September 6, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise: 3 Proposals and Dumping

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Finale - Part 2

Everyone basks in the afterglow of overnight dates in their fluffy white hotel robes and smiley faces, except Josh and Amanda who apparently wear their regular clothes. BOO! Grant and Lace who decide to be dramatic again, with him questioning everything even after getting those dumb matching "Grace" tattoos. Jen looks forward to a proposal from Nick eventhough he still hasn't said "I love you" (but maybe it happened off camera?) Josh and Amanda's only obstacle are her children, who he hasn't met yet and worries about going too fast and becoming an instant step dad. But all these hesitations don't stop the guys from meeting up with Neil Lane (who can't believe he's seeing Nick for a third time).

Onto the final roses!

Carly and Evan head to the alter of impending proposals first and give each other amazing speeches that proclaim their love for each other. Evan pulls out his Neil Lane ring and asks "Will you freakin' marry me?" The answer is yes - Cevan forever! Eventhough Grant woke up with a head full of confusion, or maybe it was post-tattoo pain, so Lace pours her heart out to grant to know how she feels and how real their love is. Far more real than her eyelashes. Grant talks about how he loves all sides of Lace, including her crazy ones, and proposes to her. Lace says yes - Grace forever, the tattoos weren't in vain (yet)!

Then comes Nick and Jennifer, who tells Nick how much she enjoyed getting to know him and feels their instant connection. Jen admits she's fallen in love with him and hopes Nick can catch her; heeeeeee can't. Nick isn't in love with Jen as much as he'd like to be. Ugly sobs all around from Nick Viall. It's just the begin of the snot sucks because Nick shall be our new Bachelor and get to overcome his fear that he won't be able to say I love you again.

Last and certainly least are Josh and Amanda. Amanda feels lucky to have found Josh and knows her two girls will love him. He doesn't want to repeat past mistakes, but knows this time around he found true love. Josh is crying, or possibly profusely sweating from his eyeballs which is legit possible from him, and gets down on his knee to propose. But for real, how can I even focus on this proposal when Josh's sweat drenches his white button down so much he looks like he's competing in a wet t-shirt contest??


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