August 15, 2017

Bachelor In Paradise: Happily Evan After

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Week 1 - Night 2

While Bachelor in Paradise's production was shut down, the show sort of went on. Evan and Carly, who met on the show last summer, are getting married and of course the cameras are there to capture it all in front of their friends, family, and Bachelor franchise alums. These two quirky goofballs are adorable and what we all need, not to mention a reminder that Bachelor in Paradise has produced the same number of marriages as The Bachelor itself and likely to overtake it soon. Not only are they married by Chris Harrison, but they are married by the shaman that was part of their date last year. It's delightful and I'm so happy for these two.

Production resumes on Bachelor in Paradise and of the cast has returned, sans Corinne and Demario. Chris Harrison corrals the gang for a pow wow and discussion of what went down. Apparently, an outside firm was hired to look at all video footage and interview the cast and staff to determine if anything inappropriate occurred. The cast is adamant that producers don't force them to do or say anything, particularly forcing them to drink alcohol. They feel bad about the awful things the public said about Demario and Corinne, especially an unfair depiction of Demario. The cast also admits they think race played a part in this, concerned about the long-term implications for Demario from this scandal. The cast also didn't like the "slut shaming" of Corinne. Consent is discussed, also when alcohol is involved. Chris Harrison asks the cast if they want to be here and it's a unanimous yes. So the show goes on.

The Rose Ceremony that was supposed to happen before is going to finally happen (but not tonight). The cast splits into a group of guys and girls to rehash who they have/haven't connected with as either audience exposition or a claiming process. Even outside of filming, Derek/Taylor and Dean/Christina continued talking and connecting. Derek and Taylor get a date card and their relationship only grows stronger on their dinner among the candles. Christina wants to solidify her and Dean before others start to join the cast, but he's also putting up a wall between them (metaphorically of course). Jasmine and Matt are good-ish, but Jasmine is more interested in them being an official couple and Matt's more open to pursuing options. And then other connections fizzled fast, particular Alex and Amanda who were over before it even got screentime but he's not taking the hint, despite people telling him talk to someone else. Amanda stresses that she'd only be giving him a friendship rose. Lacey left Paradise due to a death but the production halt lets her return, and she's having a hard time finding a connection. By the end of the episode, everyone's crying. But we won't know any choices this week because, shocker, no Rose Ceremony again!

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