November 12, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers: Ribeyes and Blindsides

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Week 7

The three tribes officially merge into one and celebrate their unity with ribeye steaks, baked potatoes,  and Chocolate Thunder From Down Under cake courtesy of the Outback Steakhouse (who must not have really pondered what that dessert name sounds like). There's tension under the friendly greetings with everyone eyeing up the threats and targets. The new Yawa promises to stay five-strong and hope to bring in remaining Healers Joe and Desi to gain the majority. But there's another alliance brewing between the Heroes and Hustlers to pick off the Healers. Lauren isn't so sure about this plan because she likes Dr. Mike and Yawa, but Ben's her tightest ally and his irritation with Cole is pushing him away from the Yawa pact. With so many meaty targets to choose from, winning immunity is everything.

But it's not the powerhouse men who dominate the first Individual Immunity Challenge, it's the women! A mix of balancing and spinning a ball on what looks like a Hot Wheels toy track, Desi outlasts all to win the Immunity Necklace which looks like it was stole right off King Triton's nightstand. Cole gets wind from Jessica and Dr. Mike that he's being seen a food hog and target for the vote, so he takes Ben aside to apologize and try to keep the alliance together. Joe warns Cole that Ben is going to flip, so Joe is prepared to play his latest Hidden Immunity Idol if needed. The Yawa alliance plans to vote for Chrissy because she's a huge threat and smart. They're not wrong about Chrissy who concocts a plan to act like they're voting for Joe to flush out his idol, but vote for Jessica in case Joe plays his idol on Cole. All solid plans but they're all dependent on a key vote: Ben.

Tribal Council time! There's talk about numbers and while it's easy to go after majorities or minorities, you need to think a few moves ahead of the obvious. Targets change every vote because what's a threat one vote could be different next time. Joe promised Cole he'd come alive at Tribal Council and does he ever, busting out his Hidden Immunity Idol and wearing it proudly to show he's safe. The tribes head up to vote and Joe hesistates, then plays his Immunity Idol for a fresh start. It's a close vote with back-and-forth votes for Chrissy and Jessica, but ultimately the Heroes and Hustlers come together and blindside the other alliance with the Healer they least expected.

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