July 31, 2017

The Bachelorette: Rachel's Men Tell All

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Week 9 - Men Tell All

After filling 10 minutes with a best of the Men Tell All segment, the men of Rachel's season are brought out to the stage. Whaboom vs. Lucas is briefly touched upon before moving on to Demario and his "side chick" back home (his words, not mine) and Iggy being a snitch. Dean gets called to the hot seat eventually, rocking a dapper purple camouflage dinner jacket. Dean is very appreciative that his father accepted to call to allow a hometown date and this also allowed him to address his repressed feelings. Dean genuinely felt like he was falling in love with Rachel, but now is ready to move on and to which he will/did in Mexico... ooooon Paradise!

The biggest drama of the season is Kenny and Lee, which impacted the vibe of the house and the experience of dating Rachel. Kenny felt their beef was never racial, just that Lee was "a dude out of his league." Kenny didn't appreciate Lee's putdowns or being labelled as aggressive since he's a father and wouldn't want do anything on this show that would shame his daughter. Kenny's daughter is very proud and joins him on stage, then gets very excited at the birthday surprise to send Kenny and his daughter to Disneyland. Lee admits he lied about being pulled from the van and apologizes for not being a better man. Lee goes on about seeing how he needs to change, especially when the men call out Lee being delighted about instigating conflict. Dean calls out Lee for never apologizing previously on social media before and saving it for this show. But Chris Harrison puts Lee the most on blast, sharing his sexist and racist tweets, to which Lee pulls the "I have a lot to learn" line again. Josiah runs up to join Lee and ask why he would be on The Bachelorette with a black lead when he had so many derogatory comments. Lee says he hates racism but the guys don't understand why he never apologized for his tweets, which he eventually does apologize for after a looooot of discussion. Lee admits needing to learn and the guys offer to help, wrapping in a Kenny/Lee hug.

Rachel is brought out to discuss her experience and face the questions of the men. Dean asks why Rachel would say she's falling in love with him then boot him days later. Rachel admits it's truly how she felt at the time. Rachel laughs about the Demario situation and that lying is a dealbreaker which is why he had to go. Rachel appreciates that race wasn't an issue while she was filming the season despite her status as the first African American Bachelorette. She admits being disappointed in Kenny letting the Lee drama overtake their potential connection. As for Lee, she hopes watching the show made him learn and if not she'll school him backstage. The unknown entities aka Adam and Matt weren't dragged by accident, they were victims of editing and Rachel hopes another woman will see how great they are. Frederick feels he never was given a fair chance because of knowing each other as kids but still respects her. And with that cathartic release, it's time for BLOOPERS!!

The Men Tell All ends with a recap of Rachel's final three with no sneak peek - lame! Who are you hoping will win? For me: anyone but Bryan.

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July 24, 2017

The Bachelorette: Family, Feelings, and 1 Fantasy Suite

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Week 8

Before the final three can get to Fantasy Suites AKA the Bone Zone, they must face the biggest challenge yet: Rachel's family. But Rachel's dad the judge isn't there so that's a slightly less imposing force. 

Peter's up first and before meeting the family, he takes a big leap forward: the tells Rachel he's falling in love her and she says she's falling in love with him too! I'm excited because I love Peter. He meets the family and is very honest with his feelings, good and bad, but there's still a little bit of worry he might not be ready for a proposal. Rachel takes Eric up to Reunion Tower for a nice view of Dallas and he confides he's nervous due to limited experience meeting girlfriends' families. When Eric reveals he hadn't brought a girl home until Rachel and has never been in love, but Eric turns this red flag into a moment of sincerity and openness to love. And then there's Bryan. He gets a bonus of getting to meet her friends for brunch, where Rachel confesses his charm came off douchebaggy at first. Only at first? While brunch was a success, the family visit isn't a homerun. There's a sense he's a charmer with all the answers and none of the sincerity. Rachel doesn't love the energy her family is putting out and chastises them for not embracing him the way they did Peter and Eric. Hearing "love" this quickly throws mom off and Rachel defends her feelings.

With meeting the family behind them, Rachel and her final three depart Dallas and make their way to "the northern region" of Spain for the overnight dates.

