August 7, 2017

The Bachelorette: Rachel Finds Her Forever

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Week 10 - Finale

Before kicking off the three hour finale, Chris Harrison brings Rachel out at the live audience viewing and gets to give commentary.

Last time we saw Rachel and Peter, they were at an emotional standstill over Rachel wanting a proposal and Peter unsure he's ready for that big step. Rachel says her feelings for Peter are very deep, hence her emotional reaction. Peter hopes this whole proposal thing isn't what holds them back. Rachel and Peter accept the Fantasy Suite key as an important time to talk out their issues while sitting on a janky daybed. But they awake all smiles and popping out of dual windows and making breakfast together. Rachel feels their alone time helped their relationship but is also worried about this potential no-proposal thing. I'll tell you that I'm just tired hearing about it, so it must be exhausting living it.

Bryan and Rachel meet up for the last Fantasy Suite date where they explore vineyards again, but this time on horses so it's totally different. Rachel's trying to pay attention to Bryan and the gorgeous scenic overlook, but she's got Peter on the brain and Bryan can tell she's distracted. At dinner, Bryan calls out the weird vibe and asks how she's feeling about everything. Rachel apologizes for her distraction taking away from their time together. They accept the Fantasy Suite card for a hotel room that's attempting to be modern but kinda reminds me of 90's "modern" style. Cue some passionate kissing and Bryan getting up to shut the door that already has a "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on the handle.

It's time for the last official group Rose Ceremony and Rachel's got a lot of her mind to eliminate someone at this stage, the same place she was eliminated in Nick's season. Rachel says she wants a proposal not a boyfriend, so that's one for heavy hint to Peter... then the Rose Ceremony begins. Rachel gives the first rose to Bryan and then has to make a difficult choice. Eric has said "I love you" but Rachel is concerned he's not ready; Peter seems ready but still hasn't said "I love you." And so Rachel gives her rose to Peter and eliminates wonderful Eric. Eric looks gobsmacked and heartbroken, but he thanks her for being open and making him better. He says he'll always love her and Rachel for the first time wonders if she made a mistake.

In a total break from standard finale format, Eric is brought out onstage to talk to Rachel right after their breakup aired. Yes people, we've been duped in watching After the Final Rose in a slow painful way! It's the first time Rachel and Eric have seen each other since May and in that time Eric has grown a very handsome beard. Eric was surprised to be dumped after she said she was falling in love with him, which sounds just like Dean's story. Rachel did feel love for Eric, but the feelings with the other two men were stronger. Eric was ready to propose to Rachel, and while it didn't work out for them, it's allowed him to grow up and be ready to let love happen to him again. 

Rachel has her last dates which each of the two men. First up is Bryan, where they smooch high in the clouds on a hot air balloon. Later Rachel confides that him being constant this whole time scares her a bit, used to being a fixer. He insists it'd be a mistake if she didn't pick him and he'd be devastated. For his craft project gift of love, Bryan gifts Rachel with a Spanish language dictionary with a cheat card at the beginning with important phrases to know and I admit, good gift. 

Going into her final date with Peter, Rachel is still concerned that she's going into the finale with a guy unsure about proposing. But when they're together, she forgets that stuff and is in the moment of romance (while exploring/being lectured in a monastery). Once the monk stops talking, it's back to them discussing their commitment problem. Peter admits he's in love but it's new a recent, and he's not sure he can ask Rachel to marry him tomorrow... but he's not ready to stop being with her. Rachel can't understand why he talks about and fantasizes their future, but can't fact that reality in this moment. Rachel fears her past will repeat itself and won't lead to the marriage and family she wants. But when Peter asks if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, she says "I can't answer that question." Peter thinks Rachel is his right person, but this isn't the right time - he's willing to propose if it means not losing her. This conversation goes on and on and it's painful to watch. They depart by exchanging "I love yous" and more discussion of the pressure of this whole process. 

So apparently that night at the hotel was the last time Rachel and Peter saw each other. Never officially breaking up, but broken up. It's super awkward and Rachel explains again that he was all talk about the future, but no action of those plans (AKA proposal). Peter couldn't understand what was wrong with him to not get to that point faster, however wishes he could've been less in his head. But Rachel said there were other flags besides the proposal that caused issues. Peter apologizes for saying she would be settling if she didn't pick him. "Frustration" is the big word of this segment. Peter says there are still feelings but he wouldn't change how that night went (including not cleaning up Rachel's cried-off eyelashes on the floor). Rachel basically says this show wasn't for him. He wishes her nothing but the best and she wishes the same.

Oh hey, remember Bryan? Let's go back to the big proposal day. Neil Lane visits Bryan to pick out a ring, which is a hot second of air time before showing off a pear-cut halo ring as his choice. Rachel is still reeling a bit from the Peter breakup, while also pondering if what he said was right: is she rushing into a proposal? Bryan arrives and says his first night words to Rachel, standing there shimmering in silver as the wind loudly hits the mics. Bryan gives his passionate speech about all his love for Rachel, and she talks about trying to find the cracks in his "perfect" facade but it challenged her and says she sees her forever when she looks at him. She squeals in delight at the proposal and says yes. And of course Bryan, recipient of the first rose, also accepts the last rose of the season. They loudly kiss again.

Rachel and Bryan are reunited onstage and Bryan proposes again. Rachel is so happy to be able to be open about their love and I'm very happy for Rachel. Listen, I'm no Bryan fan but I typically dislike all the choices on The Bachelorette. Check my track record! Hey editors, maybe start giving the winners better edits! But we all love Rachel and want her happy, so let's hope her seeing forever with Bryan pans out.

Thanks for reading my recaps another season and see you for Paradise!

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