October 22, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers: That Is Not An Advantage

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Week 4

The time has come to drop those buffs and shuffle the tribes! With 15 survivors remaining, the Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers randomly draw buffs to be placed into their new tribe. The three revamped tribes have to test their new and pretty much non-existent bonds immediately with a Reward Challenge for a "peanut butter and jelly bonanza." Yawa AKA red tribe wins PB&J and bags of chips, the most budget conscious reward you can have as a group.

Yawa divvies up their sandwiches and individual brown bags of chips and if you're getting bagged snacks and it's not product placement, a secret advantage is ahead. Jessica discovers the secret advantage in her bag, which allows her to block one person from voting at the next Tribal Council. She shares her secret with fellow Healers Cole and Mike, which Cole proceeds to divulge to Ben and Lauren as a way to gain trust. Jessica is baffled and upset to learn the whole tribe knows her advantage because of her flirting buddy Cole, concerned she picked the wrong guy to trust. Speaking of secret advantages, Ryan reveals to new tribemate Chrissy that he gave her the secret advantage at the first Tribal Council to make sure she was safe. Chrissy smile radiates happiness and potentially a new partnership is formed. New Levu is also divided into two pairs of unlikely partners: former rivals Ashley and Alan and Healers Joe and Desi. Hustler Devon sits in the clutch position of swing vote and easily picks the Heroes side after catching Joe in a super easy to fact-check lie.

At the Immunity Challenge, Yawa and and Soko's puzzle smarts secure them immunity and dooms Levu to Tribal Council. Since Yawa won immunity, Jessica plans to use her anonymous vote block to help her fellow Healers. The Healers need the help they can get after Joe's plan to get the target put on himself (and shock everyone with his idol) ends up creating more of a target on Desi. Desi request that as an extension of trust, Joe should play his idol on her. Right before heading to Tribal Council, Devon find a surprise in his bag: the secret advantage! Devon hopes this could be something amazing to grab the power... oopsies.

Tribal Council time! The conversation kicks off with talk about the heated afternoon discussion incited by Joe. Ashley is not pleased at being call the weakest link and Desi fears she's in trouble due to Joe's actions. Devon says he'll be voting with who he feels more comfortable moving in the game with. Alan points out the Healers are undefeated and if they are left together, they head into a future merge potentially six strong and ready to pick off the rest. Probst announces it's time to vote and Devon reveals his secret advantage but the joy fades from his face when he reads that he's been blocked from voting. "That is not an advantage," he says glumly. The remaining four vote and when Probst prepares to read the votes, Joe gets up and plays his Hidden Immunity Idol on himself. The two votes against Joe are null and Alan is voted out of the game with the two remaining votes. Twists galore!

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October 14, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers: Banishing the Wild Banshee

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Week 3

In a group of young'ns, Lauren feels vulnerable about her place on the tribe. Her best bet for staying alive is if the tribe turns on Patrick and his fail at a social game is definitely helping Lauren's odds. Over on at boring Heroes beach, Ashley is still denying she's in a power couple with JP but doing her hardest to campaign to keep eye-candy-provider JP over can't-open-coconut-wildcard Alan. Healer Cole confides to Jessica that Joe found the Hidden Immunity Idol, which is Cole's form of whispering sweet nothings to his crush. Jessica rewards Cole with a kiss on the cheek, but later gets annoyed when Cole continues to reveal the powerful Idol secret to Desi and Roark as part of a master plan to blindside Joe at a future Tribal Council.

The Hustlers lose the Immunity Challenge largely to due Patrick's poor performance to accurately throw sandbags at blocks, allowing the Heroes and Healers to get to the stacking portion (and victory) sooner. Veteran outfielder Lauren is particularly annoyed she didn't get to throw and have her A League of Their Own star moment. Always the Kit, never the Dottie. Devon, Ryan, and Ali are at a crossroads of who to keep because alleged challenge strength Patrick lost for them and Lauren's a bit of an outsider. Talk turns to the merge but maybe they should be thinking about an obvious swap first.

Tribal Council time! Lauren isn't being coy about her feelings about Patrick, laying into him for being out for himself and not the team. Patrick brings up his conversation with Lauren on the beach and she turns that around on him too, talking about him smirking and fake comforting her. But then Lauren talks about not believing a redhead in her life and that seems a biiiiit extreme. The tribe seems to be in agreement that the vote will be about creating the best chemistry for the tribe but how they'll fit into the merge. Patrick thinks he'll be valuable at a merge because he's good at making friends, but Ali points out he hasn't made friends with Lauren so it might not be his best asset. Patrick hopes he can grow but unfortunately he'll be growing on some really cool pre-merge boot trip as the Hustlers vote Patrick out of the tribe.

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October 9, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers: Howdy, Partners!

