June 27, 2017

The Bachelorette: Dating in Denmark

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Week 5 - Night 2

Kenny and Lee's 2-on-1 date continues with lots of bleeping as Kenny gets upset about the lies. Rachel decides to dump Lee on the date and continue the date with Kenny to see if maybe there is a connection worth pursuing. But Kenny puts Rachel on hold, much to her chagrin, to go back to Lee and confront him again and tell him there's a decent person inside him. Just stop, dude. Rachel knows Kenny is there for her but isn't sure if she can trust him, but also wonders how he'll react in a relationship with her. Rachel sees sincerity and a genuine person with Kenny and gives him the date rose. Kenny then calls his daughter and had a good cry sesh.

It's time for a Rose Ceremony and we're thankfully spared a cocktail party again. Clearly Rachel knows who she's digging... and it's not an overconfident Josiah. Josiah and Anthony are eliminated. Now Rachel and her remaining men are headed to Denmark for their next batch of dates.

Eric scores the first 1-on-1 date in Denmark, exploring the city of Copenhagen together and getting to know each other. There's also a random hot tub park so of course they partake and then get flashed by a very overeager hot-tubber. Before dinner, they make a stop at Tivoli which is a pretty awesome amusement park where they have a blast together. Over burgers that they don't touch, Eric opens up about being an overly good kid but didn't receive a lot of love as a kid, so it was hard to reciprocate those feelings in the past. But he knows he's falling for Rachel now. Rachel gives Eric the date rose which he very enthusiastically accepts, sharing a kiss and then a thrilling ride on a rollercoaster. Maybe it's best they didn't eat the burgers.

The group date guys row out to sea on Viking ship then debark to compete in some Viking games wearing some sweet costumes. And Uggs. The games are a lot of pushing and shoving each other out of a circle, but only two men will compete in the finals for Rachel's heart. The two best competitors are Kenny and Adam who grab shields and swords and fight, both eventually splitting their eyebrows by banging each other too hard with shields. The group cleans up for cocktails and more time to bond with Rachel. Rachel and Bryan continue to grow closer, talking about what city they'd live in and if his family would accept her. Kenny is feeling the most insecure because he hasn't had a lot of time with Rachel and hates being away from his daughter. The two have a frank conversation about their relationship status and given where they are at this point, it's sort of mutually agreed the best place for Kenny to be is home with his daughter. Rachel gives the date rose to Peter who she appreciates she never has to question where they stand.

Rachel's last date of the week is a 1-on-1 with Will where they hop on a boat to leave Denmark and head to Sweden for the day. They meet an old-ish married couple and they have a lot more chemistry going on than Rachel and Will. Despite a lot of sightseeing with lots of awkward pauses, Rachel still continues on to see if the night portion is better. They return to Copenhagen, Denmark in an old brewery and the giant copper vats are very cool. Will thinks their day date was such a great time but Rachel isn't as sure. Rachel asks about what he has looked for in a woman, and Will explains he's typically has dated white women. Will opens up about wanting love again and that great feeling, but unfortunately it will not be with Rachel who really hoped for a little more of a physical connection. Will apologizes for working harder on building the friendship than the relationship and the two part.

The dumpfest in Denmark wraps up with one last Rose Ceremony, kicked off with a quote from Hamlet (a real play of romance). With only four roses to hand out, and only two guys with hardly any screentime all season, it seems like an obvious choice that one of those will go home. But it's not! Somehow Adam and Matt both score roses and it's Alex who is eliminated.

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