March 12, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: Swap and Shock

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Week 2

The 18 remaining survivors are surprised with a tribe swap but since it's happened in all recent 20 player season's it's kind of a given. Since Malolo went to the first two Tribal Councils they're at a numbers disadvantage in both swapped tribes where Naviti has 5. Will Malolo be picked off one-by-one?

On Malolo beach, the new members from Naviti complain about how the camp isn't as wonderful as their old one. But Malolo isn't going to accept being the minority and get to work idol hunting to hopefully change their fate. Sure enough, Michael and Brendan find a big ol' idol in a tree hole: it's one of James' idols from Survivor: China where he infamously went home with two idols in his possession. Hopefully Michael plays his hand better. The Navitis would typically remain five strong, but the group is wary of Chris who is already talking to the Malolos about Dom's idol and blindsiding him. Morgan and Libby strike up a friendship and it seems like Naviti is falling apart fast.

Malolo wins the Immunity Challenge which is full of parkour and puzzles (also some climbing but that ruins the alliteration). They also get a tarp so maybe the old Naviti members will STFU about the janky shelter. Malolo also gets to send someone to Ghost Island since they wouldn't be able to come to a unanimous decision, they leave it to fate: rocks! Chris draws the white rock and heads to Ghost Island where he receives nothing but time alone to think about his mom. Chris being removed from Tribal Council impacts the tribe greatly because he was a target, but it also evens out the numbers (4 Naviti vs. 4 Malolo). It's expected that Malolo will vote off Dom, but Angela would rather go to rocks than lose a Naviti member. Wendall and Morgan don't trust Angela and decide to loop in Malolo and to gain their trust, Dom reveals the fake idol and actually has a better story about it this time. But James isn't taking the bait from Dom and concocts a new plan: vote off Wendall or Morgan since Naviti is fractured.

Tribal Council time! Morgan says both groups of four are staying solid together and Wendall says you have to hope someone will crack. Angela wants to vote for what's right for her, not what she's been pressure to do by an absent Chris. The big question is who is telling the truth and who is lying when it comes to tonight's vote? Morgan points out that everyone has lied and will lie at some point because that's the game. Wendall hopes for a big move that will make the tribe stronger, but he might not have realized other moves were in motion. There is 1 vote for Libby, 3 votes for Angela, and 4 for Morgan. Morgan is completely blindsided, and more importantly, had the Legacy Advantage. Morgan wills the Legacy Advantage to Domenick which should be interesting to see it all plays out... if he survives.

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