February 25, 2018

The Bachelor: Just Another Boring Women Tell All

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Week 9, Night 1 - The Women Tell All

To kick off two extremely long nights of this show, it's the Women Tell Air reunion special which is always a special place of hell to watch and then recap. It's a night of confrontation and arguing whether "glam shaming" is a real thing. 

After an initial shouting match in Krystal's direction, Chris Harrison brings her down to the hot seat to continue to be grilled by the girls. Everyone felt Krystal was not genuine and mean behind their backs, but she says the woman were nasty about her as well. Eventually she apologizes and is happy her brother saw her on TV and he stopped living on the streets. Oh but this is not the end of Krystal because she requests to talk to Arie on the hot seat about feeling "cold." Arie might have some regrets overall, but getting rid of Krystal was not one of them and he found out the truth from watching the show. Oh and now he knows she called him a "needle dick."

Other stuff that happened. Seinne is over Arie and hopes her being on the show inspired other girls to be themselves and have confidence; she's also open to finding love which her way of dropping the "I'd totally be Bachelorette" hint. Bekah M spends the night defending her age (other girls were young too), whether she was ready for marriage, why she was listed as a missing person (she went with friends to a marijuana farm but didn't have phone service to check-in), and that she'll be on Paradise this summer. Tia is still emotional about the break-up with Arie and was shocked she was cut because she was sure of her feelings whereas Kendall wasn't as clear. Chris asks if Tia is ready to love again, setting her up for that Bachelorette spot, and it's a yes with a lot of reasons why she can't wait to love again.

Eventually Arie is brought up for some tough questions. Arie explains he let go of Tia because he had stronger feelings for Kendall over Tia, so he pulled Kendall aside for more confirmation. Jacqueline wants the world to know Arie didn't PhD shame her. Arie admits Bekah's age scared him off. Caroline makes an extremely vague comment that she knows "what he did" (alluding to the future of this show) and he says it will play out. Hmmmm. The night wraps with bloopers, forcing in celebrity movie promotion, and of course a teaser of Arie's dramatic season end.

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