Rachel and Eric soar over La Rioja, Spain in a helicopter, the ways true Bachelorette franchise ballers travel. They get off the helicopter to sip champagne and chat with an extraordinary view and then ring a bell to make a wish. Onto the romantic night portion of the date of sipping red wine and staying bundled up in their pea coats because it's cold. Eric is super vulnerable at this date, talking about how Rachel pushes him and nothing else matters without her. Eric tells Rachel he's in love with her, the first time he's ever said it and it's such a genuine moment of happiness. Rachel is so relieved to finally know how Eric fully feels. Rachel and Eric accept the Fantasy Suite key and walk to the hotel that's conveniently like 100 feet away for a night of champagne and off-camera romance... until the morning after pajama shot.

Date #2 sends Rachel and Peter off to a vineyard to be serenaded by a winemaker in Spanish and not know the majority of what he's singing. Buy, hey, free wine locker just for these two! Rachel and Peter recap meeting her family, and explains that he didn't ask for a marriage blessing but a dating blessing. They're interrupted by a little girl who ends up coercing them to stop this conversation and instead squish grapes with their feet. But back to the important conversation but skip ahead hours later to the night portion of the date. Peter has Rachel sign their wine cork from the day as part of a family tradition, then it's onto the deeper stuff. Rachel didn't come on this show to find a boyfriend and doesn't think the proposal isn't this 100% we're married right away thing. Peter's belief of engagement is marriage, hoping to only propose to one woman ever and marry her. "Somebody's gotta bend," Rachel says about if they're together at the end of this. They're both not sure what to say or do at this point, leaving Rachel speechless and teary-eyed. Could Peter and Rachel officially be over? Well find out next week!

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July 17, 2017

The Bachelorette: Rachel Meets the Families

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Week 7

Rachel heads to her first hometown date with Eric in Baltimore, Maryland. They shoot some hoops, get a visit from Eric's friend/wingman, and hear more about Eric's tough life growing up in his old neighborhood. The family visit is big for Rachel, but maybe even bigger for Eric who has never brought a girl home to meet them. His family is so welcoming and excited, but not afraid to ask the real questions about race and her role as The Bachelorette. Eric has the ability to talk and mend fences with his parents about their past, but talks about how he's ready to find love with Rachel. Rachel loves how Eric challenges her and they get through it together. Around the table, Eric makes a wonderful toast about his family making him the man he is today. Eric tells Rachel how strong his feelings are and is close to saying "I love you" without it being the exact phrase.

It's off to Miami for a date with Bryan, complete with a rip-off of the Miami Vice theme song. Bryan and Rachel play a quick round of dominoes for a hot second, then head off take in some snacks and dancing. Bryan gives Rachel the lowdown of everyone he'll be meeting and gives the warning about his mom being protective of him. Rachel's a little nervous to meet his mom given her involvement in the dissolving of Bryan's last relationship. When Bryan says "I know she's the one," mom makes a very odd facial expression and urges him not to rush. Rachel tells Bryan's mom how she loves his confidence, openness, and how wonderful he treats her. It all goes well with mom and the family, and even better with Bryan who tells Rachel he's in love with her. 

Rachel meets up with Peter in Madison, Wisconsin and both are wearing gray to complement Peter's salt and pepper hair (I can only assume). They wander a farmer's market to pick out flowers and eat some treats before meeting up with Peter's friends at a bar. Peter takes the guys aside to level with them about how he's scared about three weeks from now he's supposed to propose. This is a running theme with Peter, who talks to his mom about this and Rachel expresses this as her main concern. Peter's mom thinks he's ready for a commitment but maybe not a proposal and Rachel's not super pleased to hear this. Peter tells Rachel he's very hopeful and happy, as is Rachel... but she's still nervous the amount of time for this process might not be enough.

The hometown dates conclude with riding four-wheelers with Dean in Aspen, Colorado. Dean explains to Rachel that he'll meet his siblings as well as his dad, a converted Sikh yogi who he hasn't spoke to in two years. Dean is terrified about this but Rachel tries to soothe his nerves. Inside, there's some gong meditation and a tribute to Dean's mother, who passed when he was fifteen. But overall Dean is still very uncomfortable and has time alone to talk with his dad and confront their issues. Rachel tries to talk to Dean's dad but he's a bit thrown off by the evening and doesn't want to proceed with the night, but invites her back if they continue their relationship. Rachel heads inside to talk to Dean who has had an overwhelming night but tells Rachel he's falling in love with her.