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Week 2

Strong partnerships are starting to form across all the tribes. With the "core four" dead on arrival after the first Tribal Council, Chrissy uses her actuary skills to use data to select her perfect partner. I call it the Goldilocks method as Chrissy interviews everyone until she finds the ally that's just right: Ben. When Healer Joe finds a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol carved into the tree, he pulls in Cole for the assist and together they find the Idol hidden by the well. Looks like Cole's got himself two partners in the game: Joe because of the idol, and Jessica because they're a budding showmance. Ryan and Devon seem to be the dominating secret pair of the Hustlers, it's Ali that's at the center of most partnerships. Week one she aligned with Patrick, but in the following days has formed a strong bond with fisherwoman Lauren and considers taking on Simone, the tribe's outsider. Ali's in an awesome spot except for one problem: her allies are annoyed by each other. What's a girl to do?

The Hustlers initially lead the Immunity Challenge when retrieving puzzle pieces, but blow the lead and lose the challenge when they're unable to properly assemble the sign post puzzle before the other two tribes. Failing at the puzzle is another strike on Simone's small resume which includes cleaning a fish and finally pooping in the ocean. Simone knows she's the easiest target so tries to change her fate and put the focus on Patrick. Ali ponders her options and approaches Ryan to talk through voting scenarios which is Simone's unpredictability and Patrick's constant need for a babysitter.

Tribal Council time! Ryan compares Tribal Council to a birthday party you're forced to attend for a kid you don't like. Lauren says it's a funeral which is probably more accurate. Ali explains that the vote isn't just about how the person benefits her game, but also the tribe. Simone urges the tribe to vote for someone they can trust rather than the old school method of challenge performance. Patrick wants to keep the tribe strong, then flubs by saying he trusts "most" of the tribe. It's a real oopsy but Patrick can't help grimacing and laughing at himself the whole time. The Hustlers vote and decide that babysitting the prime target is the way to go, and they vote out Simone.

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October 1, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers: Idol Strip Search

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Week 1

Toot the conch shell: a new season of Survivor is here! Jeff Probst corrals three tribes of Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers on a boat and unleashes the traditional insanity of the marooning. In the process of tossing bananas and pineapple overboard, Ryan from the Hustlers Tribe finds a secret advantage (but more on that later). When Probst rings the supper bell, it's time to GTFO the big boat and race to shore in their paddleboats to win fire. The Healers succeed in lighting their torch first which wins them a full fire kit (and a massive bonfire at their beach). The Heroes place second and get flint. The Hustlers are left straggling out at sea trying to figure out the oars. Great start!

All the tribes head to camp to get to know each other, but idols dominate the first few days of the game. Ryan's secret advantage from the marooning is an Immunity Super Idol that can be played after the votes are read but is valid only for the first Tribal Council. But here's the kicker: if the Hustlers don't go to Tribal Council, Ryan must give it to a member of the losing tribe. Looking to make an ally tighter than the red turtleneck he's wearing, Ryan shares this information with Devon so they can choose the right recipient if needed. Mike the urologist's kids told him to hunt for an idol so he follows their orders, but Joe confronts Mike to say everyone knows what he's up to when we wanders alone. But no one loses their mind over the idols quite like Alan. Already wary of the bond between Ashley and JP, Alan confronts JP about having an idol in his pants so JP strips downs and proves he's got nothing but the Idol he was born with - wiiiiiink. Alan hopes this confrontation puts a target on the "power couple," but it might have made himself a target in the process.

The tribes gather for their first Immunity Challenge which includes rolling down a cart like a Survivor rollercoaster and a choose-your-puzzle adventure. An early lead allows The Heroes to pick their puzzle first, choosing one with a lot of walls and less opportunity to fall of the sides, but they can't pull out the win and are heading to Tribal Council. An exhausted Chrissy gave her heart, soul, and lunch, leading her to puke beside the puzzle. A good puke is the equivalent of a Bachelor First Impression Rose, which makes Chrissy a standout and therefore the recipient of the Super Immunity Idol from Ryan. It's just what Chrissy needed as the "mom squad" of her and Katrina are isolated from the fractured foursome of Ashley, JP, Ben, and Alan. Ben and Alan end up in the middle of the two sides, but if Chrissy plays the Super Idol choosing a side might not matter at all.

Tribal Council time! Chrissy and Katrina admit feeling left out, expecting the physical threats to get together (correct). Probst's face lights up with delight hearing about the idol strip search. The tribe still thinks Ashley and JP are a power couple, which Ashley adamantly denies and JP boringly answers. Alan's eyes are open to everything happening, quite literally because I'm not sure he blinks at all during Tribal Council. Ben speaks the of voice of reason and tells everyone to vote to stay strong and they'll discuss their problems later. The Heroes cast their votes and even after the votes are read, Chrissy holds onto her Super Idol. Katrina and her colorful workout wear because the first voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

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September 22, 2017

Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers Pre-Show Winner Prediction

Move aside, Pumpkin Spice. The true sign of fall is a new season of Survivor, and the 35th season is a three tribal battle of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. In all my seasons of (inaccurately) trying to predict a winner, no season has been quite as hard as this one. I like the cast across the board but really had a hard time deciding who could win it all. That said, when it's hard to predict a winner and unpredictable season should be ahead!

After too many hours of reading player bios, watching cast videos, and listening to endless podcasts, I've sussed out my prediction of who will be the Sole Survivor.


