October 16, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs Gen X: Lucy Speaks, Lucy Goes

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Week 4

The tribes compete in the first Reward Challenge of the season, an all-out physical ocean brawl of capture the giant ring. Gen X Chris is such a hulking giant he is able to hold Taylor back that he looks like a child flailing in the arms of his YMCA swimming teacher. Michaela decides to undo her bikini top and let the ta-tas free to win her heat and somewhere Dave from Survivor: China is like, "But I wrestled naked!" The Gen X tribe wins a sausage party but it doesn't really matter much since most of their tribe's focus is on Lucy actually speaking and being quite the schemer herself (more on that later). The Millennials might have lost the food, but young Adam is the true winner of the week after he sneaks off and finds the marked shell that contains a Hidden Immunity Idol.

The Gen X tribe loses the Immunity Challenge to lift tribe members to retrieve numbers and then solve an overly complicated word puzzle (the alleged classic "Somebody loses their flame tonight"). It's time for the Gen X tribe to lose another member and Lucy's earlier talks have put Jessica front and center after she led the ouster of Paul. But when Lucy tries to get Ken and David on her side, Ken doesn't appreciate her demands and rules of alliance compliance. Ken worries that booting Jessica will put him, David, and Cece back on the bottom, so he wants to bring in Jess to get a plan together to oust Lucy. Ken tells Jessica that Lucy is trying to blindside her, then the girl foolishly tells Lucy the entire plan. With all parties now informed of the various betrayals, Ken and Lucy get into it at camp and it seems like the plan is to just follow along and vote out Jessica. David is worried about being at the bottom again and wonders if maybe this is the time to make a big move with his Hidden Immunity Idol.

Tribal Council time! The tribe first addresses last vote's blindside, which only annoyed Chris and Bret since they weren't informed in advance. Well that's how a blindside works, fellas. Jessica hopes all fences have been mended and the five are back to a good place. Lucy admits maybe she used a wrong tone talking to Ken, but she figured he wouldn't care about tone when it's a move that allows him three more days of safety. Ken gives Jess the disappointed dad stare-down when she says she wasn't sure if she should trust him. The tribe casts their votes and Probst drops the declaration to play an idol. There's a second of silence before David decides to stand up and make a little speech before playing his idol for Jessica. The five votes against Jessica do not count, but the two against Lucy do. Two episodes of silence and one big night of talking and Lucy is voted out of the game.

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