August 30, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise: Well Well Wells

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Week 5 - Night 2

Picking up from the previous night, Caila tells Jared that she can't stay in Paradise if Ashley is here. Ashley I is very satisfied about the alleged good deed she has done, then ugly cries when Jared isn't enthused with her actions. Jared chases after Caila's Uber and they leave Paradise together to explore their potential relationship. WE'RE FREE!!! Ashley I can move and shows a level of chillness with Wells that we haven't seen her display before. Which is impressive since two girls are competing for him. 

Oh sorry, I mean three girls because Shushanna the hot Russian arrives wants to date Wells. He's now made out with three women in Paradise and is torn between which woman he wants to give his future rose to. Wells and Shushanna end up on a double date with new arrival Lauren H and her date, Brett, because choices of quasi-single guys in Paradise is limited. The foursome head to the beach to get in some sun, surfing, and smooching. Izzy is pretty bummed that Brett is out on a date with someone else because she's super into Brett's hotness.

Everyone is wondering how Amanda feels about Josh because the whole house thinks he's an angry douche. They get a date card for a romantic dinner together which is a good time for them to talk about everything. Both reiterate their trust in each other and their best friendship - love is brewing for the pair. To paraphrase Amanda, Josh isn't perfect but he's perfect for her. Alright then. Keep on kissing by the fireworks.

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