October 23, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X - CeCe Ya Later

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Week 5

After David's bold play last episode, the Gen X tribe goes idol hunting. Knowing what to look for already, David finds his second Hidden Immunity Idol stuffed inside a branch. And it's good thing he found it then because it's time for a Tribe Swap! The 16 castaways are shuffled into three tribes, with one tribe getting six people since they're starting from scratch. Most are able to put on decent poker faces at the swap, but Michaela can't hide her rage. I mean, I think the neon green buffs are kinda cool but I'm sitting on a couch typing this.

Michaela's initial pissed-off-ness settles down over at the new Ikabula camp and she builds fire for her tribe. Ikabula has a 4-2 advantage in the numbers with Millennials (Michaela, Jay, Will, Hannah) outnumbering Gen X (Sunday, Bret). Jay's a little cocky they have the numbers, but you never know with Survivor. Much to viewers chagrin, "Figtails" are not split apart and join Adam, Jessica, and Ken on the new Takali tribe. Taylor can barely keep it in his pants, mouthing "You are hot" to Figgy after she insists they attempt to keep their not-so-secret romance under wraps. Jessica and Ken are newly bonded after last week's trust betrayal after she revealed the legacy advantage to him. Their hope is that Adam would be willing to flip on Figgy and Taylor - a scenario Adam is definitely pondering. Vanua's new members are CeCe, David, Chris, Zeke, and Michelle - the only Gen X dominated tribe. Zeke and Chris become instant BFFs over their Oklahoma roots and a tight partnership seems to form immediately. 

Vanua is slaughtered at the Immunity Challenge retrieve buoys underwater and toss them into a basket. David and CeCe have the ofterall worst challenge performance which makes for easy targets at the upcoming Tribal Council, though CeCe assumes as the majority the Gen X will vote off a "millennium". Chris would like revenge for the previous Gen X backstabbing and chooses to keep David since he'll have numbers in a merge. Chris implores David that they need to get rid of CeCe because of her challenge performance. Word gets back to David that Michelle was campaigning to vote him out, which makes David re-think the plan to get rid of CeCe and return to his initial instinct of voting off Michelle. Yet again David wonders if he should use a Hidden Immunity Idol on an ally, which I feel like in the future might as well be called "Pulling a David".

Tribal Council time! Probst gets right to it to ask who is on the bottom in this shuffle, and David says the Gen X likely aren't the bottom given their majority. Zeke stresses that in order to move along and make a move in this game, the Gen X will have to work with Millennials. Chris agrees with this notion and hopes tonight's vote will rebuild some of the prior loss of trust with the Gen Xers. Michelle calls out David specifically as someone she'd like to vote out which maybe isn't the slickest of moves, especially since he's not really the night's target. David decides to show loyalty to Chris this week and votes with the majority to get rid of a surprised CeCe.

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