March 27, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Cinnamon Rolls and Sadness

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Week 4

Naviti wins a reward of coffee and pastries and they are extremely passionate about cinnamon rolls. Because cinnamon rolls are amazing. Not amazing: Chris' rap skills. Chris tries to bond with homesick Donathan over their difficult family situations, which puts Donathan even more on the fence of where to give his loyalty. Meanwhile, drawing rocks (yawn) sends Stephanie to Ghost Island and surprise, surprise: another week without a game. I'm not saying I want a game overloaded with idols and advantages, but if you're going to make Ghost Island the theme of the season then make something actually happen there. The only thing that happens on Ghost Island are empowering monologues.

A boogie boarding/slide puzzle Immunity Challenge gets the best of Malolo and they lose yet again. Since old Naviti has the 5-3 advantage, it's just a matter of which original Malolo member they want to pick off. Michael was originally only a pretty face, but his double idol fake out at the last Tribal Council showed he's a bigger threat than they realized. But they need Michael in challenges and he's ready to show his loyalty to stick around. Jenna's working on her RBF struggle and practices being nice by letting Sebastian smell her hair and offering up her braiding expertise. Stephanie is viewed as the biggest strategic threat but there's fear she got something over on Ghost Island. Desiree digs deep into Stephanie's bag and finds nothing so now there's nothing to fear when it comes to Stephanie surprises. Just a matter of which Malolo they can come to a consensus on.

Tribal Council time. I use a period and not an exclamation point like I usually do because this whole Tribal Council feels like a random execution. Which superfan's dream will they crush? Stephanie fears her one night away on Ghost Island could have changed everything. Michael campaigns that they need someone strong to help them get ahead, but Kellyn says there are different ways to view strength. Talk turns to Michael's attempted power play last week and Bradley's temporary fear for his life in the game. Stephanie, Jenna, and Michael plead their cases for why they deserve to stick around. But when the votes are read, it seems like a decision was made days ago: the entire tribe votes off Stephanie.

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