July 24, 2017

The Bachelorette: Family, Feelings, and 1 Fantasy Suite

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Week 8

Before the final three can get to Fantasy Suites AKA the Bone Zone, they must face the biggest challenge yet: Rachel's family. But Rachel's dad the judge isn't there so that's a slightly less imposing force. 

Peter's up first and before meeting the family, he takes a big leap forward: the tells Rachel he's falling in love her and she says she's falling in love with him too! I'm excited because I love Peter. He meets the family and is very honest with his feelings, good and bad, but there's still a little bit of worry he might not be ready for a proposal. Rachel takes Eric up to Reunion Tower for a nice view of Dallas and he confides he's nervous due to limited experience meeting girlfriends' families. When Eric reveals he hadn't brought a girl home until Rachel and has never been in love, but Eric turns this red flag into a moment of sincerity and openness to love. And then there's Bryan. He gets a bonus of getting to meet her friends for brunch, where Rachel confesses his charm came off douchebaggy at first. Only at first? While brunch was a success, the family visit isn't a homerun. There's a sense he's a charmer with all the answers and none of the sincerity. Rachel doesn't love the energy her family is putting out and chastises them for not embracing him the way they did Peter and Eric. Hearing "love" this quickly throws mom off and Rachel defends her feelings.

With meeting the family behind them, Rachel and her final three depart Dallas and make their way to "the northern region" of Spain for the overnight dates.

Rachel and Eric soar over La Rioja, Spain in a helicopter, the ways true Bachelorette franchise ballers travel. They get off the helicopter to sip champagne and chat with an extraordinary view and then ring a bell to make a wish. Onto the romantic night portion of the date of sipping red wine and staying bundled up in their pea coats because it's cold. Eric is super vulnerable at this date, talking about how Rachel pushes him and nothing else matters without her. Eric tells Rachel he's in love with her, the first time he's ever said it and it's such a genuine moment of happiness. Rachel is so relieved to finally know how Eric fully feels. Rachel and Eric accept the Fantasy Suite key and walk to the hotel that's conveniently like 100 feet away for a night of champagne and off-camera romance... until the morning after pajama shot.

Date #2 sends Rachel and Peter off to a vineyard to be serenaded by a winemaker in Spanish and not know the majority of what he's singing. Buy, hey, free wine locker just for these two! Rachel and Peter recap meeting her family, and explains that he didn't ask for a marriage blessing but a dating blessing. They're interrupted by a little girl who ends up coercing them to stop this conversation and instead squish grapes with their feet. But back to the important conversation but skip ahead hours later to the night portion of the date. Peter has Rachel sign their wine cork from the day as part of a family tradition, then it's onto the deeper stuff. Rachel didn't come on this show to find a boyfriend and doesn't think the proposal isn't this 100% we're married right away thing. Peter's belief of engagement is marriage, hoping to only propose to one woman ever and marry her. "Somebody's gotta bend," Rachel says about if they're together at the end of this. They're both not sure what to say or do at this point, leaving Rachel speechless and teary-eyed. Could Peter and Rachel officially be over? Well find out next week!

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