November 20, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Food Fight

11/20/2016 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 9

Despite trying to vote out Adam last week, Taylor agrees to keep Adam's reward steal advantage a secret as long as Adam doesn't tell everyone about his mason jar stash of stolen snacks. Taylor continues to mainline the calories when he wins the Reward Challenge to dine poolside at a resort along with Chris, Ken, Sunday, David, and Bret (whose feast indulgence of choice bottomless cocktails). While the Gen X group seems to have put aside their differences, it's actually far from the truth. Sunday finally speaks up that she wants to make a move against Jessica, who Sunday believes is gunning for her. Sunday's plan: use Jay to make a move.

Jay's in a real bad mood this episode, what with losing one of his tightest allies and being told by Adam that he's obviously on the bottom along with Taylor and Will. The remaining duo of the once Triforce try to win the ball balancing balance beam Immunity Challenge, but fail to beat Ken. Meanwhile, Will and Zeke are so comfortable with their status (or knew they'd lose) that they chose to sit out of the challenge to chow down on ham and cheese. Well I'd hop out if I could guzzle that whole ice cold pitcher of Coke. The dominant alliance decide to split their votes between Taylor and Jay just in case an Idol is played, which bums out Sunday who is still hellbent on getting rid of Jessica. Jay and Taylor are pretty aware their fates are sealed, so they share secrets together: Taylor reveals his food stash and Adam's advantage, and Jay tells him about his Hidden Immunity Idol. With such huge game knowledge in their hands they decide to blow up Adam's spot at Tribal Council because why use it to try and make a move?

Tribal Council time! Jay, Taylor, and Will acknowledge they were on the wrong side and Chris suggests there are cracks to allow them a chance to continue playing. Taylor decides to slam one more giant crack into the game and reveals he stole and buried two jars of food... with the help of Adam! Now guys, we know Adam was present but didn't partake but no one else knows what to think as Jay and Taylor throw a mortified Adam under the bus, who defends himself as hard as he can. But that's not all! Taylor also reveals Adam has an advantage, which Adam admits to and explains to the group that he can take a reward that someone else won. The tribe is stunned and more aware than ever, but in the end it doesn't change much. Taylor is voted out of the game with a belly full of dried apricots. I've never been so tired of hearing about snacks in my life.

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