everyone, shattering Nick who thought he had something strong with Amanda and might lose it in a sad twist of irony.

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