December 27, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers: Ben is the Sole Survivor

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After Ben's latest Hidden Immunity Idol play, the group is hellbent on getting out Ben at long last. Chrissy wins Immunity and a reward, which gives her, Dr. Mike, and Devon time to concoct a brilliant plan to fake-out Ben. Chrissy will say the Reward had a clue for an idol, which she found, and she'll use her old, expired Super Immunity Idol from the first vote out and the instructions from the Idol Ryan played to sell the story. Only problem: Ben is two steps ahead. Since these dinguses keep giving Ben alone time, he spends the entire night wandering in the dark until he finds yet another Hidden Immunity Idol. Ben does his best acting work to pretend he's screwed knowing fully well he's safe and the others gloat at their psych-out success. Devon finds it odd that Ben would give up this easily and worries maybe, just maybe, Ben has another Idol and will need to vote against one of his allies to ensure he's safe.

Tribal Council time! The group vocalizes that Ben is the primary target but they also aren't babysitting him to make sure he's not finding idols. Chrissy continues her Immunity Idol ruse and takes the Idol out of her bag and says she'll give it to Dr. Mike or Ryan by the end of the night. Ben says Chrissy gloated about her wonderful day, and continues to play up his dead-man-walking-status. The tribe votes and Chrissy gives her "idol" to Mike. But then another "Ben Bomb" drops and he plays another Hidden Immunity Idol. Three votes for Ben are null, but Devon's instinct to vote for Dr. Mike to save himself is correct. There's a tie between Devon and Dr. Mike, requiring the tribe to re-vote. In the re-vote, the tribe says goodbye to #1 Survivor urologist Dr. Mike.

Immunity idols are dunzo for the season but of course there's another twist ahead. After a super intense final Immunity Challenge to balance letters to spell "Heroes Healers Hustlers," Chrissy wins her 4th individual immunity which ties her for most challenge wins by a female in a season. Along with her safety, Chrissy wins a Secret Advantage in the form of information which lets her in on the final twist of the season and it is a doozy. Chrissy will choose who to bring with her to the Final 3 and the two remaining castaways will partake in a fire-making battle to earn the last spot in the Finals. Since Ryan is useless at the survival aspect of this show, Chrissy tells Devon he'll be making fire against Ben as their best bet to finally take out Ben. Devon tries to practice but breaks the flint which he takes as a sign from the Survivor gods to rest up. Tribal Council time! Ben is crushed to know an upside U in "Hustlers" is what led to his demise in the game, unaware of the twist lingering ahead that could change his fate. Devon and Ryan say they know the advantage, so Chrissy reads aloud the fire-making twist and makes her official declaration to take Ryan to the final 3. Devon and Ben get setup at their fire-making stations and the battle is on. Devon takes a slower approach to build up a pile of magnesium, but it's Ben's persistent sparks that eventually catch and turn into his victorious fire. Ben wins the last spot in the Final 3 while Devon becomes the last juror of the season.

The Final 3 enjoy their celebratory breakfast and mentally prepare for the last battle ahead. It's one last Tribal Council time! The new jury format introduced in Survivor: Game Changers of an open forum instead of individual beratement sessions is utilized again this season, which allows for open dialogue and discourse. Chrissy is congratulated to being a challenge beast and Ben for finding a trifecta of idols, while Ryan is written off pretty quickly as a GOAT. Ryan defends his game and explains his social game is what brought together many alliances including the infamous seven, especially finding the day one advantage which helped him gain trust with Chrissy and Devon. Ryan admits he wasn't a provider, which is frowned upon since he didn't help much around camp. Ryan's argument is he made social bonds which never made him a target and secured him several deals to the end. Chrissy stayed loyal to her alliances but says she did take time to socialize and learn about her fellow castaways. Chrissy was terrified of challenges and puked on day one and is proud that she won so many challenges. Chrissy owns her game of kicking ass, making relationships, and not leaving a trail of destruction and this was a 16 year dream come true for her. Ben admits his social game was kinda bad but he did open up and tell stories to certain people he felt close to, but with his back against the wall Ben hunted non-stop for idols to keep himself in the game and never quit. Ben fought to win this game for his family but also opens up about his PTSD and wanting to be a "hero" to those vets to show you can be happy. But who will the jury vote for to win this game?

Everyone's cleaned up and it's now the reunion show, which Probst methodically reads the jury's votes. Ryan receives 1 vote, Chrissy gets 2 votes, but with 5 votes to win the Sole Survivor of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers is Ben. The reunion is a completely rushed 30 minutes and while any longtime reader knows I dislike reunions, it feels like the cast outside of the final 3 didn't a final moment in the sun (granted Dr. Mike and Devon got their features mid-episode after their eliminations). That said, Chrissy talks about applying to this show for 16 years and finally getting on, Ryan is proud of lasting, and Ben is reunited with his former Marine buddies. Probst brings up Lauren's failed two-piece idol (RIP to the other half which Dr. Mike threw in the fire) along with other failed advantages and idols of the past as a big ol' lead in for next season. Survivor: Ghost Island will feature the bad decisions of former players past coming back to haunt the new cast. And with that another season of Survivor is wrapped up and while overall it's not a favorite of mine, it was a fun ride. See you for Ghost Island which they swear isn't a Scooby Doo episode.

Before we wrap this all up, there's a Pre-Show Winner Prediction Trophy to hand out! Only one this season as most of our predictions went towards the ladies this season taken out pre to early jury. Yet again I leave trophyless but in my initial blog explaining my pick, I had Ben as a darkhorse and this quote will be etched into my mind forever: "Ben is also a big fan of the show and was a complete pleasant surprise and he might be that one that truly snuck by me for winner predictions."

But congratulations to the one winner who nailed it!

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