Desi will win Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

This has taken me hours to decide upon and a ton of rambling conversations where I changed my mind four or five times. Ultimately I chose Desi as my pick to win because she seems extremely well-rounded. But the other survivors also can see Desi is a threat, so hopefully she can ingratiate herself well and put bigger targets in front of her. Now for lots of honorary shout-outs. I love Chrissy and hope she goes far and my main reason for not picking her was a young cast, which is something she fears as well. Ali is awesome but the Hustlers tribe looks destined for many Tribal Councils. Roark and Ryan both stuck out as superfans, but perhaps with Millennials vs. Gen-X on the mind the big fans could be targets due to Adam's win. Ben is also a big fan of the show and was a complete pleasant surprise and he might be that one that truly snuck by me for winner predictions. But truly this season, minus a few here and there, pretty much anyone could take the title.

Now it's your turn! Time for YOU to cast your pre-show winner prediction. Who do you think will be the winner of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? VOTE BELOW - voting closes right when the east coast premiere begins!

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September 11, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: A Little Love and Lots of Break-Ups

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Week 5 - Finale

The end is nigh for Paradise and only serious couples are allowed to stay. So begins the mass breakup morning at Playa Escondida! Jack Stone makes an offer to Christen: let's leave Paradise together immediately. Christen puts Jack into the Acquaintance Zone and waves her scallop fingers to say goodbye; he leaves solo. Tickle Monster and Jasmine agree to part ways as if their makeout sessions might have been something bigger. Diggy dumps Dominique to pursue something with Jaimi, who in return ditches Diggy. Dean admits to D.Lo that he's ending things with her because he's in love with Kristina and ruined everything. Well you ruined our viewing experience as well, Dean. Amanda is having flashbacks to last summer in Paradise, where you may recall she got engaged with sweaty douchebag Josh. She's not ready to continue on with Robby's unwavering hair and she ends their summer fling, shocking him.

The mass exodus of people who came for the open bar and airtime ends with three couples choosing to pursue their relationships further. Derek and Taylor are Paradise's supercouple of the season and the sexy times impending is a big deal for their love story. No one probably expected Daniel and Lacey to last until the end of this show, but here we are watching these two weirdos agree to date after the show and exchanging "falling for yous" before accepting a Fantasy Suite card. Break out the creepy Canadian flag Speedo! Adam tells Raven he feels he could fall in love with her and is optimistic about their relationship, but Raven's is resistant to let her guard fully down and has hesitation about going to the Fantasy Suite.

Cut to the live audience reunion where the cast looks so bothered to be forced to attend. Almost as bothered I am that they cut the regular end of Paradise to force us into watching a reunion. Dean takes all the blame between Kristina and D.Lo, but still pursued a relationship with Danielle after the show and is trying to restart things with Kristina. Amanda and Robby ended up dating after they broke up on the show because they had different expectations, but rumors say skeezy Robby cheated on Amanda and he denies. Lacey and Daniel are dunzo after he admitted he was lying about his feelings. Raven and Adam did end up going to the Fantasy Suite and are still dating and in love. Then Adam gets to meet Raven's parents who are in the audience because everyone loves a good setup. Wrapping up the season, Derek and Taylor come out to the hot seat and Derek proposes to Taylor and she says yes. Bachelor in Paradise is really going to surpass The Bachelor success rate. It's hilarious.

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September 5, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: Twin and Out

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Week 4 - Night 2

Jaimi from Nick's season (quelle surprise) is dubbed the "wildcard" because she's bisexual so she could ask anyone on a date. The speculation is much bigger than the actual result, as Jaimi asks Diggy out on her date to sip margaritas in town and discuss that she's attracted to people, not gender. Dominique is a little upset because her relationship with Diggy was starting to grow.

Double trouble rolls into Paradise in the form of The Twins, Emily and Haley. They have their eyes on Derek and Dean and look forward to creating drama with their double date card. Since Derek is extremely taken, Haley decides to take out serial killer Jack Stone. Emily demands Dean come on the date but gets declined twice, asking out Tickle Monster as her backup. Jack Stone last minute decides he'd rather spend time with Christen than be a fallback for the twins. The twins get pissed, leave Paradise, and angrily throw scallops.

All the happy couples have their check-in so we can recall that this is allegedly about finding love. Derek and Taylor are still steady and have the starting-to-feel-love discussion. Jack Stone thinks Christen is marriage material. Dean and D.Lo can openly explore their connection. Robby's feels for Amanda are as unwavering as his hair. Adam hopes to keep the momentum with Raven going. But Chris Harrison makes a daytime visit with a big announcement: this is the last day of Paradise. OH SNAP!

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September 4, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: Jack Stone is a Good Kisser

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Week 4 - Night 1

Blake, the guy who hates Whaboom and still won't stop talking about it, comes to Paradise and no one is very receptive to him and his sweat glands. Blake invites Kristina on his date but she declines given her unique romantic conundrum (and lack of interest in Blake). Christen ends up accepting the date with Blake. The women are more receptive to Fred, the guy who Rachel knew as a kid, who shows up shortly after Blake. Eventhough Dominique has a thing with Diggy, she accepts Fred's invite. Blake, Christen, Dominique, and Fred go on a group date together on speed boat while Christen nearly barfs on the boat and then almost loses a contact. Dominique and Fred have a blast, but Diggy is nervous about where he stands if the couple hit it off. The last date of the week is for Robby and Amanda to get all cutesy at a street carnival and then light off fireworks low enough to nearly kill the attendees.

