September 5, 2016

Bachelor in Paradise: Fantasy Suite Fun

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Finale - Part 1

Tiara the chicken enthusiast arrives at the 11th hour for the finale and even she knows she has zero chance of anything happening for her. She gives up her date card to Nick and Jen who head to a carnival, the perfect place to try and break down Nick's walls with an awkward fortune teller encounter. Nick is able to verbalize to Jen that he does have feelings for her, which makes her happy to hear. On the not so happy front, Brett dumps Izzy to pursue things with Lauren for a few more days. Izzy packs her bags and leaves Paradise to try and get Vinny back which seems about 7 days too late. An impassioned iPhone call doesn't help as Vinny doesn't like the way she dumped him for the lamp guy, leaving Izzy nauseous, regretful, and single in the Uber home.

It's time for another Rose Ceremony which continues to lack excitement since it's pretty clear who the roses are going to. The only suspense comes from Wells, who is in a love square with Ashley I, Jami, and Shushanna. Jami and Ashley are OK making an effort to plead their case to Wells, but Shushanna literally runs off because she's not into this competition stuff to fight over a guy. Status downgraded to a love triangle. Once the obvious roses are handed out, it's time for Brett and Wells. Brett throws a Rose Ceremony curveball and doesn't hand out his rose at all (sorry Lauren) because he's really not feeling any love vibes and didn't want to go to the Bone Zone so quickly. Wells makes a choice and gives his rose to Ashley, which eliminates Jami, as well as Lauren B and Tiera the chicken "connoisseur" (upgrade!).

The next morning, Chris Harrison pulls the gang aside to encourage deep talks about if their relationships will continue AKA leave if you aren't going to get engaged on TV. But the biggest discussion is the fantasy suite for Wells and Ashley I. Virginal Ashley seems pretty ready to head to the Bone Zone, while Wells is really hesitant about being that guy on national TV. Wells pulls Ashley aside for a serious talk and crushes her dreams of finally having a boyfriend and a guy she actually likes. She even played it cool, you guys. Both leave Paradise immediately upon their breakup. Bring on the tears. 

Chris Harrison shows up yet again for one last talking to before the remaining four couples head off on their Fantasy Suite dates. Grant and Lace start the day buying friendship bracelets that say "GRACE" because that's their mashed up couple name. Because craft string isn't enough symbolism, they escalate this to getting matching "GRACE" tattoos. Later that night, Lace finally tells Grant she loves him and looks forward to him proposing. Nick and Jen's date has them going paddle boarding and if a random Mexican dog can do it, so they they. Nick still hasn't told Jen he loves her, but definitely voices that he has strong feelings for her. Hopefully it'll last after Paradise (it won't/doesn't/can't). Evan and Carly get another weird date of painting in their skivvies which is about 20% on canvas, 80% on their bodies. Dinner is far more normal and Carly and Evan exchange "I love yous". Josh and Amanda play soccer with a bunch of kids, and the fact that we aren't watching Josh create the perfect pizza and then moan while eating it is a letdown. But Amanda appreciates the opportunity to see Josh interact with kids. Josh and Amanda are happy they've overcome their obstacles and reiterate their love for each other. And then Josh moans more.

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