October 2, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Puppies, Butts, and Blindsides

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Week 2

The Millennial tribe is up and down this week and most of it centers around Figgy. Taylor and Figgy's flirtation escalates to late night smooching in the shelter, regardless of the fact that they haven't brushed their teeth in days. Figgy is arrogant enough to think no one views them as a power couple, but everyone sees their pairing as a problem including their Triforce ally, Jay. Michaela can't tolerate Figgy and the two get into an argument. You youths and your drama! Over on Gen X, David is turning his abysmal first few days around even if his outsider status might seal his fate. He builds fire, finds the "Hidden" Immunity Idol (I mean it's a painted coconut right in your face - it's kinda obvious), and makes a solid ally with octopus-catching babe Ken. The duo are very aware they are on the outside and need to take down "Paul's Posse." Paul almost gets booted from the game on his own when medical is brought in to treat his dehydration (which at first seems like a heart attack).

A beautiful overhead shot pans to the Immunity Challenge setup smack dab in the middle of the ocean. The challenge is for everyone to dive (poorly) into the ocean to jump off a platform to retrieve keys, then swim below to get rings, ending in a big ol' game of ring toss. Like any good carnie would have predicted, it comes down to the ring toss where Gen X defeats the Millennials to win immunity and a tarp. The Millennials head back to camp with what seems like a straightforward vote: Figgy. That is until Zeke tells Jay, who then tells Michelle. Michelle is not right to loose her tightest ally and break up the Triforce that is actually four people. Michelle heads over to convince high school student Will to join in on the plan, while Jay plays mediator for Figgy and Michaela. Once Jay tells Michaela that Zeke wants to target her next, she's ready to do what it takes to cover her own butt. Who to target instead? Mari, the professional gamer that the tribe already sees as a future threat to win the game.

Tribal Council time! The show's superfans are giddy to light their torch and take in the surroundings on the Tribal Council set. It's the first chance for Probst to use all his stereotypes of Millennials to compare it to their game. That's right guys, because Gen X people don't use phones or text anyone - only the youths! As Probst is doing his job and getting into the details of the Figgy/Taylor hookup and Michaela continues to lay into Figgy, there's an intense side conversation going on between Michelle and Hannah. Michelle is whispering to Hannah that her side is voting for Mari and Hannah is completely flustered. Probst eventually calls out the sidebar convo, but Mari brushes it off that Hannah is probably talking about "puppies or butts or something". When it comes time to vote, Hannah is genuinely torn and stands in the voting booth for long enough that Probst has to do a side pop-in like, "Hey you OK in there?" In a shocking first vote, the Millennials blindside Mari in a 7-3 vote.

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