Some gossip is spreading around Paradise that Jack Stone is a bad kisser. Jasmine, the self-proclaimed Queen of Paradise, earlier kissed Tickle Monster because she was intrigued. Well Jack is no exception and if anything, maybe she can help. A few shots later, Jasmine smooches Jack and he's a good kisser. Soon enough, Jack's a hot makeout commodity, kissing D.Lo and Raven. So world, please know that Jack Stone is a certified good kisser.

Chris Harrison shows up mid-day to announce there's no new arrivals coming and the Rose Ceremony is that very night. Time for all the guys to hustle to get the ladies' roses. Ben Z decides to stop the hustle and decides to leave since he hasn't found a romantic connection. This is great news for his dog! Diggy puts his feelings for Dominique out there, with them playing a Q&A game that lets Diggy grab a kiss to show his interest. Christen learns from bartender Wells that everyone calls her "Scallop Fingers" and can't understand the persecution for taking home leftovers. Fish fandom be damned, Christen is high in demand in Paradise with three guys hoping to receive her rose (Jack Stone, Tickle Monster, Blake).

If you viewers are as tired of the Dean triangle, sounds like everyone living in Paradise is over Dean's antics. Dean's guilty when he finds out Kristina saw his pool frolic session with Kristina. D.Lo is also tired of being the other woman. Dean finally makes a decision and after stringing Kristina on for weeks, he chooses D.Lo. Kristina is pissed and goes to Raven for advice and reassurance. Raven tells Kristina to not be mad at D.Lo; Dean's the player. But Kristina doesn't want to hear her friend take D.Lo's side, when Kristina holds both D.Lo and Dean accountable. Bartender Wells offers the sage wisdom Kristina needs, proving to be a wonderful fill-in for Jorge.

The Rose Ceremony begins with the obvious roses: Lacey/Daniel, Taylor/Derek, Amanda/Robby, and Raven/Adam. Now onto the more suspenseful choices. Dominique gives her rose to Diggy over Fred. Queen of Paradise Jasmine, a total wildcard, extends her rose to Tickle Monster. Christen isn't pursued by Blake's attempts at a scallop bribe; she chooses Jack Stone. So now comes the big question: who will Dean accept a rose from? Kristina gets to the podium first and gives a speech about wanting to be valued and put first in a future relationship, so she does not give out her rose and leaves Paradise. Dean looks down in shame and offers to walk Kristina out and apologize for the 80th time. Dean heads back to the Rose Ceremony and then accepts the final rose of the evening from D.Lo. Fred and Blake end their one-day vacation in Paradise leaving no impact to the point that I'll forget they were even on this show tomorrow.

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August 29, 2017

Bachelor In Paradise: Tickle Time

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Week 3 - Night 2

Picking up from the prior night, Daniel the Canadian (not shown: Canadian flag speedo) arrives just in time to play Rose Ceremony hero for Christen or Jasmine. But Daniel actually ends up being the hero for Lacey, who has allegedly been awaiting his arrival. Definitely a surprise considering how horrible their conversation went. Jack Stone gives his rose to Christen and then special guest Matt re-appears from the sidelines to give Jasmine his rose before departing... again. The Rose Ceremony remains on course with all the couplings, with some alleged suspense with the triangles. Adam chooses Raven over Sarah, Dean picks Kristina instead of D.Lo, and Ben Z can't pick his dog since he's not in Mexico so he chooses D.Lo. Great, let this Dean triangle drag on forever! Sadly, we lose Sarah and Alexis, the life of the party. Pour out a marg for the Shark/Dolphin queen.

Everyone's hangover sleep is interrupted when a Mexican wrestlers raid the house to drop off Daniel's date card. Daniel ultimately chooses Lacey for their wrestling date, complete with shiny costumes and a BIP Championship belt. When they return to the resort and get cozy, Jasmine interrupts and takes Daniel away. Jonathan the Tickle Monster strolls in Paradise with a date hard in his left hand, and the right hand ready for a good squeeze. He hits it off immediately with Christen, and after a kiss they head out on a date together. Turns out, the Tickle Monster has less creepy things in his life like being an actual doctor and surfer. Christen and Tickle seem to hit it off, but Jack Stone snags her again and gets a kiss. And then it's back to this Dean nonsense. As you may recall from every other episode thus far, Kristina feels like Dean is pulling away. Despite wanting to keep things going with Kristina, he still continues to flirt with Danielle right in front of Kristina. Kristina is miserable and crying and says her orphanage is better than Paradise. Well put that in the promos!

Much like last week, the show cuts to an in studio special to interview Corinne about her side of the production shut down, and then trying to balance their heaviness with tone deaf segments about all the fun in Paradise. Pass.

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August 28, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: The Queen of Paradise vs. Scallop Fingers

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Week 3 - Night 1

Alexis plays a game called "What's That Going In Your Mouth?" with Jack Stone which is not as dirty as you'd expect until she tries to put a dead crab in his mouth. If there was any possible match before, it's as dead as that crab now.

