November 13, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Merges and Mason Jars

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Week 8

Hey everyone, it's merge time! The tribes move into their new home on the old Vanua beach and dub themselves Vinaka, which I can only hope is someone misunderstanding the mouth spray brand name. Everyone indulges in the merge feast while making introductions, but also keeping close watch on which friendships are a little too happy to see each other. The Millennials plan to stay together, but there are fractures forming that the Gen X group hopes to use to regain control.

The Triforce (Jay, Taylor, and Michelle) are happy to be reunited, but the other castaways are very aware that Jay is a power player after his move to blindside Michaela. But he's able to skate by as a merge boot target once Taylor annoys the Gen X crew by late-night binge eating all their dried bananas and other merge snacks. Listen, he's a self-described Mason Jar pro so I guess that means he knows how to open jars. Adam sees an opportunity to secretly align with the much-maligned Taylor, but he's a man still scorned by Adam ousting his island girlfriend. Adam shows his hand way too easily to Taylor, revealing that he found an advantage to steal a reward AND that he thinks they should target fellow Millennial Will. Taylor quickly spills all these secrets to Jay and suggests blindsiding Adam. Zeke overhears all of this and realizes the mess Adam has created.

The first individual Immunity Challenge is a classic endurance competition to balance on a perch and hold a bar over their heads - let go and you're splashed with tinted water. If you've ever wanted to see the illusion of strawberry milk pouring over someone's head, this is your challenge. Since Taylor couldn't keep his mouth shut, Will is aware of his target status and holds on for dear life to save himself in the game. Jay rounds up the Millennials and tells them they should vote out Adam tonight for turning on the Millennials, which Michelle thinks is a bad move driven solely on personal vengeance instead of game strategy. Zeke and Adam talk to the Gen X about targeting Taylor, but they are worried Jay will share his idol with Taylor so David suggests Michelle instead. Adam gullibly goes back to Taylor again to try and shift the target, and his paranoia frustrates his allies too. Well, at least in the worst case scenario Adam has a Hidden Immunity Idol to save himself.

Tribal Council time! Now as one jumbled group, Jeff Probst has to ask about the age gap differences. Quickly it's about the Millennials being hungrier, specifically Taylor who still doesn't view his actions as a problem. Probst asks if this is something Millennials do, and Chris wisely points out it's just about selfishness which is a politer way of how I'd phrase it (being an asshole). The discussion really seems to land on that it's no longer a battle of Millennial versus Gen X and rather about working with the people you trust. Everyone teases tonight's vote will be a line in the sand between the sides. When the votes are read it's clear that it's no longer the generation war the title of the season foretold. Adam, Hannah, and Zeke vote with the Gen X group and vote off Michelle.

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