With four hometowns complete and only three roses available, Rachel talks to Chris Harrison who offers up deep conversation like "What was his family like?" You're getting rusty, Harrison. It's time for Rachel to make her decision and convenes the Rose Ceremony. Unfortunately, it is Dean who does not receive a rose. They say their goodbyes and part cordially, though Dean is upset he said he was falling in love and Rachel sort of said the same back.

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July 10, 2017

The Bachelorette: Swissed and Dismissed

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Week 6

It's off to Geneva, Switzerland this week with Rachel's finale six, though of four of them you have any vested interest in (unless you like terrifying doll likenesses). This week there's no Rose Ceremony and instead roses on the 1-on-1 dates and the group date.

Surprise, surprise: the first 1-on-1 date is with Bryan who is clearly the frontrunner of the season. Rachel and Bryan embrace the luxury lifestyle of Switzerland, cruising in a Bentley, making out on a boat, and buying fancy watches...on ABC's budget. They continue to connect and by that I mean talk and makeout in various scenic locations, leading to the usual romantic dinner. Since family visits are next week, Rachel wants to get a better sense of Bryan's background and life growing up. Also, Bryan reveals his last relationship was passionate but it ended because his girlfriend and mom didn't hit it off - which is a bit intimidating for next week. It comes as no surprise that Bryan gets the date rose and the fancy empty theater they're "dining" and the night continues with more making out while violins appear in the theater boxes to serenade them.

Dean's date card asks him to put on his "Sunday best" to go to a French Catholic mass together which screeeeeeeeeeams romance. After church they walk around the quiet city and Dean looks visibly uncomfortable, dodging Rachel's more serious questions. In Dean's defense, favorite dinosaur is something you should ask on a first date. But Dean's awkwardness stems from the thought of bringing Rachel to his hometown into his awkward family situation. At dinner Rachel tells Dean she loves his fun side but needs to hear from the real side, so Dean opens up that his family visit is not going to be happy-go-lucky like all the rest of the guys. Dean's honesty and openness is exactly what Rachel likes and hopes she can meet whoever is the most important to Dean in his hometown, family or not. Rachel gives Dean the date rose and they head outside to "explore" (kiss with a view).

Rachel takes Peter in a helicopter to visit the Alps in the final 1-on-1 date of the week. Ditching one mode of transportation for another, the couple debarks the helicopter for a dog sled ride through the snow-capped mountains. Peter admits to Rachel that it's been hard to watch her date other guys and even pondered if it was worth staying, but he feels their connection is so strong. They ditch the parkas for formal wear and head to an estate for full-size glasses of wine and more conversation. Peter talks about the family members Rachel will get to meet and how close he is with his family and friends (and yes they'll love her). Rachel wonders if they'll be concerned she's Black (no) and then reveals a lot about his last break-up which didn't end well and he holds responsibility for it. But red flag time: Peter's honesty that if he's not 100% ready for marriage at the end of this experience he won't propose scares Rachel. She's a little scared of the risk but she's super into Peter, so he gets the date rose and then they kiss on a balcony.

The last date in Switzerland has three guys (Eric, Adam, Matt) and only one rose. The group hops on a boat and sail over to France for the day to chill at a fancy estate. Eric gets alone time first and talks about how he gets so happy around Rachel now after a rocky start. He suggests they toast for this to be hard but worth it. Next up is Matt who we've seen maybe for three minutes total before this episode and he's still holding on hope that there could he happiness together but he doesn't have any idea about his future invisible edit. Rachel begins to cry because she thinks they're so similar but other relationships have moved faster and she's going to have to let him go. Matt leaves Rachel and takes his champagne to go. Fast forward to the night portion of the date, which has transformed into a 2-on-1 with Eric and Adam, a guy who has had no air time but to complain about the word "difficult" and have a doll doppelganger. He asks if she thinks they could fall in love to which she says yes, and then he goes on a long ramble about how strong his feelings are and how when they're together he forgets everything else but her. Adam is so excited to bring her home to his family. Eric also can't wait to bring Rachel home to Baltimore and she'd be the first girl to meet his family, but shares more about the tough life he experienced which made him become a positive person. Rachel insists she's torn by the decision and in the moment perhaps but to the viewer it's no surprise when Eric, who actually has been on this show, gets the rose and Adam is eliminated.

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