Christen the Virgin arrives in Paradise and makes a romantic assassination attempt on Jasmine the self-dubbed Queen of Paradise: Christen invites Matt on her date. Matt wants to accept the invitation because he hopes to get the most of this experience (making out with several women), so Jasmine passive aggressively gives the OK. Breaking the third wall, Jasmine tells the cameras she's going to give TV and heads to the bedroom to confront Christen who amounts to pretty much nothing but calling Christen "slimy" and the girls nicknaming Christen "Scallop Fingers" due to her to-go dining habits. Christen and Matt leave the resort to get chocolate covered bananas, hopefully from a Bluth Company franchise, and buy bathing suits (and kiss in the water). They return from their nice date to find Jasmine ready to pummel him in kisses to stake her territory and everyone secretly laughing at Scallop Fingers eating shrimp. This is actual life and also half of the episode.

Robby is still intent on courting Amanda and interrupts a rousing game of Scattegories to surprise her with a hot tub full of glow sticks. While appreciative of the gesture, Amanda is clearly not super into Robby. The triangles are still in full force and going nowhere. Adam is choosing between Sarah and Raven, while Dean continues to mess with Kristina's head while wanting to pursue Danielle AKA D.Lo. Taylor and Derek are Paradise's supercouple but encounter their first fight over their communication which makes Taylor reconsider their whole relationship. 

It's Rose Ceremony time and the men hold all the cards (or roses, whatever). But Chris Harrison teases some sort of twist, so freaks for a minute before returning to the moment to acquire a rose. Adam likes how Raven challenges him, but also appreciates how transparent Sarah is with her feelings. Lacey tells Diggy she was upset he didn't consult her before he accepted a date with Dominique, then Lacey gets more upset when he confirms he's not her the rose. Dean tells Kristina how fascinating she is one minute, then minutes later is telling Danielle how he's infatuated by her. Oh and kissing both. C'mon, Dean you're killing us. After showering Amanda with more trinkets from a Mexican gift, Robby gets a kiss from Amanda. Derek apologizes for crossing a boundary with Taylor and they make amends. Matt's completely stressed by the situation of Paradise and a lot of other nonsense that comes with being on this show so he decides he'd like to leave. Jasmine is upset and the end of her summer fling, while Christen has no idea how she'll get a rose. There's only one hope for a rose: Jack Stone. Jasmine and Christen both talk to Jack, but only one goes for the smooch. The Queen of Paradise may be dethroned unless she can find a good ally. Will the introduction of Daniel the Canadian be her saving grace?

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August 22, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: Paradise's Bartenders Save the Day

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Week 2 - Night 2

This week the men are in control at the Rose Ceremony, so the women hope to keep up their connections. Except new girls are here! 

Sarah from, you guessed it, Nick's season walks down in her floral romper and hugs the Nick reject squad. The girls want Sarah to date Ben, but he won't STFU about his dog. Sarah invites Adam on her date after Raven says she's cool with it, but really Raven is far from OK. Sarah and Adam go on the usual Paradise date of drinking margaritas and dancing. It's a great time which makes Adam more torn about who will receive his rose.

Lacey gets a date card but wants a romantic date, not a trip to the friend zone. After asking basically everyone, she settles on Diggy, the guy who like one day ago kissed her so maybe she should've followed that thought sooner. This date is presented by Jorge's Tourges, the travel venture of the show's former bartender. Teased on the date card as a visit to the "most romantic place," the trio go on a horseback riding adventure ending at the very beach where Jorge was conceived. Add this to my bucket list travel destinations. It's a successful romantic date that all comes crashing down quickly when Dominique from, let's say it together say it all together, Nick's season arrives. Her sights were set on Diggy and her friend Taylor confirms they'd be a good match. Diggy heads off for his second date of the day, which might just be a different area of the hotel they're staying at, admitting to Dom that he didn't really connect with Lacey. Diggy and Dominique definitely connect, making their way for romantic hot tub time. Lacey is not pleased and in tears, partially blaming Taylor for playing matchmaker. Love is fleeting in Paradise.

Danielle M isn't really feeling anyone in Paradise except for Wells the Bartender, but he's here to sling the drinks not chug them and aimlessly hook up. Turns out, they went on a date four years ago but chose to remain friends. Given that her love prospects are a flop and she got an amazing opportunity to do charity work in Africa, Danielle M chooses to leave Paradise. Everyone is disappointed to see Danielle M leave, especially someone who came to Mexico to find love. Before she leaves, Danielle heads over to the bar to say goodbye to Wells. Wells takes a break and walks Danielle out, and gives her a big ol' kiss. It's like a movie! Or a reality show. Could love have been lingering in Paradise for Danielle all along? We'll have to wait and see in a non-reality show setting, I suppose.

The last hour of the episode is a Demario/Corinne special, allowing some of the cast and both sides to speak about what went down that day that ended up shutting down production. And because this show truly is tone deaf, in the middle of this very special episode to address a serious subject, they bring newlyweds Evan and Carly out to have a sonogram on stage. I can't even.

