December 18, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers: Secret, Secret, Secret

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Week 12

After Ben's idol-playing blindside at the last Tribal Council, all are in agreement to get rid of Ben next "no matter what." Ben spends the entire episode searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol and apparently no one considers the idea of tailing Ben to ensure he doesn't find it. Maybe it's arrogance or ego... or just plain stupidity. Ben finds a clue that tells him the Idol is hidden beneath the shelter, so it'll take some slick moves to snag it undetected. But the Ben as a target plan doesn't last too long before a new name is thrown out. On a desert island reward feast, Devon and Chrissy opt to bring Ryan which infuriates hangry Ashley. Ashley and Devon have been tight allies since the swap, but on the reward Devon makes a final three deal with Ryan and Chrissy. No one thinks Ben could possibly find an idol again, but just in case the idea is suggested to split the votes between Ben and Dr. Mike. But that's not Chrissy's true intent, instead wanting to vote out Ashley now to officially sever the Ashley/Devon alliance. "No matter what" my butt.

Tribal Council time! Ben points out there's two pairs, a swing vote Dr. Mike, and he's the lone wolf being hunted. Everyone except Ben says they have a final three locked in, which is a way for Ryan to shoehorn in more bad analogies. Ben's bursting to ruin everyone's plans and force power moves, revealing that he in fact secured the Hidden Immunity idol from under the shelter. Devon doesn't believe Ben will play the idol and it could all be a ruse, so Ben gets up and hands the idol to Probst before the votes and declares he's playing the idol and safe. Time for Plan B! Ben tells Ashley and Devon to vote for Dr. Mike. Ashley complies with the request, but no one else does. Ashley's blindsided when the rest of the tribe votes her out of the game.

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