December 11, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Double Header

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Week 12

Jay has the last Hidden Immunity Idol of the game, but he has no need to play it after winning the balance beam and disc rolling Immunity Challenge. Headed by Will and Jay, they try to assemble to votes needed for the next big move: David. Will's newfound confidence and desire for a "resume" padded with big moves (and a willingness to flip) makes him dangerous, so Adam decides the former swing vote is actually the biggest target. At Tribal Council, oonversation surrounds Will's big move last week and its impact to the game and alliances. What it all comes down to is everyone wants/needs to make a big move, but if you're noticed you won't last. This is definitely not the episode to play the "big move" drinking game. The group votes and ends in another blindside where Will is voted out. From high schooler to juror.

Oh wait, there's more! It's a double elimination episode.

Jay has no allies left but he does still have an idol and a keen ability to win individual immunity. Except on this day, Ken wins the timed puzzle solving Immunity Challenge and without guaranteed safety, Jay's in big trouble. David expects Jay to play the idol, which means there's a good chance David would get eliminated, so he recommends voting out Bret. Hannah thinks Sunday is a better person to vote out because she's a potential goat to bring to the end of the game. Adam doesn't want Jay or David in the game and wants to make sure one or the other goes home. Adam lets Jay in on the plan to an extent, telling Jay he needs to play the idol. In this moment of truth, Adam shares with Jay the biggest secret of all: his mother has cancer and is dying. Jay pulls his buff down over his face to mask the tears as Adam's story hits close to home because his mom has brain aneurysms. It's a true bonding moment between the two men.

Tribal Council time! David stresses the importance of friendships and bonds to get ahead in the game. Jay knows being a challenge beast and no allies is a pretty bad space to be in tonight. Sunday voices that people underestimate her and believes she could get votes at the end. Adam points out that everyone has been playing the game in their own way but it's ultimately up to the jury to reward whose game they liked best. The votes are cast and Jay plays his idol so he doesn't live with possible regret of going home with an idol in his pocket. The idol doesn't matter though, when the majority of the tribe votes Sunday out of the game.

And so the final six are crowned and it's going to be one busy finale.

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