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August 21, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: Highs and D-Lo's

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Week 2 - Night 1

The women are dying for attention since the guys have turned Paradise into a frat party bro down. In comes Adam and he's ready to date, inviting Raven to join him for margaritas at a local restaurant. Raven explains her high hopes coming to Paradise, unsure of her options of Ben Z and Adam. Meanwhile, Adam did initially express some interest in Kristina but she declined due to her connection with Dean. Problem is, Dean is being real cagey and it's frustrating Kristina.

The Rose Ceremony is actually finally going to happen, but there's the cocktail party first for some last minute connecting/campaigning. Raven's totally torn between dog lover Ben and Adam, who gets a pre-Rose Ceremony kiss. Sweaty Robbie decides to pursue Amanda, but she declines his invitation for a kiss. Alex thought he was a shoo-in for Amanda's rose before, but not desperately seeking out someone to give him a rose. Lacey was really down at the beginning of the episode, but a smooch sesh with Diggy seems to turn her spirits around. While their road was a little rocky, it sees Jasmine and Matt are back on track. Dean requests from Kristina that they slow down, allowing her to make a Rose Ceremony decision and pursue more options.

Chris Harrison comes out to remind everyone the goal of Bachelor in Paradise is love and no one audibly laughs in his face. The women are handing out the roses and here's the breakdown: Taylor/Derek, Jasmine/Matt, Raven/Adam, Alexis/Jack Stone, Lacey/Diggy, Danielle/Ben, Kristina/Dean, Amanda/Robbie. Leaving Paradise are Iggy, Alex, St. Nick, and Vinny.

Danielle L aka D-Lo is the first new girl to enter the scene and the guys are all like ow-oooooo-ga! Kristina's simmers with rage when Dean accepts D-Lo's date invitation to ride ATVs while wearing extremely ripped jeans. Kristina wonders where the Dean who came with her to Kentucky went. Well currently, kissing D-Lo at a scenic overlook. Dean and Kristina talk about his date, admitting they kissed. But both admit they missed each other during the day, glad they can be open and honest with each other. Just when things seem peachy keen with them, Dean gets up and surprises D-Lo a half birthday cake. Aw hell no. Kristina walks off the beach to her bed in tears.

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August 15, 2017

Bachelor In Paradise: Happily Evan After

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Week 1 - Night 2

While Bachelor in Paradise's production was shut down, the show sort of went on. Evan and Carly, who met on the show last summer, are getting married and of course the cameras are there to capture it all in front of their friends, family, and Bachelor franchise alums. These two quirky goofballs are adorable and what we all need, not to mention a reminder that Bachelor in Paradise has produced the same number of marriages as The Bachelor itself and likely to overtake it soon. Not only are they married by Chris Harrison, but they are married by the shaman that was part of their date last year. It's delightful and I'm so happy for these two.

Production resumes on Bachelor in Paradise and of the cast has returned, sans Corinne and Demario. Chris Harrison corrals the gang for a pow wow and discussion of what went down. Apparently, an outside firm was hired to look at all video footage and interview the cast and staff to determine if anything inappropriate occurred. The cast is adamant that producers don't force them to do or say anything, particularly forcing them to drink alcohol. They feel bad about the awful things the public said about Demario and Corinne, especially an unfair depiction of Demario. The cast also admits they think race played a part in this, concerned about the long-term implications for Demario from this scandal. The cast also didn't like the "slut shaming" of Corinne. Consent is discussed, also when alcohol is involved. Chris Harrison asks the cast if they want to be here and it's a unanimous yes. So the show goes on.

The Rose Ceremony that was supposed to happen before is going to finally happen (but not tonight). The cast splits into a group of guys and girls to rehash who they have/haven't connected with as either audience exposition or a claiming process. Even outside of filming, Derek/Taylor and Dean/Christina continued talking and connecting. Derek and Taylor get a date card and their relationship only grows stronger on their dinner among the candles. Christina wants to solidify her and Dean before others start to join the cast, but he's also putting up a wall between them (metaphorically of course). Jasmine and Matt are good-ish, but Jasmine is more interested in them being an official couple and Matt's more open to pursuing options. And then other connections fizzled fast, particular Alex and Amanda who were over before it even got screentime but he's not taking the hint, despite people telling him talk to someone else. Amanda stresses that she'd only be giving him a friendship rose. Lacey left Paradise due to a death but the production halt lets her return, and she's having a hard time finding a connection. By the end of the episode, everyone's crying. But we won't know any choices this week because, shocker, no Rose Ceremony again!

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August 14, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: Hello Paradise, Farewell Jorge

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Week 1

Are you ready for the most awkward season of Bachelor in Paradise? A shoeless Chris Harrison tries to explain this is meant to be summer fun and to find love (ehh), but there was the major scandal that happened and they're going to address it.

The cast of mostly Rachel, JoJo, and Nick's rejects assemble and sip drinks by my beloved Jorge the Bartender. True to form, Alexis the dolphin lover arrives in her shark costume and ready to celebrate. Demario arrives hoping for a new beginning of being on reality TV without a girlfriend, so he has to make inroads with the girls upset about his experience with their friend Rachel. Corinne arrives with champagne in hand and her season rival shows up too, which seems to round of the Rejected by Nick Posse. Amanda Stanton is all about returns, both to Paradise and giving the show back her engagement ring.

