November 6, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Things That Make You Go "WHAT?!"

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Week 7

Adam apologizes to Taylor about ruining his game and voting off his showmance, but Michaela is pretty happy to see Figgy got the boot once the tribes meet up at the Reward Challenge. It's another ball-centric challenge to retrieve and shoot balls, which Vanua wins and Michaela comes from behind to win a kebab platter for Ikabula. Vanua wins a meal cooked for them by a chef, eating and farting to their heart's delight (and Michelle's chagrin). Michelle is the outsider on the Vanua tribe, especially with David possibly gaining a new ally by revealing his Hidden Immunity Idol possession to Zeke. Eventhough Ken totally blows the Reward Challenge for Takali, him and Jessica still have the majority in the tribe so Taylor tries to get back into their good graces by talking about grown up things like the electoral college system, and eventually vowing loyalty until the end.

Ikalbula's Millennial-dominated tribe make Gen X Bret and Sunday the easiest targets to pick off without causing much drama. Bret's under even more scrutiny when his honesty is questioned by Hannah, who 70% believes Bret is lying about being a "funeral directah" and is actually a cop (ding ding ding). When Ikabula loses the Immunity Challenge by failing to launch sandbags at targets accurately, the Millennials agree to split the vote between Bret and Sunday in case there's an Immunity Idol. But as Michaela shows her strategic side by counting out allies with rocks, Jay realizes that he needs to send Michaela home before the merge. Michaela might be loyal to their side, but Jay and Will worry that once the impending merge happens, she'll slaughter them in challenges and take this whole game. Oh and she knows their Hidden Immunity Idol secret which is ammo for a future blindside.

Tribal Council! Michaela discusses that she likes her current group on Ikabula and the Millennials on the other tribes are sketchy people. Sunday thought there would be scrambling, but alas they quietly sat on a log, extremely aware that her and Bret are the outsiders. Will thinks a wild game without tight allies is dangerous, citing Tony, the infamous winner of Cagayan. Will and Jay both agree that this vote will leave the group with trustworthy people with tighter bonds. Michaela doesn't want Bret or Sunday to feel at the bottom, it's just what has to happen because of numbers. Buuuuut the votes are revealed and Michaela is floored to see her allies Jay and Will turned on her. Jay stares Michaela down and takes total ownership for his ballsy move. Michaela is pissed, almost forgetting her shoes in the process.

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