November 24, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers: King Arthur and the Statue of Liberty

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Week 9

Chrissy, JP, Cole, Joe, and Dr. Mike win the Reward Challenge and spend an afternoon chowing down on carbs on a luxury yacht. Other than Joe hacking up a chocolate cake to look for a clue, game talk on the reward is minimal. But there's game talk back at camp as Ryan decides it's a good time to share his Hidden Immunity Idol news with Ben to build up his relationship Rolodex. Ben has the exact same idea and uses Ryan's idol secret as a way to get closer to Devon, but Devon thought Ryan only shared this secret with him. Ut-oh. Building relationships is key in the game, but Joe decides his strategy is to destroy all of his relationships for the sake of being kept around as a constant annoying target that would be an easy person to beat in the end.

At the Immunity Challenge, Lauren outlasts everyone in yet another endurance competition and wins Immunity. Cole has been dominating the challenges and this rare moment of Immunity failure seems like the time to strike. Ben tells the tribe to split the votes between Cole and Dr. Mike, but the rest of the alliance of 7 (particular Ashley and Chrissy) are adamant they should get rid of Joe. Ben tells Dr. Mike that he should vote for Cole, which he agrees to but worries they might betray his trust. Dr. Mike decides he's going to play his Idol at Tribal Council to "make their world implode" which seems like a bit of a stretch, but this season could use a shake up.

Tribal Council! As soon as they sit down, Dr. Mike whispers to Joe to trust him and follow his lead. Joe explains he's an outsider in the dominant alliance of Heroes and Hustlers, and Mike tags on that once the all powerful seven get to that point then the Heroes have a numbers advantage. Chrissy brings up the bad vibes at camp because of Joe which then leads Dr. Mike into a speech about Survivor representing society and justifying actions, so not voting out Joe is a display of poor moral character. Dr. Mike says Ben is King Arthur and he's the Statue of Liberty. Lauren basically tells Mike to shut up because he's digging his own grave, which is maybe what Dr. Mike hopes will happen. After the votes are cast, Dr. Mike plays his Immunity Idol on himself which nulls two votes. This all goes according to Ben's earlier plan as an idol is flushed and the  alliance of 7 votes Cole of the the game.

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