Before the dates begin, we are faced with a Paradise break-up: Jorge is leaving to run his business Jorge's Tour-ges, and no long will be bartender. Instead of hiring a real bartender, they bring in Wells from JoJo's season to take his place. Jorge, you will be missed.

Love, or probably lust, is already in the air of the Playa Escondida. Everyone has their eyes on Dean, but he hits it off  Christina. They bond over their complex family dynamics and attend the first date of the summer, chatting and dancing to mariachi music. This makes Danielle M disappointed, receiving a pep talk from bartender hottie Wells and eventually talking to Jack Stone. Demario and Corinne get very flirty on day one, but he also has interest in Alexis. Jasmine is smooched by "St" Nick and his Santa beard, but his drunken antics push her away into the arms of Matt. Matt loosens up a bit on his date when they dress him up and have him perform in a drag show. Taylor wants a guy who can build a fire, and Derek flips houses and can put logs on a fire so that's good enough. Iggy's romance with Lacey is short-lived after she needs to depart Paradise due to death in the family. Raven gets invited on a Ski-Doo date by day two arrival Robbie, JoJo's runner-up in the mintiest green shirt he could find and dragging a suitcase full of swimsuits. Raven isn't feeling him and laughs about him talking about being an "influencer" on the date. This is good news for Ben Z who likes Raven, though a fraction of the like he has for his dog.

The first Rose Ceremony arrives and the eight women have the power and four dudes are about to be eliminated. Derek and Taylor's relationship heats up with a kiss. Ben Z stops talking about his dog for a few moments to kiss Raven. The night seems to be going well and then a Producer pulls aside Corinne, then Demario. The crew puts down the cameras and production is halted. Not shocked they used this as a cliffhanger.

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August 7, 2017

The Bachelorette: Rachel Finds Her Forever

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Week 10 - Finale

Before kicking off the three hour finale, Chris Harrison brings Rachel out at the live audience viewing and gets to give commentary.

Last time we saw Rachel and Peter, they were at an emotional standstill over Rachel wanting a proposal and Peter unsure he's ready for that big step. Rachel says her feelings for Peter are very deep, hence her emotional reaction. Peter hopes this whole proposal thing isn't what holds them back. Rachel and Peter accept the Fantasy Suite key as an important time to talk out their issues while sitting on a janky daybed. But they awake all smiles and popping out of dual windows and making breakfast together. Rachel feels their alone time helped their relationship but is also worried about this potential no-proposal thing. I'll tell you that I'm just tired hearing about it, so it must be exhausting living it.

Bryan and Rachel meet up for the last Fantasy Suite date where they explore vineyards again, but this time on horses so it's totally different. Rachel's trying to pay attention to Bryan and the gorgeous scenic overlook, but she's got Peter on the brain and Bryan can tell she's distracted. At dinner, Bryan calls out the weird vibe and asks how she's feeling about everything. Rachel apologizes for her distraction taking away from their time together. They accept the Fantasy Suite card for a hotel room that's attempting to be modern but kinda reminds me of 90's "modern" style. Cue some passionate kissing and Bryan getting up to shut the door that already has a "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on the handle.

It's time for the last official group Rose Ceremony and Rachel's got a lot of her mind to eliminate someone at this stage, the same place she was eliminated in Nick's season. Rachel says she wants a proposal not a boyfriend, so that's one for heavy hint to Peter... then the Rose Ceremony begins. Rachel gives the first rose to Bryan and then has to make a difficult choice. Eric has said "I love you" but Rachel is concerned he's not ready; Peter seems ready but still hasn't said "I love you." And so Rachel gives her rose to Peter and eliminates wonderful Eric. Eric looks gobsmacked and heartbroken, but he thanks her for being open and making him better. He says he'll always love her and Rachel for the first time wonders if she made a mistake.

In a total break from standard finale format, Eric is brought out onstage to talk to Rachel right after their breakup aired. Yes people, we've been duped in watching After the Final Rose in a slow painful way! It's the first time Rachel and Eric have seen each other since May and in that time Eric has grown a very handsome beard. Eric was surprised to be dumped after she said she was falling in love with him, which sounds just like Dean's story. Rachel did feel love for Eric, but the feelings with the other two men were stronger. Eric was ready to propose to Rachel, and while it didn't work out for them, it's allowed him to grow up and be ready to let love happen to him again. 

Rachel has her last dates which each of the two men. First up is Bryan, where they smooch high in the clouds on a hot air balloon. Later Rachel confides that him being constant this whole time scares her a bit, used to being a fixer. He insists it'd be a mistake if she didn't pick him and he'd be devastated. For his craft project gift of love, Bryan gifts Rachel with a Spanish language dictionary with a cheat card at the beginning with important phrases to know and I admit, good gift. 

