December 10, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers: Core Four No More

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Week 11

It's time for the much anticipated (by the castaways, not me) loved one visit and clearly someone forgot to do their homework assignment and scrambled to make a challenge last minute. Calling this a "challenge" is an overstatement: the loved ones and survivors randomly draw rocks from a bag and hope they match to get time together. Chrissy "wins" a visit from her husband and also picks Ryan, Dr. Mike, and Ashley to get family visits. This is Chrissy's middle finger moment to Ben as she's furious at her former ally for jumping ship to the other side, leaving her in the dark on the Joe vote-off. While on the reward, Chrissy attempts to bring Ashley to her side to get Ben out. Meanwhile, Ben crafts a fake immunity to hopefully distract Chrissy and Ryan from finding the real idol. Lauren ends up noticing a marked log and calls over Ben and Devon. The clue is half of a Hidden Immunity Idol and in order to complete the idol, Lauren must pick up its counterpart at the Immunity Challenge.

Ashley wins the latest endurance Immunity Challenge after Devon gives it to her in exchange for a backrub, which is a solid deal. Lauren comes out the secret winner here as she's able to snag her Immunity-Idol-finishing-shell off the ground. Looking towards the finish line and pondering that infamous Survivor resume, Ashley begins to ponder Chrissy's idea of voting off Ben as her big move. Ashley's idea is nixed by Devon and Lauren, but they do agree Ben needs to go soon... which Ben overhears and then get's awkward silence from his allies. Worried about his status, Ben turns the target onto Lauren, spilling all the tea about Lauren's newfound Immunity Idol and her extra vote. Dr. Mike and Ryan are onboard with the plan, but Chrissy is extremely resistant to trust Ben again. Dr. Mike sees Chrissy's need for revenge (Ben-geance?) and puts Plan B in motion: let everyone know Ben is throwing Lauren under the bus. Suddenly the Core Four alliance is in shambles. As a move to show her trust in Dr. Mike, Lauren gives half of her new Immunity Idol to Dr. Mike. Is this move brilliant or horrible? TBD.

Tribal Council time! Devon explains giving Ashley immunity in exchange for a backrub was a display of trust, which he'd do for both Ashley or Lauren. Ben pipes in that he thought he was part of the alliance which begins a Tribal Council shitstorm. Lauren is mad that Ben spilled the beans about her Idol, citing his paranoia and lack of trust. Lauren lets everyone know that Ben made a fake Idol to try and dupe Chrissy. Chrissy thinks Lauren should destroy her extra vote advantage to remove her target and Lauren insists she's not playing it and would give it away. Well the extra vote isn't destroyed, but the new Immunity Idol is when Dr. Mike tosses his half into the fire. Dr. Mike explains advantages are blessings and curses and it's agreed by everyone that maybe you shouldn't keep telling people about your game-changing secrets. Everyone begins whispering and scrambling to figure out what the heck to do with this vote. The only person who knows who they're voting for is Ben, who openly tells the group he's voting for Lauren. The night gets even more shocking when the one advantage that was actually kept a secret comes out: Ben plays his real Immunity Idol. All votes cast for Ben are null, which is every vote except for one: Lauren. My soul is crushed.

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