April 23, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: The Effing Stick Works

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Week 8

The first merge boot was easy, but lots of new targets are emerging. Wendell practically carries his entire team (with the help of Lauren) to win a taco party reward, showing what a physical threat he is. Wendell also shares the news about his idol and Domenick's to Laurel, and she's concerned her two allies have too much power in the game. Libby got votes at the last Tribal Council because she's allegedly a power couple with Michael, and once your name is on the streets you're in trouble (that's me utilizing learnings from The Wire). Michael tries wooing Angela to his side, but instead uses this information to put an even bigger target on his back.

Now that Chris is gone, Angela really comes out from behind his shadow this week by creating minor camp chaos and dominating the gross food Immunity Challenge by downing larva, sea slugs, and Mother of Pearl. The tribe consensus is to vote off Michael, but just in case of an Idol they'll throw a few votes Libby's way. Michael tries to rally the Malolos to vote together to stop Naviti from having the majority; Donathan is kind of onboard, while Laurel is hesistent given the final four deal they have with recommended target Wendell. Libby is torn where to give her allegiance after learning she's the backup vote but there's also a possible resistance movement.

Tribal Council time! Probst kicks off the evening in awe of Angela's sea slug downing and she's happy to have taken control of her fate in the game. Donathan voices that Malolo vs. Naviti is old news and it's a Lavita battle, which Desiree sort of agrees with in that you need to make whatever moves it'll take to get to the end. There's already talk about what kind of people might make it to the end, which seems early but I guess you always need to think about the endgame. Michael emphasizes that many are playing the game comfortable AKA Malolo-pickoff-time, and that you have to seize the moment and numbers when they're in your favor. Michael seizes the moment correctly and plays his Hidden Immunity Idol, the effing stick from Survivor: Micronesia which is an actual idol now after festering on Ghost Island. He says, "This one's for Ozzy" and last time I checked it was Jason and Eliza who got burned by it, but everyone is obsessed with Ozzy til this day. All votes for Michael are null and there are a lot of them. Michael votes for Wendell, but the rest of the tribe puts a few votes on Libby and their ongoing back-up option is finally eliminated.

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