February 19, 2018

The Bachelor: Weiners, Losers, and Taxidermy Rats

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Week 8

Arie begins his hometown dates in Los Angeles with Kendall mounting taxidermy rats to be a little Bachelor couple. You know, typical date stuff. Kendall is nervous about being vulnerable and telling Arie how she feels, but hopes meeting her family will make this easier. Kendall's twin sister Kylie (not those Kendall and Kyle, different ones) has lots of questions and can read the vibes: this isn't "the one" for her twin. Her dad doesn't totally want to give a marriage blessing but will also do whatever his daughter wants. Ultimately Kendall is afraid of losing Arie and decides she has to share her feelings before it's too late: she sees herself falling for him. Some more smooching and then Arie's off to the next hometown.

Next stop: Weiner, Arkanas! To help Arie feel comfortable in her hometown, Tia takes Arie racecar driving at a local track. It apparently lasts for about one lap. Arie is very different from the guys Tia has previously dated so she hopes her family accepts him but I'd say it's a good start when they all toast with cocktail weenies and pigs in a blanket. Apparently the family did their Googling and ask Arie about his reputation as a "playboy" and "kissing bandit." I cringe not at the questions but these horrible phrases. But Arie is able to explain he's being genuine and then gets Tia's dad's blessing because he trusts her judgement. Tia is very confident in her feelings for Arie and that her family supports her, which helps push Tia to say the official "I love you."

It's up to Minnesota for Becca K's hometown date which begins with a day at the apple orchard, a favorite childhood memory of hers. Arie meets Becca's big family but is most intimidated by Uncle Gary, who took on a fatherly role after Becca's father passed away. Arie says Becca's the real deal for him and even willing to go to church for her. Becca opens up to her mom about the strong feelings and future she sees with Arie, so mom makes sure to suss out Arie's side of the relationship. Arie asks for a blessing and mom says she'll trust whatever choice her daughter makes. Arie is happy to feel accepted and Becca tells him she continues to fall more for him.

Arie's final hometown date pit stop is in Virginia Beach, Virginia where you are allowed to ride horses on the beach. It also has a scenic overlook where yet again Arie can point out how "pretty" the landscape is to Lauren. A common theme with Lauren dates continues when meeting the family: awkward silences. Arie is literally sweating with nerves and heads out for a chat with Lauren's dad but the tension drops when dad is happy to hear Arie and some racecar pals visited the troops. The talk with Lauren's mom isn't as easy who is concerned about the other women and maybe Arie's said the same things to other women. But Arie tells mom he's falling in love with Lauren and hopes to get the family's blessing and it's another "I trust my daughter" response eventhough there's skepticism. But Lauren is unwavering in her love for Arie so her mom accepts it.  

It's back to The Bachelor mansion in Los Angeles where Arie will need to eliminate one woman before departing for romantic overnight dates. Arie's clueless who to choose and hesitates to begin the Rose Ceremony, so he asks to speak to Kendall privately. Arie asks if Kendall is ready to be engaged at the end of this and while she sees a ton of future potential, she can't definitely say she's engagement-ready. After some crying and talking, Arie re-commences the Rose Ceremony and gives roses to Becca, Lauren, and Kendall. Tia is heartbroken and crying about doing things wrong and her worth and it's such a Bachelorette in the making speech. Seriously though, what a random final three this has become.

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