April 30, 2018

Survivor Ghost Island: No Longer Naviti Strong

4/30/2018 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Week 9

Guys, a miracle happens: there's a Jurassic Park reference on Survivor! I kid, that's not the miracle but it's cool. No the miracle is that Desiree is finally reading to ditch the Navitis to get ahead in the game, specifically targeting Domenick, Wendell, and Kellyn. Laurel tells Dom that Desiree is trying to rally the Malolos, and this worries Dom. Dom tells Kellyn but her head is so far up the metaphorical Naviti ass that she doesn't believe it's true. And if she thinks that sounds like a lie, well get this: Donathan has an idol! He finds the two halves of the failed Super Idol of Survivor Kaoh Rong, but he completes the idol with Michael and Jenna present to looks like old Malolo is in the know-know.

The latest balance-related endurance Immunity Challenge is won by Chelsea, but she gets no confessionals. Speaking of getting nothing, the billionth rock draw of the season sends Angela to Ghost Island and she gets no vote at Tribal Council because the odds were in her favor, yet totally against her. But let's get to the stuff that matters. Desiree finds out her plan to blindside Kellyn is over because of Laurel, so Desiree confronts Laurel and tries to cast doubt on the story.. Kellyn can't decide who to believe as Desiree denies it all and Laurel/Jenna try to get Kellyn to open her ears and STFU about sticking with Naviti. Dom wants to keep Michael and the other strong players around, but Kellyn refuses and insists it must be Michael. What's a confused tribe to do?

Tribal Council time! Right off the bat, Donathan brings up Desiree and Laurel and the crazy day they just had. Laurel explains what happened exactly and Donathan seconds her; Desiree denies. Jenna and Michael chime in; Desiree denies. Chelsea thinks this is Malolo trying to find a way to break up Naviti and save themselves. Laurel insists she's telling the truth but the cultlike mind of Naviti is making it hard to break through and this is when I want to give a standing ovation. Desiree hopes fate is on her side but unfortunately it is not and she is voted out of the game.

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