January 23, 2017

The Bachelor: That's So Raven

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Week 4

Picking up from last week, Vanessa isn't here to date a guy that's just looking to bang around and do this Corinne nonsense. Corinne is blissfully unaware that the house hates her until Taylor and Sarah awake her from her slumber to let her know the jump castle ploy was not cool. Everyone hopes Nick will send Corinne home tonight but none of them remember this is a TV show and it's only week 4. The villainess receives the last rose of the night, which shocks all the girls except any person watching this show at home. Christen and Brittany are sent home and Corinne gives a cringey speech to annoy the girls.

It's time to evict the tenants from the Bachelor mansion for their first exotic destination of the season: Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!!! Nick's parents make a brief cameo to hear about the experience and then he's off to tend to his harem again.

Nick takes Danielle L on the first 1-on-1 date this week, strolling around his hometown of Waukesha where Nick points out all the places he's madeout or gotten action. After eating "Nick-erdoodle" and Chris Harrison decorated cookies, they "coincidentally" run into Nick's ex-girlfriend Amber and it's very anti-climactic. Nick and Danielle head to a field where Nick continues his legacy of fooling around in public Waukesha places. They head off to a hotel lobby for cocktails and conversation which is about 40% divorce talk and 60% Danielle giggling. The conversation is good for Nick (and the plunging neckline doesn't hurt either) so Danielle receives the rose and the honor of slow dancing in front of a crowd while some no-name musician performs. 

The group date girls are carted off to a dairy farm where they're greeted by Nick feeding a baby calf. Despite it's farm-centric theme, there is unfortunately no cameo by Chris Soules. I'm sorry. The girls are put to work doing farm chores like feeding and milking the cows. But farm life is far from glamorous and in the circle of farm life sometimes you've got to shovel poop. Corinne may run a multi-million dollar company but apparently has never performed chores in her life and leaves the date to go pout on a rock. The girls hopefully got a chance to shower before putting on their fancier clothes to have cocktails with Nick. Nick connects with Kristina the dentist and then receives a scrapbook from Vanessa that her students made. Corinne is realizing the girls dislike her and after comparing herself to a layered corn husk, so she tries to apologize while the girls point out the total BS of sleeping through a Rose Ceremony. Kristina gets the group date rose which is the perfect way to continue irking Corinne.

The final date of the episode is a 1-on-1 with Raven, who's been fairly lowkey this season minus some throwaway comments about Nick's libido. She feels like a 1-on-1 date in Nick's hometown is an extremely special gesture, which must make it even more mind-blowing when Raven gets to meet Nick's little sister and parents at soccer practice. The date moves on to the greatest day ever at the roller rink, skating and playing arcade games (how did a child get into the claw machine??) Kid sis Bella is a big Raven fan, as we all are as she seems genuine and real. Cue the skating montage to Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me" for some lead-up to the big kiss. A romantic dinner is setup for Nick and Raven at the Milwaukee Art Museum where Raven regales him with the tale of catching her ex-boyfriend cheating on her. Raven explains that this crappy ex made her realize what a smart, wonderful, catch she is who deserves better. Nick of course gives Raven the date rose and they rollerblade through the museum.

Everyone heads to a barn for the next Rose Ceremony where tensions are rising between Corinne and Taylor. Taylor thinks Corinne is immature and not ready for a relationship. Corinne thinks Taylor is fake, stuck up, and mean - never call the girl who runs a multi-million dollar company an idiot! The volume gets louder and the others begin to hear the conversation. But not all of it because it's to be continued. Again.

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