December 19, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Adam is the Sole Survivor

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Week 13 - Finale and Reunion

Jay is upset that he threw away his Hidden Immunity Idol on the last vote and heads on a quest to find one last Idol to save him. It's the perfect time to find David's perfectly constructed fake Idol, which he even stashes in a painted coconut. Slow clap for this amazing craft project. Jay blows his chance at guaranteed safety when he forgets to cover up the secret code and every copies his answer. David ends up winning Immunity/Reward, and Jay uses the Reward Steal Advantage to steal the reward. But Jay's a good guy and includes David and Adam on the steak dinner reward to wine and dine them to the final three. Hannah and David are open to keeping around supershield Jay, but Adam knows that Jay has to go. At Tribal Council, they discussion that being well-fed and energized on day 36 is a huge advantage. You know what else is a huge advantage on day 36? The Legacy Advantage, which Ken plays and nulls out the one vote for him. Jay tries to play his fake Idol to no avail and is eliminated from the game.

Since it's the finale, the show needed to shoehorn in the battle of the generations by making the castaways solve a puzzle that said, "NOT A PARTICIPATION TROPHY." Ken wins immunity, not that anyone was planning to get him. David and Adam are targeting each other but Adam has a secret weapon: a second Hidden Immunity Idol he found earlier that day. Adam is giddy to reveal his plans to Hannah, who completely upends everything to run this vote. At Tribal Council, Adam plays his newfound idol but it doesn't matter. Hannah convinces David and Ken to switch their target from Adam to Bret, and Bret is eliminated from the game.

David isn't the only person surprised that Hannah saved him; Adam is livid at what could be a game-ending decision for them. The biggest decider of all will be the Immunity Challenge, which is a tense maneuver/stacking challenge resulting in a sudden death tiebreaker between Ken and Hannah. Ken wins the final Immunity Challenge and guarantees his spot in the final four, which means a 2-2 tie and firemaking challenge is likely imminent. All Adam wants is to finally boot David and even Hannah knows this is finally the time to say goodbye to David. What what about Ken, David's tightest ally? Ken, whose whole game is based on honor and loyalty. But can Ken beat David? At Tribal Council, Ken makes his biggest move yet and votes out his ally David for a better shot at winning the million dollar prize.

Adam, Hannah, and Ken celebrate day 39 with the traditional breakfast while heading into the toughest night of their voyage (except maybe being evacuated for a cyclone). The final three take their seats on the stumps and Jeff Probst brings in the jury (standout: Zeke in a shirt that I can only articulate as Saved by the Bell opening credits). A few jurors take the bait of shoving in Millennial and Gen X references to ask the typical questions. Ken explains he's an old school player based on loyalty, but the jury has mixed opinions. Will says it's a big move he's proud of, while Jessica points out it was cutthroat to eliminate his tightest ally on day 38. He's also pretty offended at the idea that Adam convinced him to vote out David; that was Ken's choice and no one elses. Hannah's argument is that she played a strategic game and is accountable for many of the jurors being eliminated, but many believe she's a flipper. Hannah's a very articulate finalist who owns and defends all her moves in a fantastic way. She totally owns this final Tribal Council, in my opinion, as she tries to take the win from Adam. Adam believes he played the strongest game of the final three and was able to make moves while avoiding being the target by not being the biggest person in control. It's pointed out that Adam was on the wrong side on the votes many times, which he explains he was able to fix his blunders. At the very end of Tribal Council, Adam reveals to the jury that he is playing this game for his family and his mom, home battling lung cancer. It's an emotional ending to a tough and defensive Tribal Council.

Flashforward to the live reunion and Jeff Probst comes out on stage without a jet ski or anything cool. In a unanimous vote, Adam is named the sole Survivor of Millennials vs. Gen X. It's an extremely emotional evening as it's revealed that Adam returned home and was able to tell his mother he felt he won the game before she passed away an hour later. But as Adam points out, sure this is a powerful story but it's also his life. Tears! Hannah, one of the strongest strategic players of the season, is relegated to a question about flirting with Ken which is absolute BS. In other news, Figtails is no more and Taylor just became a dad to a baby that didn't come from Figgy. David and Zeke both grew from the experience to become stronger people, while Bret appreciates being able to be open about his true self to Zeke while in Fiji. Jessica felt she had to stay true to her group and go to rocks and take a chance. Basically, almost everyone gets a question but I'm not recapping them all because.. that's dull. Just know, there was no Sia which means more time to actually hear updates from the players.

