August 14, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise: Hello Paradise, Farewell Jorge

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Week 1

Are you ready for the most awkward season of Bachelor in Paradise? A shoeless Chris Harrison tries to explain this is meant to be summer fun and to find love (ehh), but there was the major scandal that happened and they're going to address it.

The cast of mostly Rachel, JoJo, and Nick's rejects assemble and sip drinks by my beloved Jorge the Bartender. True to form, Alexis the dolphin lover arrives in her shark costume and ready to celebrate. Demario arrives hoping for a new beginning of being on reality TV without a girlfriend, so he has to make inroads with the girls upset about his experience with their friend Rachel. Corinne arrives with champagne in hand and her season rival shows up too, which seems to round of the Rejected by Nick Posse. Amanda Stanton is all about returns, both to Paradise and giving the show back her engagement ring.

Before the dates begin, we are faced with a Paradise break-up: Jorge is leaving to run his business Jorge's Tour-ges, and no long will be bartender. Instead of hiring a real bartender, they bring in Wells from JoJo's season to take his place. Jorge, you will be missed.

Love, or probably lust, is already in the air of the Playa Escondida. Everyone has their eyes on Dean, but he hits it off  Christina. They bond over their complex family dynamics and attend the first date of the summer, chatting and dancing to mariachi music. This makes Danielle M disappointed, receiving a pep talk from bartender hottie Wells and eventually talking to Jack Stone. Demario and Corinne get very flirty on day one, but he also has interest in Alexis. Jasmine is smooched by "St" Nick and his Santa beard, but his drunken antics push her away into the arms of Matt. Matt loosens up a bit on his date when they dress him up and have him perform in a drag show. Taylor wants a guy who can build a fire, and Derek flips houses and can put logs on a fire so that's good enough. Iggy's romance with Lacey is short-lived after she needs to depart Paradise due to death in the family. Raven gets invited on a Ski-Doo date by day two arrival Robbie, JoJo's runner-up in the mintiest green shirt he could find and dragging a suitcase full of swimsuits. Raven isn't feeling him and laughs about him talking about being an "influencer" on the date. This is good news for Ben Z who likes Raven, though a fraction of the like he has for his dog.

The first Rose Ceremony arrives and the eight women have the power and four dudes are about to be eliminated. Derek and Taylor's relationship heats up with a kiss. Ben Z stops talking about his dog for a few moments to kiss Raven. The night seems to be going well and then a Producer pulls aside Corinne, then Demario. The crew puts down the cameras and production is halted. Not shocked they used this as a cliffhanger.

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