October 9, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: C U L8r Paul

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Week 3

Adam and Zeke reel in the aftermath of the Millennial's blindside of Mari, but Hannah's nonstop attempts to apologize and talk out her decision to flip annoy the hell out of Zeke. He doesn't want to talk to you right now! Knowing he is totally screwed in the numbers, Adam begins to work his way back into the fold and plants seed with Michaela that the she is obviously on the bottom of an alliance with the four person Triforce. The cool kids of the Triforce are just chillin' and overconfident in their position. On Gen X, David, Ken, and CeCe continue to work on their anti-Paul as he continues to assert himself as the tribe's alpha and attempted provider (he delivers no fish, unlike Ken Doll - don't call him that).

A summit happens between tribes, with four members from each tribe getting a chance to see the forced generational gap in person. Figgy, Taylor, Jay, and Will attend for the Millennials, while CeCe, David, Chris, and Paul are the Gen X representatives. They're treated with peanut butter and jelly while trying to gain intel and cover secrets. Nice try Taylor and Figgy, but everyone can tell you're hooking up. CeCe and David use their time to make Paul a target with the kiddies too, with David quickly switching back to frantic "I trust you!" mode. Overall it's a totally pointless twist since there's no swap, no hidden immunity idols - nothing.

Gen X loses the tribe due to CeCe's performance in the challenge, taking forever to cross the wonky balance beam with a heavy bag. The tribe is in agreement that CeCe is the target, but never trust an early declaration of doom. With nothing to lose, Ken and David try to get the target pointed in Paul's direction and they might get some takers. A conversation between Jessica and Paul leads to her being concerned that the men would group up and turn on the women down the line. It's all the ammunition Jessica needs to get the other women, plus the outsiders, on board to take out Paul.

Tribal Council! Probst gets a recap about the letdown of a summit with David concluding that now the Millennials are actual people. Chris stresses that this early in the game there is truly no bottom in a big alliance. But there is a bottom in the tribe itself, and CeCe admits she knows it is her. Probst points out that at the challenge the Millennials worked well as a team while the Gen X seemed to each go at it alone. All this perfect leads to the topic Jeff Probst has been dying to shoehorn in: Gen X people barely text and if they do, they use full words not abbreviations which are changing the lexicon. In 33 seasons of Survivor, this may be the most-forced, cringiest moment I have seen and I saw a man fall into a campfire. Jessica hopes the vote will bring together the tribe for them to succeed together. And with that, Paul is voted off the Gen X tribe.

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