We end the finale with a preview of Survivor 34: Game Changers featuring a two-time winner, people who are playing for the fourth time, and other people where they will stretch the meaning of what a "game changer" is to justify casting. See you in March!

There's one last prize you guys: Pre-Show Winner Prediction trophies! My pick to win, Chris, made the jury but alas brought me no victory. However, four lucky folks correctly guessed Adam to win and they win the trophy! Congratulations!

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December 11, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Double Header

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Week 12

Jay has the last Hidden Immunity Idol of the game, but he has no need to play it after winning the balance beam and disc rolling Immunity Challenge. Headed by Will and Jay, they try to assemble to votes needed for the next big move: David. Will's newfound confidence and desire for a "resume" padded with big moves (and a willingness to flip) makes him dangerous, so Adam decides the former swing vote is actually the biggest target. At Tribal Council, oonversation surrounds Will's big move last week and its impact to the game and alliances. What it all comes down to is everyone wants/needs to make a big move, but if you're noticed you won't last. This is definitely not the episode to play the "big move" drinking game. The group votes and ends in another blindside where Will is voted out. From high schooler to juror.

Oh wait, there's more! It's a double elimination episode.

Jay has no allies left but he does still have an idol and a keen ability to win individual immunity. Except on this day, Ken wins the timed puzzle solving Immunity Challenge and without guaranteed safety, Jay's in big trouble. David expects Jay to play the idol, which means there's a good chance David would get eliminated, so he recommends voting out Bret. Hannah thinks Sunday is a better person to vote out because she's a potential goat to bring to the end of the game. Adam doesn't want Jay or David in the game and wants to make sure one or the other goes home. Adam lets Jay in on the plan to an extent, telling Jay he needs to play the idol. In this moment of truth, Adam shares with Jay the biggest secret of all: his mother has cancer and is dying. Jay pulls his buff down over his face to mask the tears as Adam's story hits close to home because his mom has brain aneurysms. It's a true bonding moment between the two men.

Tribal Council time! David stresses the importance of friendships and bonds to get ahead in the game. Jay knows being a challenge beast and no allies is a pretty bad space to be in tonight. Sunday voices that people underestimate her and believes she could get votes at the end. Adam points out that everyone has been playing the game in their own way but it's ultimately up to the jury to reward whose game they liked best. The votes are cast and Jay plays his idol so he doesn't live with possible regret of going home with an idol in his pocket. The idol doesn't matter though, when the majority of the tribe votes Sunday out of the game.

And so the final six are crowned and it's going to be one busy finale.

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December 4, 2016

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Crotch Idol

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Week 11

Get out your tissues - it's family visit time! Everyone ugly cries at the big reveal of their families coming out to Fiji. Addressing the elephant in the room (or on the island), Adam announces to everyone that he will not use his advantage to steal a family visit. Jay wins the rope wrangling obstacle course Reward Challenge and gets to hang out with his sister at BBQ and chooses Will, Sunday, and Adam to join him. Now that's good karma! Adam continues the pay-it-forward lovefest and gives the reward steal advantage to Jay. It's all very bittersweet because Adam also hears from his brother that they stopped their mother's cancer treatment. I feel like everyone watching this episode used half a box of tissues during the first half hour.

Zeke is feeling pretty great about having the numbers on his side to finally vote out David. Except Will becomes concerned that he won't get any credit for the moves he's made throughout the game if he makes it to the finale. Will decides getting rid of Zeke can be his defining resume item and begins to get others on board with his plan. Dude, you had such the perfect chance 3 days ago. Will tells new Legacy Advantage holder Ken that he's the target, and after Ken's ramblings of honor and integrity, he totally blows up Will's spot. All of Will's scheming is outed to the entire tribe. But no one is that mad at Will! Instead it's a fight to get Will on their side to regain controlling numbers.

Tribal Council time! It's quickly discussed that there are two sides in this game and Will is smack dab in the middle as the swing vote. Will wants to be respected as an 18 year old man, but spend a large portion of Tribal Council cringing whenever there's a mention of his age or the "big boys". Zeke, Sunday, Bret, and Jay try to keep Will on their side, but there's some patronizing in their comments. David, Adam, and Hannah do a better job in pointing out how Will is being used and this is a great time to make a move. The begins to vote and Hannah seems to get the vibe again that it's her name on the parchment (question: is this a right instinct or something she says weekly?) Concerned about a possible spit again, individual immunity holder Adam surprises everyone and busts his Hidden Immunity Idol right out of his crotch region. He plays the idol for Hannah voiding all 4 votes cast against her. Turns out, Will did make his big move; Zeke is voted out of the game with 5 votes.

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