Going into her final date with Peter, Rachel is still concerned that she's going into the finale with a guy unsure about proposing. But when they're together, she forgets that stuff and is in the moment of romance (while exploring/being lectured in a monastery). Once the monk stops talking, it's back to them discussing their commitment problem. Peter admits he's in love but it's new a recent, and he's not sure he can ask Rachel to marry him tomorrow... but he's not ready to stop being with her. Rachel can't understand why he talks about and fantasizes their future, but can't fact that reality in this moment. Rachel fears her past will repeat itself and won't lead to the marriage and family she wants. But when Peter asks if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, she says "I can't answer that question." Peter thinks Rachel is his right person, but this isn't the right time - he's willing to propose if it means not losing her. This conversation goes on and on and it's painful to watch. They depart by exchanging "I love yous" and more discussion of the pressure of this whole process. 

So apparently that night at the hotel was the last time Rachel and Peter saw each other. Never officially breaking up, but broken up. It's super awkward and Rachel explains again that he was all talk about the future, but no action of those plans (AKA proposal). Peter couldn't understand what was wrong with him to not get to that point faster, however wishes he could've been less in his head. But Rachel said there were other flags besides the proposal that caused issues. Peter apologizes for saying she would be settling if she didn't pick him. "Frustration" is the big word of this segment. Peter says there are still feelings but he wouldn't change how that night went (including not cleaning up Rachel's cried-off eyelashes on the floor). Rachel basically says this show wasn't for him. He wishes her nothing but the best and she wishes the same.

Oh hey, remember Bryan? Let's go back to the big proposal day. Neil Lane visits Bryan to pick out a ring, which is a hot second of air time before showing off a pear-cut halo ring as his choice. Rachel is still reeling a bit from the Peter breakup, while also pondering if what he said was right: is she rushing into a proposal? Bryan arrives and says his first night words to Rachel, standing there shimmering in silver as the wind loudly hits the mics. Bryan gives his passionate speech about all his love for Rachel, and she talks about trying to find the cracks in his "perfect" facade but it challenged her and says she sees her forever when she looks at him. She squeals in delight at the proposal and says yes. And of course Bryan, recipient of the first rose, also accepts the last rose of the season. They loudly kiss again.

Rachel and Bryan are reunited onstage and Bryan proposes again. Rachel is so happy to be able to be open about their love and I'm very happy for Rachel. Listen, I'm no Bryan fan but I typically dislike all the choices on The Bachelorette. Check my track record! Hey editors, maybe start giving the winners better edits! But we all love Rachel and want her happy, so let's hope her seeing forever with Bryan pans out.

Thanks for reading my recaps another season and see you for Paradise!

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July 31, 2017

The Bachelorette: Rachel's Men Tell All

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Week 9 - Men Tell All

After filling 10 minutes with a best of the Men Tell All segment, the men of Rachel's season are brought out to the stage. Whaboom vs. Lucas is briefly touched upon before moving on to Demario and his "side chick" back home (his words, not mine) and Iggy being a snitch. Dean gets called to the hot seat eventually, rocking a dapper purple camouflage dinner jacket. Dean is very appreciative that his father accepted to call to allow a hometown date and this also allowed him to address his repressed feelings. Dean genuinely felt like he was falling in love with Rachel, but now is ready to move on and to which he will/did in Mexico... ooooon Paradise!

The biggest drama of the season is Kenny and Lee, which impacted the vibe of the house and the experience of dating Rachel. Kenny felt their beef was never racial, just that Lee was "a dude out of his league." Kenny didn't appreciate Lee's putdowns or being labelled as aggressive since he's a father and wouldn't want do anything on this show that would shame his daughter. Kenny's daughter is very proud and joins him on stage, then gets very excited at the birthday surprise to send Kenny and his daughter to Disneyland. Lee admits he lied about being pulled from the van and apologizes for not being a better man. Lee goes on about seeing how he needs to change, especially when the men call out Lee being delighted about instigating conflict. Dean calls out Lee for never apologizing previously on social media before and saving it for this show. But Chris Harrison puts Lee the most on blast, sharing his sexist and racist tweets, to which Lee pulls the "I have a lot to learn" line again. Josiah runs up to join Lee and ask why he would be on The Bachelorette with a black lead when he had so many derogatory comments. Lee says he hates racism but the guys don't understand why he never apologized for his tweets, which he eventually does apologize for after a looooot of discussion. Lee admits needing to learn and the guys offer to help, wrapping in a Kenny/Lee hug.

Rachel is brought out to discuss her experience and face the questions of the men. Dean asks why Rachel would say she's falling in love with him then boot him days later. Rachel admits it's truly how she felt at the time. Rachel laughs about the Demario situation and that lying is a dealbreaker which is why he had to go. Rachel appreciates that race wasn't an issue while she was filming the season despite her status as the first African American Bachelorette. She admits being disappointed in Kenny letting the Lee drama overtake their potential connection. As for Lee, she hopes watching the show made him learn and if not she'll school him backstage. The unknown entities aka Adam and Matt weren't dragged by accident, they were victims of editing and Rachel hopes another woman will see how great they are. Frederick feels he never was given a fair chance because of knowing each other as kids but still respects her. And with that cathartic release, it's time for BLOOPERS!!

The Men Tell All ends with a recap of Rachel's final three with no sneak peek - lame! Who are you hoping will win? For me: anyone but Bryan.

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